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I lost track of time.

I lost track of time.lost:  lose 过去式,丢失,丧失Track 追踪,踪迹lose track of time 没有看时间,忘记时间了(指因为忙于某事或者因为做某件事太投入,忘了时间)例如: --Where the hellhave you been? I’ve been waiting for you for 2 hours!  (你干嘛去了?我都等你2个小时了!) --I am so sorry, Iwas busy with my report and I lost track of time.(对不起,我忙着做报告,忘记看时间了。)Pronunciation发音lost  track这两个词,lost的t失去爆破(在英语口语中,爆破音后面如果没有元音,通常要失去爆破)track of 这两个词可以连读(辅音+元音连读,前面单词末尾是辅音,后面单词开头是元音)I lost track oftime. 我忘记了时间(因为忙于某事或太投入)


13 Jun 2018

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Daily English 12

1.         Congratulations! /Congrats.恭喜;祝贺     congratulate 动词2.         Congratulations on yourpromotion.恭喜你高升。3.         Hey, dude, I’m trying to eathere. 诶,哥们,我在吃饭呢(别说或者做让人反胃的话、事) Would you please keep the music down, I’m trying to sleep here.4.         Quiet! She’s asleep.安静一点,她睡着了。5.         Hey gorgeous.嗨,美女。6.         Hello, handsome.嗨,帅哥。7.         Are you flirting with me?你在撩我吗?8.         You started it.你先挑起来的;你先挑的事。(比如说你先动的手,你先骂的人)。9.         Have I upset you?我烦到你了吗?10.     I know you are upset, I’m hereif you wanna talk.我知道你不高兴,如果你想说说话的话,我在这呢。


6 Apr 2018

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Beat around the bush

beat around the bush说话绕圈子,拐弯抹角;旁敲侧击beat 打around 在…周围bush 灌木,灌木丛Stop beating around the bush and answer my question.别绕圈子了,回答我的问题。Don’t beat around the bush, just tell me how much(money) you need.别拐弯抹角了,你就告诉我需要多少(钱)。

24 Oct 2018

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Get off your high horse

get off your high horse 放下架子;不要那么趾高气扬,盛气凌人Get off your high horse, or you’ll never make any real friends. 别老是那么趾高气扬,高高在上的,要不然你永远都交不到真正的朋友。You know I'm right! Get off your high horse and admit your mistake! 你知道我是对的,放下架子承认错误吧!

28 Sep 2018

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How would you like your steak?

Steak is one of the most popularwestern foods with Chinese customers.牛排是比较受中国顾客欢迎的一种西餐之一。--How would you like your steak(cooked)?您想要您的牛排几成熟?--Medium well, please.七(八)分熟表示牛排熟的程度的用语Blue rare 近生的Rare 一分熟Medium rare 三分熟Medium 五分熟Medium well 七分熟Well done 全熟读音Would you连读 /d/+/j/=/dʒ/Steak读音 ea /eɪ/Medium读音 u/ə/


2 Sep 2018

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Get it off your chest

Get it off your chest.chest 胸,胸膛get sth off one’s chest 倾吐心中的不快,吐露心胸You will feel better if you get it off your chest. 如果说出来的话,你会感觉好些

8 Oct 2018

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Back on one's feet

get/be back on one's feet 重新站起来(字面);重新振作起来;(生病后)恢复过来She struggled to get back on her feet after she fell.她摔倒后又挣扎着站了起来。Now that I've paid off all my debt, I'm finally back on my feet.现在我还清了所有的债务,我终于可以东山再起了。Mary is happy to be back on her feet again after her injury.Mary很高兴从伤痛中恢复了过来。

9 Nov 2018

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You are on your own

You are on your own.你要靠你自己。读音You are 可以缩读为you’reYour own 连读On one’s own 靠自己,独立地,独自地用法大致分两种语境:一种侧重靠自己,言下之意就是没人会帮你,没人能帮你;另一种是独立地去完成某事,意思相当于all by oneself(myself, yourself, herself .etc)Did you ever think about going on a trip on your own?你有没有想过一个人去旅行?


12 Sep 2018

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我先说明一下,以下用的是kk音标fool  [ful]  欺骗,傻瓜You can’t fool everybody.你骗不了所有的人。 I made such a fool of myself last night.昨晚我太让自己出丑了full [fʊl] 满的This place is full of people. 这地方全是人。I’m pretty full.我很饱。fall [fɔl]  落下,跌倒The tree is about to fall.树马上要倒了。 fail [fel] 失败Sorry, I failed.对不起,我失败了


22 Aug 2018

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Better off

better off 达到/处于更好的状况You would be better off without me.没有我你会过得更好。I think you guys would be better off taking the train than driving.我觉得你们坐火车比开车更好Your health will be better off if you choose the fruit salad rather than the chocolate cake. 如果你选择水果沙拉而不是巧克力蛋糕,你的健康状况会更好。

