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On TUWOG (The Unsullied with Oreka Godis) we have conversations with people of African descent, swap origin stories, cultural challenges, shifting belief systems, explore the vices and crutches that define us, recommended reading and recipes that shape (subjective) success.‪Recorded in Lagos, Nigeria‬, with each guest, we explicitly tuck into family and how ‘They F*** You Up (a la Oliver James) ambition, love, sex, drugs, social media, faith, money, power and lessons learned. We look from experiences that make us a little less naive to decisions that make us more childlike.TUWOG explores transitioning through career depression, financial security, losing hope, finding unexpected gifts in moments that mean everything and nothing at all. Wanting to give up most of the time, winning the war some of the time, chalking up and dusting down battle lines of personal Vietnam’s, giving them hell and most importantly, finding out your definition of unsullied.

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Osaretin Oswald Guobadia

Osaretin Oswald Guobadia is co-founder, executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer of DBH Solutions, a building infrastructure and top tier technology solutions provider in West Africa.His new book, ‘In Pursuit: Journeys in African Entrepreneurship’, co-written with Chukuka Chukuma is available now on Amazon, Apple Books and other platforms.TimestampWhat I nose is: a lineage, a village, an owner and the king - an origin story (00:05:25)Be intentional with creating rituals that become a part of your identity (00:10:48)Your identity will remind you of your humanity (00:15:42)Walk that talk. Speak your vernacular (00:19:40)Are you conscious of what your DNA is carrying? (00:24:50)On passion, risk and the fearless life of an entrepreneur (00:27:55)Success is... (00:33:05)Speak directly to the Billy in your life (00:42:09)MoveMeBack (00:48:05)BYOE (00:53:22)Have an Inspector Gadget approach to tasks (00:56:22)Are you a VUCA-nicer? “Meyur your preyur” in your mental gym (01:03:46)Life’s a beach fahm (01:12:05)Giving you The Tale of Despereaux vibes - the mouse that will not cower (01:17:01)Fried plantain issa goal (01:25:07)For your reading consideration (01:28:39)An embarrassing short tale (01:39:20) The Unsullied Book ClubOswald recommends:What You Do Is Who You Are: How To Create Your Business Culture by Ben Horowitz. Available on Amazon and Apple Books.Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the Creator of Nike. Available on Amazon and Apple Books.*In Nigeria, stressed and need someone to talk to? ‘Text for Help’ and someone from STER will be there for you.*This episode of TUWOG was edited by FayFay of 808Xtra. If you like what you hear, tell @NaijaPodHub about it.*Join The Unsullied Army: www.orekagodis.com*Listen | Subscribe | Share | Get in touch!

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16 Sep 2020

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Rethabile Ramaphakela

Retini is an explorer of worlds, awarding winning writer and Burnt Onion’s Creative Director. Bringing heartwarming South African stories to the world.On this episode of #TUWOG, Retini reminds us that getting out of our own way truly is the best path to success in every extension of our lives.Find your hum, keep your crown, knight others.TimestampRetini’s origin story: (00:06:41)Don’t let them steal your crown (00:10:00)Tattoos as a transcription of life (00:15:54)Learning to enjoy the fruits of your labour (00:23:34)Swinging: from the confident child to learned imposter syndrome and normalising (00:31:23)Squash your personal doubts with the magic of the things you love (00:37:02)And then, Covid said: Let There Be Time (00:43:18)Sometimes you have to pull your own ear and question the root cause of your anxiety (00:51:46)Avoiding the path to Bag Lady (00:54:43)Consciously uncouple from bad financial habits (00:58:03)Make better financial decisions (01:04:56)Teaching the next generation about the dangers of peacocking (01:09:32)Retini, the unwritten book (01:16:36)And who wouldn’t want a Dragon Fruit (01:17:30)Parting words of embarrassment (01:18:53)For your bookshelf (01:19:34)The Unsullied Book ClubRetini recommends:Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Available on Amazon and Apple Books.Make Time: How to Focus on what Matters Every Day by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky. Available on Amazon and Apple Books.*In Nigeria? Stressed and in need of support? ‘Text for Help’ and someone from STER will be there to support you.*This episode of TUWOG was edited by FayFay of 808Xtra. If you like what you hear, tell @NaijaPodHub about it.*Join The Unsullied Army: www.orekagodis.com*Listen | Subscribe | Share | Get in touch! 

