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#022 Creepshow (1982) -Lost Episode

Today we are re-releasing our review of Creepshow. This was our first episode ever! Nick and I decided this was a great way to start our podcast off with. This episode was lost when we transferred our show over to Podbean, but I was able to get it back up and I present it to you here.  Creepshow was released in 1982 and was directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King. The film consists of five short stories:  “Father’s Day” Based on an original story written for the movie by Stephen King. While waiting for Aunt Bedelia at a dinner party, the greedy family recalls that she killed her own father seven years ago. Now her undead father returns from the grave as a zombie expecting to eat his cake.  “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” Based on Stephen King’s short story “Weeds”. Stephen King plays the titular Jordy Verrill.  “Something to Tide You Over” Stars Leslie Nelson & Ted Danson in a story about a vengeful, murderous psychopath.  “The Crate” Based on the short story of the same name. A Janitor finds an old wooden crate that cantains a small and powerful beast.  “They’re Creeping Up on You!” A cruel, ruthless businessman whose mysophobia has him living in a hermetically sealed apartment, but finds himself helpless when his apartment becomes overrun by endless hordes of cockroaches. Find our reviews by clicking here.Find our other creator interviews by clicking here.

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29 Apr 2018

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Krampus (2015) w/Tess Pfeifle of Astonishing Legends

Tess Pfeifle, Lead Researcher for Astonishing Legends, joined us to talk about Krampus. We talk about some of the things we know about Krampus folklore and then dive into this great Christmas horror movie.  Make sure to listen to Astonishing Legends where they take a look at legendary strange and unusual events from throughout history and interview people who've had close encounters with the unexplained. Other items we talked about in this episode:  Krampus: Shadow of Saint Nicholas  Clock's Watch II: Daughters of the Black Moon The Death Chute

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11 Dec 2018

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Summer of '84 w/ Bloody Date Night

Our friends, Josh & Liz from Bloody Date Night, joined us to talk about Summer of ’84. It had a limited release in theatres on August 10, 2018, and is currently available on Shudder, and Video on Demand. After suspecting that their police officer neighbor is a serial killer, a group of teenage friends spends their summer spying on him and gathering evidence, but as they get closer to discovering the truth, things get dangerous. We will be interviewing the co-writers and producers of Summer of’84, Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith. Keep an eye out for that episode this coming week. We will be doing a couple of special episodes leading up to the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” movie. We will be joined by our friends over at I Have a Strange Story, to look back at the series. But, we also want to hear from you! We want to know your favorite tale from the “Scary Stories” series. Email us at nerdsftc@gmail.com Come join us in Austin, as we are once again meeting up with our favorite Texas-based podcasters. Location: Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden Address: 121 Pickle Road, Austin, TX 78704When: Saturday, August 3, 2019Time: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Click here for more information:  Find our reviews by clicking here.Find our other creator interviews by clicking here.

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24 Jun 2019

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"The Twilight Zone" (2019) Episode Reviews #1

Today we review two episodes of the rebooted series "The Twilight Zone" (2019). First we reviewed episode 1 "The Comedian" starring Kumail Nanjiani & Tracy Morgan.  Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick) stars as Samir Wassan, a comedian who fails to make his audience laugh. That is, until he meets an enigmatic and legendary comic, played by Tracy Morgan, who offers him some "helpful" tips.  Then we took a look at episode 2, "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet" starring Adam Scott.  Adam Scott stars as Justin Sanderson, a famous investigative journalist, who is recovering from a nervous breakdown who is on a flight which turns out to be doomed. This is story is a re-imagining of one of the most famous Twilight Zone classic episodes.

1hr 15mins

9 Apr 2019

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Shane Hunt joined us to talk about the upcoming “Scary Stories: A Tribute to Terror”. This tribute project has original stories by Curt Tuckfield. Shane does a superb job of creating images that harken back to the original Stephen Gammell illustrations.  Shane talks to us about how this tribute project came about, as well as his methods of drawing the haunting illustrations. This project is currently on Kickstarter. You can help fund this project by heading over to the following link: http://kck.st/2oS9IKS. Scary Stories: A Tribute To Terror is over 150 pages, containing over 30 stories and over 50 illustrations. The stories come from the imagination of author Curt Tuckfield as well as folklore and real occurrences.  Like the originals, our stories contain no “adult” language, sex, or extreme graphic violence, but we feel they are psychologically more intense (and dare we say, more frightening?) than the originals. Essentially, we have tried to match the surreal grade school tone of the original books while introducing and amplifying elements that will appeal to an older audience.Find our reviews by clicking here. Find our other creator interviews by clicking here.


