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The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen

The classic tale of a young mermaid who grows a curiosity for a world beyond her home in the ocean. The human world to be precise. One day when she reaches sixteen she is finally allowed to visit the world above and saves a young human man from drowning. The man happens to be a handsome prince. Despite her grandmother’s advice, The Little Mermaid wants to walk among humans and hopefully see The Prince again. She goes to visit The Sea Witch who uses her magic to fufil the mermaid's desire of a pair of human legs. Listen to our telling of this tragic tale to see what is in store for The Little Mermaid. Breaking Cloud Productions is proudly supporting Plastic Oceans UK alongside this project. Plastic Oceans are doing wonderful things to help keep our oceans clean and spread awareness on how we can do better to help the environment. Head to plasticoceans.uk for direct information, latest news, educational resources and more. You can also donate anything from £2 directly by heading to justgiving.com/plasticoceansPlastic Oceans’ award winning documentary, A Plastic Ocean is also available on Netflix and we can assure you is a necessary and eye opening watch!  CAST:The Narrator – Robin BerryGrandmother – Anna-Maria EverettThe Little Mermaid – Heather PorteThe Sea Witch – Lainey ShawThe Prince – Henry LawesMarina/Cordelia – Georgia DeloiseAvisa/Morgana – Stephanie CallowNarissa/Young Girl/Daughter of the Air – Hollie OliviaDirection and Music by Adrian FoxSpecial thanks to Pond5, ZapSplat, Ambient Mixer and Envato Elements for the ambience sounds.Website: breakingcloudproductions.square.siteInstagram: @breakingcloudprod


27 Mar 2021

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