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9 Sep 2020

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Oluseyi Awolesi

Oluseyi Awolesi is truly a Poster Boy for God's love. He is a Design Architect with a varied project portfolio of over 23 years experience within numerous design sectors. He provides design-led intelligent solutions to projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As an Events Creator, Curator, Artist manager and Director with 14 years’ experience within the music, art, poetry, artist development, music video and photography and creative sectors, Seyi has worked on numerous events providing exciting and interesting narratives that bring commentary and empower change. Timestamp **Important Disclaimer from start to 00:01:20** The Sage origin story: (00:07:35)The Life and Times of an Architect (00:09:58)The black mirror teaches responsibility (00:16:27)Cerebral Causality is a dish. Odikwa risky: (00:19:16) **TRIGGER WARNING** skip 00:20:14 to 00:45:44 to avoid hearing conversations about non-consensual interactions. On Hitch, Chris Rock and informed decisions (00:45:45)A series of one-thing moments, and clawing out of the sunken place (00:55:08)Today, you are going to be solution-focused, not problem oriented. A mantra (01:09:00)Prayer is meditation. Meditation is prayer (01:15:23)What’s in a name? On the tradition of divination and worship (01:18:46)Em-ba-rras-sing. (01:24:07)Must read (01:24:46) // The Unsullied Book Club Seyi recommends: What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets by Michael J. Sandel. Available on Amazon and Apple Books.Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks. Available on Amazon and Apple Books. Join Seyi as he leads ‘Then and Now’ - a www.horniman.ac.uk conversation with prominent Nigerian thinkers, historians Amanda Kirby Okoye and Emeka Keazor, poet Yomi Sode, and ASIRI Magazine - in September 2020. // Nigerian organisations to send donations and support to: Enough is EnoughGirls not BridesStand to End RapeThe Consent WorkshopTIERSWarif Foundation // Noteworthy social media accounts: End Child Abuse - campaign to end abuse, sexual exploitation & domestic trafficking of children. With a focus on girls forced into underaged ‘marriage’Eva Nigeria - work to improve the quality of life for vulnerable childrenHerfessions - an anonymous, online peer-peer support group for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assaultLagos State Domestic & Sexual Violence Response TeamLagos State Ministry of Women Affairs & Poverty Alleviation The Nigerian Police ForceMirabel Center - free professional service for survivors of rape & sexual assaultWomen Advocate - provide pro bono legal services for victims of gender based violence & other womens rights abuse.UN Women - for gender equality & women's empowermentUNICEF Nigeria - promote the rights & well-being of every child // This episode of TUWOG was edited by FayFay of 808Xtra. If you like what you hear, tell @NaijaPodHub about it. * Join The Unsullied Army: www.orekagodis.com * Listen | Subscribe | Share | Get in touch! 

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26 Aug 2020

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Wana Udobang: WanaWana

Wana is, according to her profile, a Journalist, Poet, Performer, Filmmaker, Curator of Culture Diaries and yet, as you will soon hear for yourself, this is only but a fraction of the greatness of this one human being and all of the power she wields.TimestampWana’s origin story: (00:04:45)Divorce isn’t a four letter word (00:05:53)Wana as a book she wished her parents read before they had kids: (00:13:18)Lessons from the black box (00:20:04)Hangover: stitching together the fabric of 1999 (00:25:36)Chronic fear of dependence (00:30:27)Vulnerability: new level unlocked (00:34:09)Oh, to be a self-sufficient island (00:36:27)Tell yourself: you deserve to thrive and not just survive (00:42:25)Do not demean who you had to be (00:44:13)Sister Circle: The Convening (00:45:36)Understanding interdependence, emotional intuitiveness and the role they play in healthy friendships (00:58:23)D.J.P: DREAM actively, JOURNAL as a form of affirmation, PRACTICE living in your fantasy (01:03:12)Expand your vision beyond the doldrums of life (01:08:00)Clarity is important (01:19:21)A tale of four words. It’s embarrassing. (01:22:06)Books to read(01:25:41)The Unsullied Book ClubWana recommends: ‘Braving the Wilderness’ by Brené Brown. Available on Amazon and Apple Books.‘Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth’ by Warsan Shire. Available on Amazon and Apple Books (USA, Audiobook) or as part of Penguin’s collection.Also available for your streaming pleasure are both of Wana’s current albums:Transcendence andIn Memory of Forgetting Wana is going to the overs. She thinks for three months, I say two years. Potato, potato.*Fahm, lets gather here for praise and worship plix. This episode very nearly didn’t happen oh. First of all, a pox on the internet service providers that threw all manner of spanners in the works. I completely lost Wana’s audio file because Smile were not smiling down on us that day ra-ra. I had to go through some weird hazing process to recover what I could. This unfortunately not only compromised Wana’s audio but also meant that of our nearly 3hr conversation that I was looking forward to only sharing some all the jewsziezt bits (and hoard the rest to myself, mwahahahahaha) we were left with less👏🏾than👏🏾an👏🏾hour of raw “useable” file, which after edit was....mahnnnn, as you are still here reading this, biko help me just branch by FayFay of 808Xtra abeg. She was under the weather and still managed to perform miracles on this one. She practically took razor blade, needle and irun-kiko thread to this and made patchwork quilt from the shreds I gave her. I hail 🙇🏾‍♀️*Join The Unsullied Army: www.orekagodis.com*Listen | Subscribe | Share | Get in touch! 

