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A Damascus Road Experience of LOVE a Lori Garner Interview

Host: Kevin James Guest: Lori Garner ~ Believer in Christ, Photographer, Podcast Host, Blogger Location: Ecamm.Live Interview Title:  A Damascus Road Experience of LOVE a Lori Garner Interview Show#:  TMBE048 |  Season #: 2   | Episode #: 005 Record Date: 12/13/2020     Release Date: 01/17/2021 Info: I have Lori Garner on today's show; she recently was from Florida but moved to Tennessee following her grandchildren there. In Florida, She was a photographer her whole life where she worked for a magazine, Spotlight Families. Today's show, she'll tell us her story of how she had a Damascus Road experience with Jesus Christ as love on a Triune Tennessee Road. Guest Contact Information: https://www.creationsbylori.photography/ https://www.musiccityphotographer.com/ https://triunelovesme.blogspot.com/ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/triune-loves-me/id1526947224 The Millennium Beat Contact Info:  TWITTER ~ FACEBOOK ~ INSTAGRAM ~ WEBSITE Call us with your stories at (407) 624-9957 or e-Mail us at Stories@TheMillenniumBeat.com #TheMillenniumBeat


17 Jan 2021

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