7 Oct 2019

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"The Eynes Anthology" w/ John Horsley

Surprise! We have a 2nd episode this week!!!! John Horsley was kind enough to wake up at 6 a.m. to talk with us about his upcoming work, The Eyne's Anthology.  John invites everyone one to dive into the world of the Eynes, a family that throughout history has had interactions of all kinds with monsters and demons.   I included a portion of the Kickstarter campaign ad at the beginning. If you would like to listen to the whole ad, stayed tuned after the episode or head over to the project on Kickstarter and help get this funded.  You can also find out more about the anthology on social media on Twitter|Facebook|Instagram


1 Feb 2019

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"Berserker: Green Hell”" W/ Lee Franklin

Lee Franklin joined the Nerds to talk about her new book, “Berserker: Green Hell“. Lee’s debut novel is published by HellBound Books and was released on July 12, 2019. Australian Lance Corporal Terence ‘Pinny’ Pinfold and his squad find themselves in the midst of the living hell of the Vietnam War. Known as Reapers, their job is to go in after the firefights, collect dog tags and any evidence of war crimes. Each soldier tries to make some sense out of a senseless war. They have more questions than answers as mutilated, butchered bodies are discovered the further to the North they venture. Pinny soon finds himself at the very core of the real war – in a secret underground facility amongst hybrid creatures which belong only in the very worse nightmares. With Pinny’s aboriginal bloodline, the enigmatic Doctor Jacinta Harding believes she has found the perfect specimen… Pinny might survive the war, but he might not save himself.Available in paperback and as an ebook.You can learn more about Berserker: Green Hell and HellBound Books on the HellBound Books website. The book is available on Amazon and is included with Kindle Unlimited. You can follow Lee on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Additional NotesLee mentioned the book “The Assassins’ Coin” by John Linwood Grant. You can find the book on Amazon. It is available on Kindle and as an audiobook. Click here to go to John’s website. Lee also recommends “The Prostitutes Price” by Alan. M Clark.  It is a standalone book but is a companion novel to “The Assasins’ Coin“.  Our interview with the co-writers of “Summer of 84” had to be rescheduled. We are working on getting that episode out, and we will publish that episode as soon as possible. Find our reviews by clicking here.Find our other creator interviews by clicking here.


19 Jul 2019

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The Nerds are haunted by The Others

This week the Nerds welcome Lanie, host of True Crime Fan Club, into the crypt to talk about 2001's The Others. The Others is written and directed by Alejandro Amenábar and stars Nicole Kidman.  You can follow Lanie on Twitter @tcfcpod. You can keep up with her podcast by heading over to https://truecrimefanclub.com/.   Support the podcast by heading over to Teepublic. New Merch is now available, just click the following link: bit.ly/NerdsMerch 

1hr 5mins

4 Apr 2020

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Cthulhu is Hard to Spell w/Russell Nohelty

Thank you for joining us one again! Greg and I, sat down and talked to Russell Nohltey of Wannabe Press, to catch up with him and talk about the upcoming anthology: "Cthulhu is Hard to Spell". You will not want to miss this one, Russell talks about his love for H.P. Lovecraft and the process of getting this second anthology going, after releasing his first anthology "Monsters and Other Scary Shit". You can help back "Cthulhu is Hard to Spell" by heading over to www.cthulhuishardtospell.com You can also find Russell’s other works by heading over to: www.wannabepress.com A big thank you to the following podcasts:  All Crime No Cattle Best Darn Diddly True Crime Fan Club Podcast Lone Star Law & Disorder Swindled  The TX Files Gravity Beard Podcast But Why Tho: The Podcast Chatty Crafties Podcast Murder City: True Crime of Houston Avert Your Eyes Thrift Therapy Podcast ATX Metal Podcast


