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A podcast about the movies that audiences and critics disagree on the most.

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The Holiday

We kick our feet up, sip some wine, and blab about The Holiday from Nancy Meyers. Critics: 49% Audience: 80%

2hr 33mins

16 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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About a Boy

We bumble through a Hugh Grant movie based on a novel by Nick Hornby. Our good friend Kaylo joins us as well. Critics: 93% Audience: 55%

2hr 24mins

23 Jun 2021

Rank #2

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Spiral: From the Book of Saw

We recorded our first in studio episode after catching the newest installment of the Sawverse in an actual movie theatre. With beverages in hand, we attempt to have a civil discussion about a movie that is half-horror and half Chris Rock comedy special.Critics: 37% Audience:75%

2hr 32mins

7 Jun 2021

Rank #3

Podcast cover

Men in Black: International (Lo-fi Version)

This is definitely a movie and we watched it! Also, enjoy unintentional background lo-fi beats for half of the episode. Critics: 23% Audience: 66%

2hr 15mins

31 May 2021

Rank #4

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In preparation for Spiral, we are dissecting the first movie of the Saw universe from 2004. Is this the Hot Topic of movies? Critics: 51% Audience: 84%

1hr 49mins

27 May 2021

Rank #5

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Spy Kids

Holy shiitake mushrooms! We are talking Spy Kids this week and we have a lot of thoughts. In case you haven't heard of Spy Kids, it's the prequel to Machete. Critics: 93% Audience: 46%

1hr 59mins

18 May 2021

Rank #6

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American Outlaws

This week we are taking on a western from 2001 starring Colin Farrell, Scott Caan, Ali Carter, and Timothy Dalton AKA "T-Dalt". Critics: 14% Audience: 68%

1hr 59mins

12 May 2021

Rank #7

Podcast cover


On this week's episode we take a ride in a David Cronenberg fever dream. Critics: 65% Audience: 31%

1hr 47mins

4 May 2021

Rank #8

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We officially decide on a name for the podcast. SPRING BREAK FOREVER... Critics: 67% Audience: 38%

1hr 42mins

27 Apr 2021

Rank #9

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The Lion King (2019)

Join us for the inaugural episode where we introduce the conceit of the podcast, try to come up with a name, and delve into The Lion King (2019). Critics: 52% Audience: 88%

1hr 22mins

22 Apr 2021

Rank #10