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Shitshow - that sums us up in one word. But when we aren't recording shitshows, We're recapping the Episodes of 1000lb Sisters! So come give us a listen, Interact with us on our socials & Give us a rate and review. Thanks for stopping by! :) Instagram : @thebigflowpodcast726TikTok : @thebigflowpodcastTwitter : @bigflowpodcastReddit: r/1000lbsisterspodcast

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Welcome Back 2.0 - The shit show edition

We're back... Again. A little update on what's been happening with us, We go on a rant about Amber Turd and Johnny Dep trial, Explore our dislike of all the young children loving Louis Theroux's Rap song despite not knowing who he is and we end with a bit of a chat about 1000lb sisters. So all in all, Another shit show. You're Welcome.

1hr 4mins

31 May 2022

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And we're back! Welcome to 2022.

Brenda killed Bob Saget. May have played a part in Betty White's death. Is now channelling Theresa Caputo through her hair. Beryl doesn't know who Tyler Henry is (Brenda has a breakdown). Beryl is already mourning the death of the Queen and it hasn't even happened (Yet). More death. Meatloaf. We rip into the younger generation for knowing absolutely nothing unless it's on TikTok. And then we talk about life's trauma's. Its a long one, But we did take 2 months off so we had a lot to say lol.ENJOY!

1hr 10mins

6 Feb 2022

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The Christmas Episode - Final Flow for the year!

This is us signing off for the year with our Christmas Episode. We hope you all have a great Christmas and We hope Santa is good to you <3See you next year!


21 Dec 2021

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1000lb Sisters Episode 6 - Surgery Day & Season Finale

So this one took a while but we made it and we FINALLY finished Season 1.  If you're lucky we'll start Season 2 sometime soon Hahahaha


14 Dec 2021

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Drunk Shitshow - We introduce our New podcast Ouija Speak!

Apologies, This one is a bit of a mess, Beryl was drunk and poor Brenda gets spoken over constantly. But we do talk about our new podcast venture Ouija Speak. We also talk a lot about the 1000 lb sisters as usual. Ouija Speak is going to be the darker side of things. We'll dive into true crime, horror stories, paranormal stuff, the dark side of reality tv and all things dark.Go look us up on Instagram Ouija Speak Podcast!


17 Nov 2021

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1000lb Sisters Episode 5 - Amy gets Married!

Epsisode 5 recap. Amy gets her fairytale wedding, Amy gets approved for surgery and we actually say something nice about Tammy!


16 Oct 2021

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Episode 11 - Chris Watts : American murder, The family next door

*TRIGGER WARNING* This case is intense, There is details of the murders and disposal of the bodies.


12 Oct 2021

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Episode 10 - Another shit show, Spilling the tea... Do you poop regularly?

We've decided to call all our random podcasts shit shows because lets face it, thats what they are!Enjoy guys!


4 Oct 2021

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Episode 9 - Shit show #3 Getting vaxxed, Online shopping and Life

Today we decided to just have a chat since we haven't done a shit show in a while, Hope you guys enjoy it!


30 Sep 2021

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1000lb Sisters Episode 4 - Hatin' on Tammy, Swimming babushka & The big scale debate.

Today we recapped Episode 4, There's yet again a lot of opinions and to be fair it comes from a place of love. We hope one day we can feel for Tammy the way we do for the lovely Amy. 


27 Sep 2021

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