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19 Aug 2020

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Uti Nwachukwu

You’ve seen him in Nollywood movies, he’s spent 133 days in the Big Brother House, you follow him on social media and you think you know all there is to know about him already. Or do you?We focus on relationships on this episode both romantic and platonic. How to be in it for the right reasons with the right person, learning from heartbreak and the brilliant things that happen when you understand yourself.Timestamp Uti’s current ask of his maker (00:08:14) Origin story: Water & Fire(00:09:24)Miscarriage, birth control, dramatic pregnancy & the prophecy. Uti is not average (00:12:14)A Naija father’s take on friendship, and how to help others (00:21:17)Loyalty and betrayal is not just for the village people (00:22:48)Star signs (Leo season) and animal archetypes (00:25:53)Putting your personality on the backseat for the greater good of the relationship (00:31:42)Confronting yourself is another rung to self actualisation (00:44:10)Hulk Hogan, show me your power: the power struggle in relationships (00:44:56)Being 11 and dropped off in boarding school (00:57:17) Uti as a 21 year old dish (01:00:57)Uti is an entire meal (01:02:26)Beware, the frequency of fear (01:04:12)Whoever God has kept for you is supposed to add fire to the engine of your purpose (and vice versa) (01:12:26)Uti’s inherent gift of intuition (01:13:17)Learning about unhealthy love and addiction through withdrawal (01:15:47)Mind over rumours: on being queer, rape allegations and surviving the Nigerian entertainment industry (01:21:17)Spirituality is a journey (01:28:59)Repurposing the debris of destruction to rebuild new structures (01:29:47)Throw-in-the-tile! (intolerable friend circles) (01:35:10)Books to read (01:41:37)The Unsullied Book ClubUti recommends: ‘The Secret’ by Ronda Byrne. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books‘The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind-How It Works and How to Use It’ by Harry W. Carpenter. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books‘Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind’ by Joyce Mayer. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books*This episode was edited by FayFay of 808Xtra. If you like what you hear, tell @NaijaPodHub about it.*Join The Unsullied Army: www.orekagodis.com*Listen | Subscribe | Share | Get in touch! 

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8 Aug 2020

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Andrew Ward: HKB FiNN

HKB FiNN gave #TUWOG more than was bargained for and as FayFay will attest to, cutting this down was hard -so many juicy bits! Trying to summarise it all, even harder so, let the timestamp below be your guide 🤓TimestampOrigin story (05:38)The black barrier (11:58) Using the powers of mimicry to win shields friends (20:20)Subcultures in England (21:28)A nomad’s guide to emotional investments into friendship (24:58)Self editing to be present for others (37:45)The one about the city you live in, the energy it demands of you and the relationships you have with people as a result (41:09) Opportunity comes but once? (42:32) And what does it mean to be black and undefined? (45:27)Taking the scenic route brings its own opportunity for reclamation (48:11)Forgiving your aggressors is its own type of healing (55:33)You are more than the things that happened to you (58:07)Negotiating with the erasure of self due to trauma (01:00:32)Damage versus damage - are you addicted to pain? (01:03:38)People don’t kill love, shotguns kill love (01:06:38)Sooooo...do you want liver with that? (01:10:47)On generational (financial) intelligence (01:36:00) Effort + time + quality = success? (01:45:27) Embarrassing moment in four words (01:52:14)Books to read (01:53:45)The Unsullied Book ClubHKB FiNN recommends:‘The Alchemist’ by Paolo Cohelo. Available on: Amazon and Apple.’The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu. Available on: Amazon and Apple.Connect with FiNN:On InstagramJust Jazz VisualsFreedom Soul RadioTwitterTumblrDiary of a Black Man Living in the Land of the LostKatch 22Join The Unsullied Army: www.orekagodis.com*Listen | Subscribe | Share | Get in touch!

