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Welcome to Parental Leave with Bec and Nic. A podcast about anything but kids. We are mums who used to be actual people with real-life lives, so listen in as we escape our realities with some immature grown-up conversations. Please feel free to send through topic ideas, the less ‘parenty’ the better. You can find us on Instagram @bec.whitley and @nic.winslade

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Nic got smart and Bec got pee pants.

We realise Bec’s on a slippery slope to Gloriavale and now that Nic has high tech new glasses, she’s discovered the answers to the universe, not giving it away, but it may or may not involve the teletubby baby in the sun.


22 Jul 2020

Rank #1

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Tragic tats, the tales of ageing. and also chips.

In this long awaited second episode of our ‘weekly podcast’ we focus a lot on our ailments of ageing and dedicate a deserving chunk of time on the topic of chips. We also discuss the dream TV show mashups, hair removal, allergies, and the days of supre and belly piercing infections. Always riveting.


4 Jul 2020

Rank #2

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Lockdown: who wore it best?

Our first episode where we talk a little about lockdown but mostly about who we’d want in our That’s Life (RIP) centrefold.


25 May 2020

Rank #3