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Patti and Jonathan are discussing all 52 episodes of X-Men Evolution throughout 2021! Twice a month, listen to them recap each episode as they discuss what they like and dislike. Do they find deeper meaning within each episode? Do they often get completely off-topic and crack each other up? Find out on the Mutant Musings Evolution podcast!

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Mutant Musings Episode 28: X-23 is the New 30

Episode Notes Patti and Jonathan discuss clones, mind control, and heroic happy endings. Jonathan thinks that he's figured out why Patti loves Wolverine and hates Cyclops, and the answer will shock you. How did the Reavers get into Harvard? Are Colossus and Shadowcat anything like Michael and Jan from The Office? Find out on this episode of Mutant Musings! Show Notes X-23 #1 Astonishing X-Men #13 New Mutants: Dead Souls #5 X-Men Blue #31 X-Men Gold #31 Mutant Memories: Uncanny X-Men #183 - No happy endings Uncanny X-Men #435 - Juggernaut's happy ending Cable and X-Force #5 - Colossus's happy ending Excalibur #90 - Shadowcat's happy ending

1hr 6mins

18 Jul 2018

Rank #1