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17 Jul 2020

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TUWOG Update

Actually, we have two new microphones but one was DOA and so, we thank the gods for the one that didn’t rush to break. I’m working on naming it after one of the members of So Solid Crew. * Thanks ever so much for sticking with the podcast so far. Thank you for listening and sharing and leaving reviews, tweeting and sending me very constructive feedback, loves it! One of the reviews (thank you Temitayo) came through yesterday at a time when I was literally pulling my hair out, asking but-who-sent-me and beating myself up as I usually do. Listennnnnn from network issues causing an end to an interview with one of my guests five times in less than 30 minutes(!) to the builders that have turned my apartment/office into dust and everything else going belly up in-between, I really was about to lose my rag. That you said you are looking forward to more episodes meant that I’m not roaming mad, *you* send me. So, thank you. Thank you also to Aisha, my accountability partner; Mzswags for being a day one listener and Tunmise for sitting through even the lengthiest of edits 🙌🏾 Thank you also FayFay for turning around my impossible edit tasks without complaint and for always humouring me when I send longwinded essays about podcasting - as if her day wasn’t swamped enough already. So, no guest today because I want to get all my ducks in a row but that doesn’t mean I am disappearing again. No sah. I’ve been taping, I’ve been testing equipment as they arrive and backup options for remote recordings and from next week, TUWOG will be as reliable as the pencil I use to stencil in my eyebrows 😅 ==== If you want to support this baby podcast recorded in my tiny, dusty closet in Lagos, Nigeria, please do any or all of the following (as ya pawa reach): Participate in the TUWOG Survey.Share TUWOG with someone today.Open a savings & investment account with PiggyVest using my referral link: and I’ll get N1,000 immediately, which will go towards covering my monthly bill with 808XtraRead a book or two from Amazon using my affiliate link: In Pursuit - Journeys in African Entrepreneurship by Osaretin Oswald Guobadia and Chukuka Chukuma:Memoirs of a 'Lazy Korfa' by Tunmise Usikalu:Exploring Jesus in the Bible - by Rev. Dr. Adenike Yesufu: Two of them can be found in Apple Books: In pursuitExploring Jesus in the Bible ‘Lazy Korfa’ is also available on www.lazykorfa.com. ==== Haaaaaaaaaave you seen my website? Come through and add yourself to my mailing list. If you want to talk about The Unsullied with Oreka Godis (an actual mouth full) on social media, please use #TUWOG. * Phew! DazzzzzEitttt. The Unsullied with Oreka Godis **WILL** be back to a regular schedule from next week 🤗


22 Jun 2020

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Chukie Edozien: ManLike Lynxxx

On this episode of #TUWOG, Chukie Edozien gives us a room with a view of the intentional life of Man Like Lynxxx.Time StampOrigin story: (03:22)Emergence: (19:27)The ManLike mindset & looking beyond failure (35:00)Choosing to make sacrifices for the greater good (39:36)Talent isn’t everything (42:52)Building for the future (47:39)Measuring success (57:17)On the recklessness of Y.O.L.O (01:02:59)Addiction and rockstars lifestyle (01:05:23)Living with intent (01:07:14)Self mastery (01:07:44)Unlearning bad programming (01:09:56)On the reading list this week (01:21:32)Sharing information to build generational wealth ( 01:29:00 )The Unsullied Book ClubManLikeLynxxx recommends two must reads this week:‘The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?’ by Rick Warren. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books.’The Art of Simplicity: A Simple Guide to Focusing on the Essentials of the Heart’ by Candy Paull. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books.Connect with Lynxxx on Instagram.*Join The Unsullied Army: www.orekagodis.com*Listen | Subscribe | Share | Get in touch!

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14 Jun 2020

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Weruche Opia

She is a Jesus Junkie and much loved actress with roles spanning the globe. Starring in productions such as I May Destroy You (Michaela Coel, HBO), Bad Education (UK Film & TV series), When Love Happens (Nollywood) and Annabel Bolton’s West End Play: The Divide; Weruche is not one to bury her talent in the ground.Press play to hear this British Nigerian Christian share ultimatums, her:Origin story: (02:50)Turning point: (16:00)Self discovery: (30:56)Lessons learned: (52:17)The Unsullied Book ClubWeruche recommends:Rosanna Amaka’s ‘The Book of Echoes’ which is available on Apple Books and Amazon. Get the audiobook if you can and Weruche will read to you.Connect with Weruche on Instagram.*Join The Unsullied Army: www.orekagodis.com*Listen | Subscribe | Share | Get in touch!

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2 Jun 2020

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Victor Sanchez Aghahowa

Head Chef of Buka Fed Geeks and Mayor of TatafoHQ, Victor Sanchez Aghahowa sat with me on this previously unreleased (2018) episode of #TUWOG to ponder rebirth into the sphere of delusional self confidence bordering on megalomania.Time StampOn Dirty Dancing, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Disney and the horror of romance: (02:45)Origin story: (08:32)The luxurious knowledge of...bacon? (14:17)Death is a new chapter (20:23)Insecurity (23:38)On ceding control (42:48)Family as an overarching theme (48:28)The Unsullied Book ClubSanchez recommends:‘Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future”. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books.’Silas Marner’ by George Eliot, Frederick R. Karl and Kathryn Hughes. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books.Connect with Sanchez on Instagram.*Join The Unsullied Army: www.orekagodis.com*Listen | Subscribe | Share | Get in touch!

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15 May 2020

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