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Cora Jakes Coleman is passionate about living a life of purpose and fertility (the ability to produce!). She is a preacher and best‑selling author, wife to husband, Brandon Coleman, and mother to her beautiful daughter, Amauri and energetic son, Jason. The eldest daughter of Bishop T.D. and Serita Jakes, Cora oversees and serves in many capacities at The Potter’s House of Dallas. She is a highly sought‑after speaker and mentor who is driven to release the sound of faith, better put a ferocious faith. In the words of her father, "Cora has redefined what it means to fight like a girl!"

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Do You Have The Right?

Call Me Cora back after a unplug lets talk tips to move your morning faster, Christmas light capes, birdhouses, and super prophets. Also hear my thoughts on the Popeyes chicken sandwich, and our fundamentals of faith moment that has us walking away asking ourselves Do we have the right? We have so much more to talk about and so much fun. Sit back and prepare for a hilarious, and thought provoking podcast. Follow me @CJakesColeman don't forget to increase your prayer life and dismantle your enemy and rise by getting my new book at ferociouswarrior.com*I Do Not Own the Rights to this Music*

1hr 18mins

21 Nov 2019

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2hr Special Will You Wait Or Will You Wait?

One time for the last time of 2019 Call me Cora is giving you double for the goodbye to 2020. Double the Warrior, double the it was funny to me, double the tips, double the questions. Did I mention double double double? Hey lets kiss 2019 goodbye together leaping into 2020 in pursuit of God and asking ourselves will you wait or will you wait? Be Sure to get my new book at ferociouswarrior.com and become a crewboo by following me on all social medias @cjakescoleman, subscribing, and checking me out at cjakescoleman.com Till Next Year Ferocious Fridays will be back again!! Happy New Year

2hr 13mins

28 Dec 2019

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I May Be Broken, But I Still Got Mine.

This Call me Cora episode sets the stage for us to hold on, and to push through the fire. Cora talks about the Ferocious Warrior of the day who conquered fired at it's best. The food tip for the fat crew and the skinny crew because Cora honors both sides of her life. The fundamental of faith surrounding the powerful way Jacob used faith. Cora unfolds the story found in the Bible Genesis 32:24-31. Closing out with powerful prayer for doors open, healing, and so much more, Cora is overwhelmed with joy about Essence fest and all her birthday month has to offer and finally a crew boo shout out to Ashley Diawaku. Listen and Enjoy!! I pray you move pass anything that tries to keep you from finding joy and peace today. Be sure pre-order my book coming out July 16th: ferociouswarrior.com Get to no me and get information on booking and classes at cjakescoleman.com. Till Next Week.

1hr 2mins

29 Jun 2019

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Quarantined to your First Ministry

On a UnCut Call me Cora national day of prayer I felt it only right for me to bring some laughter, faith, and prayer to my boos. No program flow just me uncut. Be sure to get my book Ferocious Warrior at FerociousWarrior.com Speak Well, Think Well, and Produce Well until next time I love you so it should be really easy for you to do the same.

1hr 43mins

21 Mar 2020

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Call Me Cora: It Was Funny To Me!! (Full Episode)

You all have been asking me for some time now for a podcast, and I have been waiting on a go and I got it. So I hope you enjoy this full episode of the official flow of the Call Me Cora Podcast. This is for you my boos and a special thanks to my crew boos. Sending you love and faith. Become a crew-boo, and follow me on all my social media @CJakesColeman and Cora Jakes Coleman on youtube. Become a ferocious warrior and pre-order my book ferociouswarrior.com. I pray this episode brings you great joy, laughter, peace, but most importantly faith. www.cjakescoleman.com*I do not own the rights to this music* Track: Always Dreaming: Same Town Forever Created by(wondershare filmora)


22 Jun 2019

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My Worship: At The Altar - Cora Jakes Coleman

I was at a church when the Lord decided it was time for me to share my worship with an audience of people. He used me for the first time in prophetic worship in front of everyone, and the experience was life changing and scary all at once. Worship is not about perfect pitch for me, but it's about the relationship with the anointing that you have. I was sharing a snippet of it on Instagram and a lot of people asked what song it was, and I told them I would figure out a way to share. Well I figured it out. I pray it blesses you. The cover was created by @Designerjov MUA: @monaiartistryllc Styled by: @TopherDewayne Assitant Stylist @sibu_mcneal Hair: @Trinadoesmyhair Dress: @Showcase__beauty.


17 May 2019

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Fundamentals of Faith: Lets Talk Job

Fundamentals of Faith gives me an opportunity to share my perspective of how faith was shown in particular stories. Job is one of my favorite books of The Bible. I hope that you Enjoy my thoughts on the subject. Subscribe to my Podcast Call Me Cora and be sure to follow me on all social Media at @CJakesColeman.For Booking and More Visit: CJakesColeman.com


8 Jun 2019

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Conversations with Cora: Fundamentals of Faith Esther

Conversations with Cora are simply that conversations with me talking about different subjects. You never know what the conversation is going to be. This conversation surrounds how I feel Esther showed faith in her story. I pray you enjoy.


17 May 2019

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My Joy is Coming

The first Call me Cora of the year featured on the last Friday of January. Lets talk Ferocious Warrior families, mac and cheese food tips, what to do instead of bread skinny tips. It was funny to me, and so much more. Also it's all about Joy. This whole podcast is filled with joy and laughter. Check it out and be sure to follow share, and invite and become a crew boo. Please get my new book Ferocious Warrior at ferociouswarrior.com it's also available on audio!!

1hr 46mins

17 Feb 2020

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Conversations with Cora: Sister Circle Interview on Ferocious Warrior

I got the honor of sharing my upcoming book Ferocious Warrior with the Sister Circle. I got to share some weapons for warfare and so much more. To get my book pre-order at: ferociouswarrior.com and for my teaching on Ferocious Warrior go to bit.ly./ferociousprayer remember to subscribe and follow me on all social media at @CJakesColeman. I pray that you enjoy this interview and that you lay aside opportunities to judge and criticize which we do so easily, and really let it minister to places in you that faith can reach and don't let the enemy take this moment from you.


14 Jun 2019

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