5 Sep 2018

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Interview with Mark McLaughlin

Author Mark McLaughlin joined us to talk about his novel Apocalypse America. Mark is also the co-author ofHorrors & Abominations. Apocalypse America follows the country in chaos after a devastating nuclear war. Malevolent Internet Witches use their monstrous cyber-magic to attack the country through its computers.Horrors & AbominationsEnter a midnight world of grotesque creatures and ancient deities. These stories were written in the grand tradition of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert W. Chambers. https://www.amazon.com/Horrors-Abominations-Tales-Cthulhu-Mythos/dp/1791560520/The House of the OcelotTHE HOUSE OF THE OCELOT presents tales of dark fantasy and horror, as well as an epic poem regarding the return of Nyarlathotep to the modern world. https://www.amazon.com/House-Ocelot-More-Lovecraftian-Nightmares/dp/1795518367/The Idol In The Hedge Mazea modern-day sequel to H.P. Lovecraft’s novella, “The Shadow Out Of Time.” It tells the tale of mega-wealthy Neil Prentiss, founder, and CEO of PrenTek, a multinational technology company. He lives in a magnificent mansion surrounded by a sprawling hedge maze. He has everything a person could want in today’s world, but he is dying of cancer. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07SGMR1B3/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i2 You can follow Mark on YouTube, Facebook, and on bmoviemonster.com.Additional notesWe are currently working on a couple of reviews and interviews. First, we are working on scheduling our review of Summer of ’84 with our friends at Bloody Date Night. We are also working on an episode remembering all the horrifying memories we have from the Scary Tales to tell in the Dark series. We have been excitedly anticipating the release of the feature film, and can’t wait to talk about it. That episode will be a 2 parter, as we will also talk to the director of the Scary Tales Documentary. I’m also finishing up our episode of interviews out at Halfway to Halloween. Stayed tuned for that episode.


8 Jun 2019

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Demon Knight (1995) - LOST NICK EPISODE

Today I am re-uploading the lost episode of Nick and I reviewing Demon Knight. Nick has been gone for a year, and it feels like its so much longer than that. I hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it with Nick.  This was originally the 2nd episode of Nerds from the Crypt. Way before we had our proper theme song and when we were still trying to get used to podcasting.  I hope you all enjoy this episode. P.S. I tried recording an intro for this episode but I had numerous tech issues. Which is funny, cause we always played that Nick would haunt us by causing tech issues to annoy us. 

1hr 15mins

1 Nov 2018

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Clock's Watch (2017)

Thank you once again for joining us for another episode of Nerds from the Crypt. See the Facebook link below if you would be interested in joining me and other great Texas based podcasters in Austin, on August 25,2018.  Rio Rita has been generous enough to host us. Other podcast that will be attending will be: True Crime Fan Club Podcast, Whiskeyboy Radio, All Crime No Cattle, Lone Star Law & Disorder Podcast, Murder City: True Crime of Houston, Texas, Best Darn Diddly, and more.  Texas PodAcalypse- Austin,TX Today, Greg and David have joined me to talk about Michael Reyes' Clock's Watch. You can find that on Amazon or Barnes&Noble.   You can find Michael Reyes' new short story in "Cirsova #7: Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine"  We also talk about Hulu's new show, Castle Rock, based on the fictional Stephen King town. "A psychological-horror series set in the Stephen King multiverse, Castle Rock combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of King’s best-loved works, weaving an epic saga of darkness and light, played out on a few square miles of Maine woodland..."


