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Each episode of “On Aon” will feature people, solutions, innovations and news that define Aon’s unique culture. Delve into our global firm through conversations between colleagues.

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9: On Aon’s Approach to Cyber Risk with Christian Hoffman

As cyber ransomware attacks soar (they increased 485 percent in 2020), only 31 percent of organizations report having adequate business resilience measures in place to deal with ransomware threats, according to Aon data. No segment or industry is immune from these attacks, which makes the work of navigating and mitigating cyber risk more important than ever. Cyber insurance products have become a key component of insurance portfolios, growing to a $7 billion global industry and taking the need for Aon’s expertise to critical levels. In this episode of “On Aon,” Joey Raheb, Senior Vice President of Health Solutions & Large Market Sales Leader, is joined by Christian Hoffman, CEO of Aon's Cyber Solutions, North America, for a conversation about the evolution of cyber risk over the past 20 years. They discuss what organizations need to be focusing on today and unpack the findings from Aon’s recently released 2021 Cyber Security Risk Report.Christian recalls the unsettling events that led to his work in the field of cyber risk. [0:55] A look at all that has changed in cyber risk over the last 20 years. [3:52] The evolution of the focus on cyber security from the C-suite down. [6:25]The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cyber risk landscape. [7:29] Key findings from Aon’s 2021 Cyber Security Risk Report. [9:44] What is preventing organizations from taking the next needed step toward increased security? [12:25] Main considerations when approaching greater cyber security. [14:45] Christian shares what gets him up and moving in the mornings. [15:58]Additional Resources:Aon’s Cyber SolutionsAon’s 2021 Cyber Security Risk ReportCyQu: Cyber Quotient Evaluation from AonThe Insurer: Combatting cybercrime requires consequences, capital and collaboration – contributed editorial from Aon’s Catherine Mulligan and James TrainorMulligan and Trainor also dove in deeper in a video interview with The InsurerAon’s websiteTweetables:“The cyber insurance product is now such a key component of our clients’ insurance portfolios.” — Christian Hoffman“All departments need to be connected and collaborating around the topic of cyber security.” — Christian Hoffman“There is still tremendous work and enhancement and maturity for organizations in the cyber security space.” — Christian Hoffman“Taking a holistic approach and aligning stakeholders ultimately will provide the best results for organizations.” — Christian Hoffman


27 Jul 2021

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8: On Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions with Lewis Lee

Over the last 40 years, the global economy has evolved to one that values and prioritizes innovation. Intangible assets today account for 90% of the S&P 500's total market value, up from 17% in 1975. Every business today views innovation as critical, and so now the question for companies is how do you optimize conversion of that innovation into an asset class that can then be leveraged to make companies more valuable? Enter intellectual property.On this episode of “On Aon,” host Sheena Singh speaks with Lewis Lee, CEO of Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions about Aon's ground-breaking work identifying, valuing and protecting intellectual property (IP)—and finding ways to convert that IP into non-dilutive capital.Lewis shares the inspiring mission of his work with innovation and intellectual property. [1:00]What is the value of understanding and unlocking the potential of a company’s IP portfolio? [4:40]The key connection between innovation and intellectual property. [7:20]Strategic steps companies need to take to articulate their IP value. [9:49]Aon knows how to help clients monetize their IP value. [12:35]Creating solutions that keep up with the constantly increasing speed of innovation. [15:02]How is Aon focusing on inclusion and diversity in the inventor and market space? [16:51]Lewis shares the market disruptor that he wants to have a hand in inventing. [20:00]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAn overview of Aon’s IP Solutions and IP Liability InsuranceInsights and thought leadership content from Aon's IP Solutions teamBusiness Insider: How Aon is redefining the value of intellectual propertyDeanna Emery, a Lead Data Scientist at Aon, shares more information on Aon’s work building out diversity solutions for inventors and creatorsPress release: Aon's New Quality of Intellectual Property Solution Helps Companies Realize Full Value of their IP PortfolioTweetables:“We live in an incredible economy that is innovation-driven.” — Lewis Lee“Today every business is under disruption because of the technology revolution, and that’s great.” — Lewis Lee“IP is the real classification of how you take innovation and make it into something tangible.” — Lewis Lee“The more diverse your inventorship teams are, the better the assets you have coming out the other side.” — Lewis Lee