1 Dec 2018

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You name it

You name it.什么都有,应有尽有name v. 命名,叫出名字They’ve got all kinds of fruits, bananas,grapes, peaches, you name it. 他们有各种各样的水果,香蕉、葡萄、桃子,什么都有。

10 Sep 2018

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Pass gas 排气?

pass gas 放屁It must be something I ate at lunch that made me pass gas all afternoon.肯定是我中午吃的什么东西,弄得我一下午都在放屁。fart 放屁;屁He farted in front of everyone, and he acted like nothing had happened.他在大家面前放了个屁,然后表现的跟什么事都没发生一样。fart around 瞎折腾;闲荡;浪费时间Stop farting around and get a job! 别瞎混了,找份工作吧!break wind 放屁Someone in the elevator broke wind. It smelled terrible. 有人在电梯里放了屁,臭死啦。


11 Dec 2018

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Do you have the time?

Do you have the time?现在几点了?意思基本等同于what time is it?Do you have the time?这个句子引申意思是你不确定,或你不期望对方一定知道时间,常用于对陌生人或不太熟的人说。例如:Excuse me, sir/ma’am, do you havethe time?By the way,如果你问人是个年龄不是很大的女士,最好把ma’am换成Ms


6 Sep 2018

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It just slipped out

It just slipped out.溜出来;被无意中说出,说漏嘴I didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out.我不是故意说的,不小心说漏嘴了。He slipped quietly out of the room, and his parents didn’t evennotice.他悄悄从房间溜出来,他的父母都没有注意到。

23 Sep 2018

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Would you like it for here or to go?

When you order food orcoffee, you might be asked whether you want to have it in the restaurant ortake away, especially in a fast food restaurant.我们在餐厅,尤其是快餐厅,点餐或者咖啡的时候,服务员可能会问“您想这吃还是带走”,这句话怎么说呢? Would you like it for here or togo?简化一点:For here or to go?回答I’d like it for here/to go,please.简化一点就是For here/to go, please.注意这个问句是个选择疑问句,or前面要用升调,后面要用降调。


3 Sep 2018

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It's a bummer

It’s a bummer.bummer令人不愉快/失望的人、事、经历1. Getting stranded at the airport was a real bummer.被滞留在机场真的是很恶心。2. It’s a bummer that my best friend can’t make it to my wedding.我最好的朋友参加不了我的婚礼了,很烦人。3. It was a real bummer that it rained the whole weekend. I had to stay indoors and did nothing. 整个周末都在下雨,很烦人,我只能呆在室内,啥都没做不了。

2 Dec 2018

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语音辨析found, fond, fund

第一组found [faʊnd] 找到(find过去式);创立      I found it.我找到了。fond [fɑnd] 喜欢的   I’m fond of it.我很喜欢它。fund[fʌnd] 基金;资助  Donald Trump claims that he is self-funding hiscampaign. 特朗普声称他     为他的大选自筹资金第二组fun[fʌn] 乐趣    It’s really fun.真的很好玩。fan [fæn] 迷;风扇 I’m your fan.我是你的粉丝。 第三组down [daʊn] 向下,下面  Get down. 下来done [dʌn] 完成的    Get it done.完成它/把它完成。


21 Aug 2018

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I'm looking forward to it

I’m looking forward to it.我很期待。look forward to 期待,盼望I’m looking forward to my birthday.我很期待我的生日。I really look forward to the holiday.我很期待假期。(系统提示英文的国庆节属于敏感词,无法上传,请大家谅解)to是介词,如果后面要跟动词,则需要用动词的ing形式。例如:I ’m looking forward to seeing you soon.我期待能很快见到你。读音forward to连读to it 连读,属于元音和元音的连读,中间加个w的发音/w/


5 Sep 2018

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Blow one's mind

blow one’s mind 令某人极度震惊,感到意外;令人刮目相看blow 爆炸mind 思想,头脑That was my first time to watch the show,it really blew my mind.那是我第一次看着个节目,太让我震惊了。Prepare to have your mind blown.准备好大开眼界吧。It blew my mind that she had her hair dyed green.她把头发染成了绿色,真是让我大吃一惊。mind-blowing adj. 令人感到震惊的;给人印象极深的It absolutely would be mind-blowing news to him if you tell him.如果你告诉他的话,这绝对会是一个让他震惊的消息。The special effects in this movie are pretty mind-blowing.这部电影里的特效真的很震撼。mindblower n. 令人感到震撼的事物This technology is a real mindblower.这真是一项令人震撼的技术。


14 Dec 2018

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First things first

First things first.先处理要紧的,先说重要的eg.I know you guys have a lot to catch up, but first things first, we need to finish this together.我知道你们俩要好好的叙叙旧,但是现在要紧的是,我们得先一块完成这个事。读音First things的连读,属于辅音和辅音的连读,/t/失去爆破,/θ/发音时舌尖抵住牙齿背部


23 Aug 2018

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