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This podcast is for die hard Queen fans. Queen is a band consisting of Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor, and of course Freddie Mercury. Here we will be going over old Queen footage and talking about new Queen events going on. I also have a Queen Instagram fan account that you can follow which is called @queennewsfanpage. Hope you enjoy!

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Queen Fans episode 1 (In depth life of Freddie Mercury)

In this episode, we go in depth into the life of Freddie and learn where he came from, how Queen formed, and his amazing voice. Stay tuned for more awesome Queen News episodes. I really enjoyed making this and hope to continue making these.


3 Apr 2019

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Queen Fans episode 2 (The life of Brian May)

This is another episode for everyone. I plan to be making lots more for you guys and hope you enjoy. You can follow my Queen Instagram fan page called @queennewsfanpage. In this episode we dive deep into the life of Brian May. Thank you for listening, it really means a lot and if you have time please subscribe and give me a 5 star rating.


3 Apr 2019

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Queen Fans episode 3 (The life of Roger Taylor)

In this episode we learn about the in depth life of Roger Taylor. Roger was an amazing drummer and today we going into his personal life and talk about it. You can check out my Queen fan page on Instagram called @queennewsfanpage. Thank you so much for listening.


4 Apr 2019

Rank #3