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It was “love at first home show” for this blonde and brunette as they brainstormed ideas to “flip the switch” and start a NEW conversation about homes. Ashley (a city girl living in a small town) & Lindsey (the local Joanna Gaines) decided to put together The Home Girls to share ideas, spark conversations and highlight what’s working and what’s not working in today’s living spaces.No, no…this isn’t another podcast about shiplap, burlap pillows or floating shelves…This is a podcast that serves you the scoop on the latest home conundrums with a little quirkiness, caffeine, and a lot of authenticity.Tune in as the Home Girls dive into the details, weigh the pros/cons of your favorite home projects and investigate the resources that make sense for every budget. The CORE purpose of The Home Girls is to give people the stories, ideas and resources to the most common discussed questions centered around HOMES.

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Trends That Need To Stay In 2019

The beginning of a new year is a fun time for home design. As we enter a new year, and a new decade, we begin to look at the upcoming trends and designs. But first, we need to decide which trends shouldn't follow us in to 2020. In the episode of The Home Girls, Ashley and Lindsey discuss the designs they would like to see get left behind. The Home Girls is Powered by Simplecast


30 Jan 2020

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Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

Have you ever wanted your home to look like it was designed by Joanna Gaines but didn't have the budget. On this episode of The Home Girls Podcast, Ashley and Lindsey discuss how to make your home look "magazine worthy" on a strict budget. The girls discuss tips like buying items that have the most flair, as well as buying damages items and fixing them up yourself. There's tons of great information on this episode that will allow you to transform your home efficiently and cost friendly. The Home Girls are Powered by Simplecast


13 Dec 2019

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Cleaning 101

We all know that cleaning your home can be daunting and down right annoying. On this episode of The Home Girls, Ashley and Lindsey discuss the process of cleaning their homes as well as specific brands of cleaners they use.  From messes that the kids leave behind to dirty bathrooms and laundry literally left everywhere, the girls share how they keep their house clean and organized.Be sure to subscribe to the podcast wherever you download your podcasts and follow along on Facebook and Instagram. The Home Girls is Powered by Simplecast 


6 Dec 2019

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I've Got Oak Trim And I Cannot Lie

On this episode of the Home Girls Podcast, Lindsey and Ashley discuss trends in the home as well as what updating your trim and cabinets can do to the overall feel of your homes interior.


22 Nov 2019

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Do I need a bigger home or less shit?

WELCOME TO THE HOMEGIRLS PODCASTThe Home Girls Podcast serves you the scoop on the latest home conundrums with a little quirkiness, caffeine, and a lot of authenticity.In this week’s podcast, we’re talking about DO YOU NEED A BIGGER HOME OR LESS SHIT?When have you questioned the amount of space you need ?Has there ever been a time when you felt like your environment affected your productivity? How can you make the determination if it’s time to reorganize or increase your homes’ square feet?What rooms cause the biggest bottle necks?Ways to eliminate items that are cluttering up your spaceWhat are some of today’s popular methods utilized to assess living areas and the organization of belongings? Advice for listenersWEEKLY CONTEST- What’s in your Amazon shopping cart? Please share your items with us at hello@thehomegirlspodcast.comBe sure to follow us at Facebook: The Homegirls Podcast & Instagram @thehomegirlspodcast


14 Nov 2019

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