12 Jul 2021

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7: On Aon’s Public Sector Partnership with Joe Monaghan

Governments around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the power of partnering with private sector companies such as Aon to combat pandemics, climate change, cyber attacks and more. On this episode of “On Aon,” host Alex Lewis welcomes Aon’s Public Sector Partnership CEO Joe Monaghan for a discussion about the critical value of joining private and public sector forces to make a real impact. Joe shares a high-level view of the opportunities that these partnerships create as well as the key to Aon’s successful delivery of their most innovative initiatives. Joe shares the inspiring work that Aon is doing to make the world a better place. [1:02]Lessons learned from collaborations between government and the private sector. [2:48]The impressive impact these collaborations have on governments and their communities. [5:33]The two keys to Aon’s successful delivery of these initiatives. [8:03]Overcoming the obstacles that prevent making the most of these opportunities. [10:12]How is Aon creating innovative solutions that make dollars — and sense — for the government? [14:00]Joe’s tips for keeping cool when the work gets hard. [15:27]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteHear Joe in another Aon podcast, Aon’s “Public Affairs Update.”The Insurer: Public bodies’ insurance interest spikes as Covid-19 bites budgetsPublic Sector Partnership Pandemic Fraud VideoMore on Aon’s Public Sector Partnership and Aon’s Public Sector Solutions pageTweetables:“My biggest inspiration is the opportunities that we have here at Aon.” — Joe Monaghan“We’re thinking very critically about how we can develop new tools and new solutions to create impact on behalf of governments.” — Joe Monaghan“One of the critical elements in terms of finding solutions here is finding ways to align all the incentives.” — Joe Monaghan“We’re working as an insurance industry to help the government analyze the cost benefit in a way that is meaningful and credible.” — Joe Monaghan


28 Jun 2021

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6: On Aon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey with Stephanie Pronk

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, one topic has been front and center in the minds of many employers — the mental health and wellbeing of employees. Employee wellbeing is key to business performance, and maintaining it needs to be a critical component of company DNA. On this episode of “On Aon,” host Nico Page, Global Program Manager for Aon Business Services, and Aon’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Risk and Health Solutions Stephanie Pronk, delve into Aon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey.  Stephanie shares her personal approach to wellbeing and stress reduction at work. [1:06] Does employee wellbeing affect company performance? [2:21] Business success metrics and predictive analytics used in Aon’s wellbeing survey. [3:43]Effective mitigation strategies to maintain wellbeing and business performance. [7:05] A successful wellbeing strategy starts with these two key points. [10:21]The evolution of the workplace and employee support as a result of COVID-19. [12:18]Three areas of employee wellbeing that employers need to focus on moving forward. [15:55]Stephanie shares her professional challenges and triumphs. [18:11]The surprising rural hobby that keeps Stephanie active. [20:03]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey“The Benefits of Psychological Safety at Work, and How to Foster It” “Aon: Survey finds direct connection between employee well-being, business performance”Tweetables:“If you have leadership support and a strategy in place, it will lead to high wellbeing performance that will lead to business outcomes.” — Stephanie Pronk“Wellbeing is more than a program. It’s a people and performance strategy.” — Stephanie Pronk“There are a lot of opportunities here for employers to focus on the healthy living aspect that will keep all of us productive and performing.” — Stephanie Pronk


14 Jun 2021

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5: On Aon’s Innovative COVID-19 Vaccine Shipment Solution with Lee Meyrick

