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MindYou Podcast from Head Coach and mindset speaker, Shay. Talking all things on mindset, personal growth, health, nutrition, training, empowering and inspiring women to truly love themselves, with a positive flow on effect on their life. Come and train with MindYou, coached by Shay! A passionate Coach who recovered from a long history of ED to go on and embark on some big life goals despite of fear, and adversity to now helping more and more women out there to live their best life!

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After over a decade in the financial services industry, I quit my comfortable six figure 9-5 job to go ALL IN on MY Vision!! This has been the BIGGEST FEAR to conquer for me, to give up all security, to return to my PURPOSE, my passion, my dream. I resigned from working for someone else’s’ dream to be my own boss and work for my own dream!! This hasn’t been an easy decision, it has been one I’ve been working incredibly hard behind the scenes! Today, I live the life I want to live, My purpose is to build strong beautiful women, from mindset, to loving themselves, nurturing their bodies and mind and getting strong! I thank all my beautiful clients to date, you are the beginning of MindYou! - Coach Shay


30 Jul 2021

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14. Choosing & doing what you LOVE with Coach Cass

Coach Cass from @findyourfitt shares her story, how from the get go she went ALL IN with what she loves, coaching! She’s shares her advice for those that are wanting to work in the fitness industry. And shares the sacrifices required! One year on with Revo, she celebrates her one year anniversary, has balance in her life, and an assistant! Cass also shares her journey as she is 12 weeks out from her first bikini body building competition! Cass also has her own podcast ‘Weekly Burn’!


22 Jul 2021

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13. Embracing your Period

Do you find yourself dreading your period? So often I hear this, women, including myself in the past ‘hating’ our periods. So here Adina and I want to share to you and encourage you to LOVE this part of you, a part of being a woman, being self aware of the actions you take, the self love and care towards yourself. Adina, Spiritual Coach & Leader shares her own tips to prepare for this time and how this changes MINDSET around this very important topic, that is a part of our lives. Let’s love this part of ourselves!

1hr 10mins

14 Jul 2021

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12. Mindset with Jaxon Tippet

Chatting with Online Coach, Mindset mentor and Model, Jaxon Tippet, here I picked his brains on his perspective on mindset, personal growth! We talk on some epic topics; - Mindset and personal growth - People will judge on how you look, what you do, but GO and do it anyway - TAKE RISKS! - Be Proactive and ORCHESTRATE the life you want - Fk FEAR and back yourself - When 'you want' something, go and JUST START! Go and give @iamjaxontippet and @i_am_me_podcast a follow :)


2 Jul 2021

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11. The book that changed my life

I picked up a book years ago, a moment where I was in a very dark place, it was the beginning of my personal, spiritual growth. I picked up this book at the time where I was ready to receive the messages delivered in this book, by this spiritual leader. I hope this book helps you, perhaps it will change your life! One of the greatest messages in this book for me especially when I was in so much pain and suffering was; ‘accept, then act - whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Work with it, not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life’ This really did change my WHOLE life!


25 Jun 2021

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10. Stepping out of your comfort zone with Adina Bukhari

Adina, a Spiritual and Self-Development Coach shares her incredible journey, in spite of the challenges, the discomfort, the experiences she’s endured from ptsd, eating disorder, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, yet she is the person she is now, filled with pure love, inspiration, kindness, leadership. She speaks of surrendering to FEAR, embracing her femininity, staying true to herself. Continuously stepping out of her comfort zone, prioritising what will continue her spiritual growth and how her ALL IN approach to training play a big part in her mind body soul experience. Adina is a proud MINDYOU client. I am so utterly proud and honoured to be a part of her incredible journey! Thank you so much for your courage and sharing your story.


17 Jun 2021

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9. From my Partner’s Perspective

You guys voted, here we are with my partner, from his perspective! We talk about personal growth, his experience going through my prep, our views on the fitness industry and how it’s going to change, my concerns in the fitness industry, and some fun questions from you guys on Instagram!


12 Jun 2021

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8. Where are you at your goals? Time to self-assess and re-assess!

It’s almost half way through 2021! Where are you at with the goals you set yourself? My 4 TIPS to consider as you sit down and make your half yearly re-assessment. Check in with yourself. Where do you want to be in 6 months? Time is going to pass anyway. Take ownership today!


3 Jun 2021

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7. 7 things I would tell my 20 year old self

I am forever grateful of the person I’ve become. Upon reflection, these are the 7 things I would tell my 20 year old self. I also hope that these 7 things can shed some light on your life and help you too! In everything you do, MIND YOU ❤️


23 May 2021

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6. Focus on YOU! Not what others are doing

Amplifying and reiterating this key message to FOCUS (in the voice of the Rock) on YOU and not be distracted, fixated on what other people are or not doing. We talk about comparison being the thief of joy and the thief of your success and progress! You are YOU so how could you possibly mimic or want to mimic another person’s path? Tips on what you should be focusing on to get you closer to your goals. An example I share of MindYou client, and we go back to a clear WHY, the fundamental key to focusing and honing into your goals.


13 May 2021

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