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Listen to one of Australia's leading money minds as he shares his unique perspective on why so many people get caught on the "work/stress, not enough time and not enough money treadmill." The solution is surprisingly easy but requires effort and commitment on your part.

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Old Enough To Know Better, Young Enough To Try

You have made so many thousands of decisions in your life. However many you've made, you're always that one decision from turning your life, as you know it, on its head. Your uniqueness means you can never compare yourself to any other. That means that you and you alone can decide when and if you still have it in you to try and try again. Regardless of whatever and whomever may suggest otherwise!


9 May 2021

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A Woman Scorned Is A Woman Empowered!

Life isn't always fair and there are definitely no guarantees. Sharron Keogh fought hard for her place in the corporate world. But she learnt that life conditions are subject to change and without notice. What made her deal with an unfair dismissal case, not one but two miscarriages, her husband losing his professional job and COVID 2020 putting a halt on recruitment in her specialized field of employment with such grace and dignity? The answer is knowing the difference between fighting for what's right and what's yours. After decades of sacrificing for the benefit of others... Sharron intuitively knew that part of being a woman and all the roles she was expected to perform... was knowing when to be selfish. She figured out what few will ever teach you... that looking out for number one is critical for your survival!Instagram: @thesharronkeoghWeb: www.sharronkeogh.com

1hr 32mins

2 May 2021

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The Consummate Network Professional

You know you got value for your money and time when you got more than you expected. This interview with networking professional Monica Marie Henderson is a prime example. Taking her skills and converting them into an entrepreneurial and enterprising venture was interesting. Doing it at what seemed like the most inopportune time in her life was simply amazing. What she turned her business idea into was just downright incredible. Here she shares five things that made all the difference in her life and eventual success... decision, family, vision, efficiency and patience!Web: MinkLifeMotivation.comWeb: monicamhenderson.com

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25 Apr 2021

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What is this "living in the now'' nonesense?

The problem with over simplifying anything is that often the meaning behind the intention is lost. So there's little in the way of trying to understand an idea at the level it requires and deserves, in order for it have any real benefits. Instead, it get relegated to the folder called infotainment. The lesson is getting taught but you're not necessarily the beneficiary of that wisdom. Those selling the ideas are the winners because they have made a fortune promoting intangible information. You get to hold on to the illusion of having learnt something! The question then becomes... what value if any can you quantify the lesson or lessons learnt?


19 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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The Irony Of Money

How to use your intuition as a superpower! Alysha Myronuk … (pronounced my-ronic) got tired of pretending that she couldn't help but notice all of the little synchronicities that followed her throughout her life's journey. From the death of her father, a failed restaurant business and the demise of her short lived marriage, Alysha shifted her perspective from "why is this happening to me?'' to " what am I suppose to learn from this?" Instead of trying to find meaning in her life... she has found purpose and now she's in a much better place to give meaning to her purpose!Web: www.thatsmyrony.com


11 Apr 2021

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The Inflation Paradox

Getting people to rage against the theft of their economic futures is easier than I thought. Persuading them to do something about it... well that's an entirely different story. Most people would much prefer their long held beliefs that everything will turn out just fine. It's a feel good narrative but the facts suggests otherwise. Episodes 26-29 of the Money And Time Machine Podcast, makes so much more sense after analyzing the eroding economic impact that inflation can have on a lifetime of hard work. But discovering how to use inflation to your advantage might just be reason enough to dispense with some of those beliefs... that no longer work for you!


4 Apr 2021

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Exceptional Entrepreneurs April Launch

Are you tired of always breathing life into your online venture(s)? Carmel Murphy's story and ascension from aspiring to bona fide online entrepreneur may be the inspiration you're looking for. Starting with the launch of the "EXCEPTIONAL ENTREPRENEURS" membership program starting at the beginning of April 2021. Now you too can go back to school with Carmel's exceptional program of learning. And graduate with the means to create a self sustaining online business(s) if that is or has been a dream of yours. Grab onto her coat tails or if you want... she can hold your hand through a process of learning that provides you with options for a brighter and more secure future. And her initial offer is so ridiculously lubricous... you could afford it even if you are BROKE!Contact Carmel Murphy directly to reserve a spot on her VIP list.Email: carmel@thecommunicationqueen.com.au


28 Mar 2021

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Everything Is Marketing

Whether by design or by default, Michael Diaz has figured out that you are either bigger than your problems or your problems are bigger than you. If you are bigger than your problems then you have a fighting chance. It explains in part why Michael, despite his challenges, trials and tribulations has always looked at the less than stellar outcomes of his past endeavors as results rather than failure. Determined not to be defined by his pasts shortcomings... he has focused his attention on his passion and those things he can control. He maintains his power of perseverance by refusing to accept anything less than what he deserves!Email:michael@rwwfitness.comWeb: www.rwwfitness.com

1hr 12mins

21 Mar 2021

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Content And Structure

The illusionary sense of self, often referred to as 'I' is not who you really are. This most misunderstood belief that you hold of yourself as 'SELF' opens you up to a life of unhappiness despite your achievements of conventional wisdom. When you understand yourself and can see how self serving your EGO can be... YOU can reign in your ego and live a life of more harmony and contentment.


14 Mar 2021

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Conscious Decisions, Conscious Success

There are only two ways to do anything in life. The hard way or the easy way! Tyson Sharpe, an emerging online personal development coach insists that either way requires you to do the work. Resistance in whatever form, only delays your rightful state. But for those who are prepared to do the work on themselves to evolve, spending more time doing what you love and having the experiences necessary for your transformation are the net results. Yes... the HOW TO is interesting but it's not where real growth comes from. The more time you waste avoiding the necessary work needed for your personal expansion... the less time you have to live life on your terms.The way life was meant to be lived!https://tysoncoaching.com/https://www.facebook.com/groups/connectcontributecollaborate/

1hr 6mins

7 Mar 2021

Rank #10