In the race against time to vaccinate the world’s population, Aon has been working on an innovative industry collaboration that is making a positive impact on the biggest global health crisis of our time. On this episode of “On Aon,” host Maria Harshbarger, Chief Client Officer at Aon, is joined by Aon’s Co-Leader of Global Specialties and CEO of Global Marine Lee Meyrick for a conversation about Aon’s work to ensure the safe delivery of global COVID-19 vaccine shipments. Lee’s take on the successful vaccination rollout in England. [1:29] His tasteful hidden talent. [2:59]How Aon is using cargo insurance and advanced technology to protect the vaccines. [3:50]The impressive collaboration necessary to deliver 10 billion vaccines worldwide. [6:20] How did technology enable this fast-paced vaccine delivery? [9:45]The positive impact that improved risk management has had on vaccine delivery efforts. [12:39]Details regarding Aon’s plan to donate 100% of 2021 revenue from the solution to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund within the WHO Foundation. [13:50] Additional Resources:Aon’s websitePress release: Aon Launches Innovative Industry Collaboration to Protect Global COVID-19 Vaccine ShipmentsPress release: Aon's New Vaccine Supply Chain Solution to Benefit Response Fund for the World Health OrganizationMore on the COVID-19 Solidarity Response FundTweetables:“We just wanted to ensure that the successful rollout of the vaccines wasn’t hampered due to insurance.” — Lee Meyrick“Everybody stepped up and really wanted to get involved. They wanted to be able to do the right thing in the rollout of the vaccine.” — Lee Meyrick“We really want to be part of the ongoing effort to bring vaccines to as many people as possible.” — Lee Meyrick


1 Jun 2021

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4: On Aon’s Inclusion and Diversity Efforts with Jennifer Bell and Eduardo Dávila

For Aon to do its best work on behalf of clients, colleagues must be able to work, express, be and live in a way that is true to themselves. With that in mind, in 2020 Aon formed the Global Inclusive Leadership Council (GILC). One year after the establishment of the Council, GILC Co-Chairs Jennifer Bell and Eduardo Dávila join the latest episode of the “On Aon” podcast for a conversation about the present state and future plans for inclusion and diversity (I&D) at Aon. Andrea O'Leary, Senior Director, Culture and Change at Aon and herself a member of GILC, hosts.What inspires the co-chairs of Aon’s Global Inclusive Leadership Council? [1:27]Highlighting business resource groups (BRGs) and Aon’s GILC as champions for inclusion and diversity. [3:27]Five pillars that are embedding inclusion and diversity into Aon’s culture. [6:09]Current and upcoming efforts of various BRGs in advancing the work of the GILC. [8:55]GILC accomplishments and highly inspiring efforts. [14:01]Actionable steps anyone can take to be an I&D ally. [16:32]Would you like to dance? [19:49]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteInclusion and Diversity at AonMore information on the Global Inclusive Leadership CouncilHR Director media coverage: “Role models are essential to change perceptions” Tweetables:“When you think about what we’re trying to accomplish as a firm, it really revolves around action and impact.” — Jennifer Bell“We are working together to make Aon an even more inclusive and diverse place of work.” — Eduardo Dávila“Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of our mission and what we’re trying to accomplish.” — Eduardo Dávila“We’re connecting to the GILC globally to continue to collaborate, partner and accelerate where we want to be as a firm.” — Jennifer Bell“Make intentional connections by getting involved in at least one BRG today.” — Eduardo Dávila


17 May 2021

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3: On Aon’s Grey Swan Analysis with Jason Disborough

