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This blog is about my love for quilts and my kids.

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Episode 10 – Ready Set Serge

Welcome back. Podcast: Episode 10 – Ready Set Serge Backpack I made and donated to my friend’s school for Teacher Appreciation Week.Placemats donated for school's silent auction. Pillows for "goody bags" from the sleepover. More pictures to come once I discover which camera I took them all with!  

14 Jun 2010

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Podcast: Interview with Linda Ruff

Repost of Episode 9 for iTunes purposes (UGH!!) Episode 9 – Interview with Linda Ruff Lesson learned.  Do not upload two podcasts at the same time because iTunes will only pick up one of them.

2 Jun 2010

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Episode 7 (repost) – You Were Always on My Mind

If you listen to the podcasts off of iTunes, then you have not been able to download Episode 7.  This is just a repost of the same Episode found on my blog, but for iTunes purposes.  Let’s see if this works…. Podcast: Episode 7 – You Were Always on My Mind

11 May 2010

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Episode 8 – More chatting

Show notes for Episode 8 – Just some more chatting Podcast: Episode 8 – More Chatting Thanks to Lisa at A Stitch of Faith for letting me know that it is okay not to edit my podcasts. I got creative this weekend and pulled out the Hexagon die for the AccuQuilt GO!  Each die comes with a pattern inside and I decided to make the table topper for that die.  I had never worked with Y seams before Saturday.  At first, I decided Y seams were a B****.  But after a while, I quit fighting the fabric and let it speak to me and figured out how to do it.  I can’t take all of the credit though.  Something in the back of my mind kept thinking Kaye Woods or Eleanor Burns.  As I recall, I watched one of them tell me how to sew a Y seam.  It had something to do with folding the fabric in, so I just did it.  I think it all laid pretty flat.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  I know the fabric choices are questionable, but they were available in my stash and reminded me of spring. Hexagon Tabletobber and matching coaster Here are the hotpads I made.  I found these at http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=550 Hotpads made from scrap material with the GO! 2 1/2" die. See the jewelry/treasure box my mother in law made me for Christmas. My MIL is such an awesome bi-crafter. This is quilt blocks done in needlepoint. I received the Martelli Rotary Cutter for Christmas.  I really like it.  It took a couple of tries to get used to, but I like it! I like my new Sewline TRIO marking pen as well. Sometimes we forget to treat ourselves to a little pampering.  If you live in the Denver, CO area and are looking for some TLC, call Jenn at Body & Sole.  Ask her for the Michele Treatment.  You will love it!!! Check out this awesome Ginger Garlic Beef recipe.  Note:  The recipe calls for beef broth, but does not tell the user when to add it.  Once I mixed it with the soy sauce mixture and once I mixed it in with the vegetables.  It worked great both ways.  If you try it, let me know what you think. Here are some pictures of the Kindle Covers I have done: Picture of the first Kindle Cover I made Open view Easily folds back for reading Getting fancy with the closure

28 Mar 2010

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Episode 5 – Meet Sandy and Her Antique Quilts

I hope you enjoy the interview with Sandy.  She has great tips about antique quilts – where to find them, how to care for and store them.  If you need more information about antique quilts, let me know and I can put you in touch with her. Podcast: Episode 5 – Meet Sandy and Her Antique Quilts Things I have been working on: Card for Coach Not sure what Dylan drew exactly and I may have gone overboard with the decorative stitching. I decided not to put pictures of the Under the Sea challenge yet.  I will put them up next time and let you know how terrible I did in the challenge. =) Here are some pictures of my quilting “studio” if you are interested.  Everything was sort of picked up… Studio pictures A few more pictures Here's the quilt I bought from Sandy. Here's the quilt my grandma made me when I was 5. A few pictures of Sandy’s quilts.  The pictures just do not do her collection justice.  She was so kind to allow me to take pictures.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Green and white quilt Sandy mentioned, which hangs above her bed. She must have the sweetest dreams. This Beauty hangs high on Sandy's wall. Her husband must risk life and limb to change it out at Christmas, but only after the life insurance premiums are current. The yellow and white quilt is the $4 find Sandy mentioned. What a find indeed. Sandy's oldest quilt. See how it is wearing and falling apart. Handle with care! More lovely quilts greet us as we climb the stairs. More quilts stored on the stair landing Sandy had this one quilted in red. I wish I had got a picture with the full effect. It's quite amazing. I guess I will have to go back and get more pictures. In fact, when I go back, I am staying in this guest room. Sandy, my bags are packed. Now I lay me down to sleep.... Awesome quilts in Sandy's dining room See how she stores her quilts This is the quilt top Sandy mentioned that was hand quilted by the group in Colorado More fabulous quilts found along our tour of Sandy's home I'm lovin' the red and white. What about you? More fun quilts. Very old doll quilt -hand quilted by Sandy

7 Sep 2009

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