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Episode 5: New MacBook Pro, COD Season 1, Halo and more!

Note: When referring to the processor for the 16" MBP, Travis mistakenly  called it a 9900HK. This should have been 9980HK, sorry about that! 

1hr 5mins

10 Dec 2019

Rank #1

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Episode 6: Game Awards, Amazon, and Gooses!

This week, we talk about the Game Awards, Games pertaining to Gooses, Oliver trolls the intro, and more.


17 Dec 2019

Rank #2

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Episode 3: Quixel, Half Life: Alyx, Sonic and more!

This week, we talk about Quixel joining Epic Games, Half Life: Alyx, and Oliver finally learns how to say his name!

1hr 1min

26 Nov 2019

Rank #3

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Episode 7: Top 10 gadgets this decade, Apple, Apple and more Apple

This week, we talk about Time's "Top 10 gadgets of the decade" list. We also dive into Intel buying Habana, and the implications of an AI powered chip.

1hr 11mins

24 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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Episode 4: Black Friday, Node, and more!

On this episode, Oliver tells us how much he hates titty streamers, we swoon over Nodes YouTube content and... that's really about it.


3 Dec 2019

Rank #5

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Episode 26: Becoming the Lizard with Eric Baudour

This week, we're privileged to speak with Rooster Teeth's Eric Baudour. If you're a fan of Mega64 or RT, you're probably familiar with his work. Join us for an hour of nonsense and debauchery as we dive into his time at M64, Razer, and RT, and what makes him tick. [Sorry for the audio issues, we were using a different audio setup this week] Apple PodcastsSimplecastTwitterInstagramTwitch


5 May 2020

Rank #6

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Episode 25: Changing Places

This week, we struggle to find news. Fortnite does a first of it's kind concert event in-game featuring Travis Scott, Verizon loses 84,000 customers, GameStop executives are taking pay cuts to reopen their stores, and Boston Dynamics has teamed up with hospitals to offer care to Coronavirus patients using their robot dog, Spot. Apple PodcastsSimplecastTwitterInstagramTwitch


28 Apr 2020

Rank #7

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Episode 24: iPhone SE, Crysis, Digital marriages, Samsung and more

[NOTE] THIS EPISODE WILL OFFEND SOME PEOPLE, YOU'VE BEEN WARNEDIn this episode, we talk about the 2nd generation iPhone SE, the new Crysis remaster, Dead people being reborn in VR, Samsung's new reusable TV boxes,  and a guy who made his own Nintendo Switch from nothing but replacement parts.Apple PodcastsSimplecastTwitterInstagramTwitch


21 Apr 2020

Rank #8

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Episode 23: Valorant!, Blizzcon, AMD 4000 and more!

This week, we dive deep into Valorant and what it could mean for competitive gaming. We talk about the great Webcam Shortage of 2020, and how in a post-apocalyptic world, Webcams could be currency, we talk about Discords great (sarcasm) new background suppression, and AMDs lovely new mobile chips.  Apple PodcastsSimplecastTwitterInstagramTwitch


14 Apr 2020

Rank #9

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Episode 22: Last of us 2, Covid-19 Conspiracies, Prime Day Delayed, and more!

In this episode, we talk briefly about The Last of Us 2 being delayed, crazy-people who think that 5G is causing the Coronavirus, Amazon delays Prime Day, our feelings on Resident Evil 8, and so, so much more! Apple PodcastsSimplecastTwitterInstagramTwitch


7 Apr 2020

Rank #10

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Episode 21: DLSS 2.0, Intel 10-series, Nier, and more!

In this episode, we talk about the improvements to DLSS, Nvidias next iteration Deep Learning Super Sampling technology, used to make Ray-tracing faster and look nicer. Intel soon to announce the 10-series CPUs. AMD's Ryzen 5 3600 CPU is back down to $165, matching its lowest price ever.Old Neir game to get re-released and will be on Mobile.Gears Tactics is coming to Xbox One.Gearbox co-founder passes away.AMD Graphics Tech Stolen.What is Folding@Home and how to use it.


31 Mar 2020

Rank #11

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Episode 20: New Games, Gamestop Closes (finally), PS5 SSD, and more!

With Oliver back in the studio, we're talking about some of the great games that have been bestowed upon us during March. Travis also re-reviews Geforce Now (sort of), Sony markets the PS5 SSD as a total GAME CHANGER!!1  (yeah, right...), Gamestop finally closing it's doors due to Covid-19, and Amazon, Apple, Netflix and other streaming providers have dropped their quality in Europe.  Simplecast TwitterInstagramTwitch


24 Mar 2020

Rank #12

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Episode 17: Coronavirus implications on Tech, Potential new Rockstar game, new Riot FPS (Valorant)

This episode, we talk about the Cornovirus and it's implications  on the tech world. We chitchat about a potential new Rockstar game (GTA 6?), and Riot Games new competitive FPS, Valorant.  Sorry about the music in the background. Very little we could do about it after the fact.  Listen to us onAppleShopify Connect with us onInstagramTwitter


3 Mar 2020

Rank #13

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Episode 16: Clearview, Bethesda leaves Geforce Now, Larry Tesler passes away, and more



25 Feb 2020

Rank #14

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Episode 14: Travis loves the iPad, Oliver panics, AMD drops the 3990x, and nVidia released Geforce Now

In this episode, we talk about the iPad Pro, AMD and the WONDERFUL 3990X, Geforce Now and more. Also, Oliver panics and I admit to loving an Apple product.


11 Feb 2020

Rank #15

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Episode 13: Blizzard screws the pooch (again), Apex Season 4, BlackBerry dead, and Google Photos

In this episode, we discuss the current state of Blizzard, how sad we are that Nintendo isn't releasing a Switch Pro, Apex Legends Season 4 drops soon, and more.

1hr 7mins

4 Feb 2020

Rank #16

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Episode 12: YouTube Gaming, Switch Pro, and for once, Travis ruins the intro

I (Travis) was a bit sick, so forgive my voice - it was a tad horse sounding. 


28 Jan 2020

Rank #17

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Episode 11: Live Show! Game Delays, Violence in Video Games, and more

Our first live episode! (Not live here, obviously.) In this episode, we talk about the many, many game delays, violence in video games and how it effects (or rather, doesn't) children, and a vagina scented candle.


21 Jan 2020

Rank #18

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Episode 10: CES 2020, Travis is sick, and Oliver still sucks at intros

This week, we talk about our favorite things from CES 2020. Lot's of cool devices, like the new Alienware Concept UFO (similar to the Switch), Next-gen consoles, Intel NUC, and the Y-Brush Toothbrush. (Brushes in 10 seconds!)


14 Jan 2020

Rank #19

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Episode 9: Guest Interview with Matt Shotcha! (Gun Media)

Apologies for the audio issues near the 30 minute mark. Our Discord bot decided he was done, so I had to quickly come up with another solution which might not sound as good as usual, but it was the best back up solution we had. Sorry! 

1hr 21mins

7 Jan 2020

Rank #20