Defining Grey Swan events such as the Covid-19 pandemic. [2:11]How cognitive biases influence the ways businesses view research and data. [6:48]The impact of Grey Swan events and crises on a company’s financial performance. [8:38]Five key focus areas that determine whether a business will weather a Grey Swan event or not. [10:33]The critical role of organizational resilience during Grey Swan events. [13:05]The most important question on this podcast. [19:50]Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteRespecting the Grey Swan compiled by Pentland AnalyticsMentioned on the episode:2007 book The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Narssim Nicholas Taleb2015 TED Talk “The next outbreak? We’re not ready” by Bill GatesTweetables:“The vast majority of these scenarios are Grey Swan events. The companies knew they could potentially occur, they just weren’t prepared for them” — Jason Disborough“If you’ve had a major crisis and you don’t get it right, the impact that can have on your organization and shareholder value can be immense.” — Jason Disborough“The way to build organizational resilience through these Grey Swan scenarios is with practice.” — Jason Disborough“There is a future and it’s potentially bright if we work our way through this in the most responsible and positive way.” — Jason Disborough


3 May 2021

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2: On Aon’s Resiliency with Marinus van Driel

Resiliency is one of today’s hottest topics, and rightly so in today’s constantly changing landscape. Today’s “On Aon” episode features host Alexandra Lewis and Aon’s Managing Director within the Talent, Rewards and Performance practice Marinus van Driel.  Together they examine what resiliency means, why it is more essential now than ever before, and steps you can take to improve resiliency going forward. The importance of resiliency in today’s uncertain workplace. [1:08]Key strategies for increasing personal and professional resilience. [2:45]Shifting trends toward more effective and efficient work environments. [5:26]Striking the balance between effective ways of working and organization wellbeing. [7:34]Tips for staying motivated and energized on a personal level. [9:03] Marinus shares his post-pandemic travel plans. [11:40] Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s Human Capital Solutions pageThe Rising Resilient, including a whitepaper and self-assessmentAdditional whitepapers on the future of work and remote working:Accelerate Your Workforce into the Future Defining How and Where People Should Work Tweetables:“Resiliency comes down to a simple concept — the ability to bounce back amid adversity and to provide the baseline conditions for helping people thrive in the long run.” — Marinus van Driel“How can we continue doing the things that we were doing really great in the past, but how can we do it in a new way and maintain our organization’s cultures?” — Marinus van Driel“It’s critical to make sure that folks keep on doing well, and that organizations keep doing well by doing good for their people.” — Marinus van Driel


19 Apr 2021

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1: On Aon’s Climate Commitment with Bridget Gainer

“On Aon” is a new podcast featuring conversations between colleagues about current happenings and key topics at Aon. Our first episode features host Maria Harshbarger and Aon’s Global Head of Public Policy Bridget Gainer as they delve into Aon’s ambitious 2030 climate commitment. As a leader in the risk industry, Aon is committed to addressing climate risks now. Maria and Bridget examine the increasing importance of focusing on climate change in today’s environment and what it will take for Aon to reach the ambitious goal of being Net-Zero by 2030.The importance of focusing on climate change now. [1:17]  An overview of Aon’s 2030 climate commitment and its subsequent impact on the environment. [2:53] Steps that will aid in achieving Aon’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint. [4:55] Opportunities for a mindset shift that will bring greater results. [7:57] What is the impact of this initiative on Aon clients? [9:31] Bridget’s passion project is increasing possibilities and making a lasting difference at Aon. [13:55] The hidden skill that has greatly benefitted Bridget’s career. [16:45] Additional Resources:Aon’s websiteAon’s 2020 Impact ReportCEO Letter from Greg CaseMore details on Aon reducing its carbon footprintMore on Aon’s Work, Travel, Convene coalitionsGlobal Special Report: Helping Organizations Chart a Course to The New BetterMore on Aon’s Apprenticeship ProgramTweetables:“We’re incorporating more ideas and more perspectives in a way that builds our relationships with each other and potentially helps us solve big problems.” — Bridget Gainer“This is an opportunity for clients to tap into Aon’s innovation across the board.” — Bridget Gainer“We are able to lead by example across the country to show what is possible when you are willing to open your mind and change your habits.” — Bridget Gainer


8 Apr 2021

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Each episode of “On Aon” will feature people, solutions, innovations and news that define Aon’s unique culture. Delve into our global firm through conversations between colleagues.


1 Apr 2021

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