1 Aug 2018

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Old Hollow w/ Ambrose Stolliker

Ambrose Stolliker joined us to talk about his new Civil War horror novella, Old Hollow. It was released on February 27, 2018 by Radiant Crown Publishing. The Civil War has left scars both physical and unseen. Few towns in the South have escaped devastation, but one has been left mysteriously unscathed. After Union scouts survive a harrowing battle with Rebel soldiers, they seek help for a wounded man in Old Hollow. Instead of aid, they encounter a nervous woman who warns them to leave, a doctor who seems strangely reluctant to help, and a preacher who ministers to his congregation in a most unusual way. There is evil in Old Hollow, but it may not be solely supernatural. It may also be in the deeds people do to one another and the lengths they will go to to save their own skins. Ambrose Stolliker lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and son. His stories have been published in Ghostlight Magazine, Sex and Murder Magazine, Hungur Magazine, Sanitarium Magazine, Stupefying Stories, Creepy Campfire Quarterly, Tincture Journal, WEIRD CITY, the State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II anthology from Charon Coin Press and DAOwen Publications’ horror anthology Muffled Scream I: Corner of the Eye. He is a former newspaper reporter and magazine journalist and currently works as a storyteller and digital marketing manager in the technology sector. You can follow Follow Ambrose on Twitter & Facebook. You can also keep up with on his Website. Old Hollow is available on Amazon or anywhere you buy books.  Find our reviews by clicking here.Find our other creator interviews by clicking here.


6 May 2018

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The Nerds talked with Rob Wolinsky about his project "SKOTUS": Serial Killer of the United States. Rob is a funny guy and we had a blast talking to him, but probably ended up on some sort of watch list. We talk about his inspiration, his process, and goals for the comic.  You can follow Rob on Twitter or head over to one of his websites: Www.SKOTUScomic.com Www.RobWolinsky.com **DISCLAIMER** we recorded this episode about a month ago, while the Kickstarter was still running. However issues with audio in the episode delayed the release. I apologize to Rob, for not being able to get it out sooner. The good thing is, that the Kickstarter campaign was successful, and SKOTUS was funded. 


12 Apr 2019

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"The Death Chute" Interview w/ Ambrose Stolliker

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ambrose Stolliker once more, this time about his upcoming book "The Death Chute". The Death Chute will be out on April 9, 2019.  It will be published by Aurelia Leo, and be available in paperback and digital format. You can currently pre-order this book on the Aurelia Leo website: https://aurelialeo.com/product/94602004092019/. I had an awesome time out in Fort Worth this past Saturday night at Texas Podcast Union Meetup. A big shout out to All Crime No Cattle, True Crime Fan Club Podcast, Thrift Therapy, gone cold podcast, Lone Star Law & Disorder Podcast, BestDarnDiddly, Swindled for a great meet up. Also a big thank you to the fans that came out and made this meetup possible. Stay tuned for information for other meetups coming this year. 


2 Apr 2019

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Will Vega joined us in The Crypt, to talk about his upcoming project, "Monsters". An aging Abraham Van Helsing finds himself in a proxy war between man and monster in a dystopian Victorian London. Will talks to us about how his love for horror started as a kid, and how it continues to mold his projects.  You can find this project on Kickstarter by clicking here.  You can listen to us on Best Darn Diddly (Simpsons Podcast) as Greg and I talk about the Bumble Bee Man segment of "22 Short Films about Springfield". Head on over to Cereal Killer Sweets to try some delicious rice crispy treats! You will not regret it. Tell them The Nerds sent you!!


26 Apr 2019

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Tales From the Crypt Episode Reviews #2

This week, the nerds talked about 4 episodes from season 1 of  HBO's Tales from the Crypt which aired in the summer of 1989.  Ep. 1  "The Man Who Was Death" starring William Sadler.  Ep. 2 "And All Through the House" starring Mary Ellen Trainer & Larry Drake Ep. 3 "Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone" staring Joe Pantoliano & Robert Wuhl Ep. 6 "Collection Completed" staring M. Emmet Walsh & Audra Lindley John Kassir as the Crypt Keeper.  If you are in the Fort Worth area on March 30 from 6pm - 10pm, you can join us at the Yard  located at 3017 Morton Street, Fort Worth,TX 76107. I will be getting together with several Texas based podcasters and we would love to meet you. 


29 Mar 2019

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Interview w/ Kedrick Brown (Tales From the Hood 2)

Welcome back to the crypt, where today we have a great interview with Kedrick Brown. Kedrick will be in this years Tales from the Hood 2.  Tales from the Hood 2 is an American horror anthology film directed by Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott and executive-produced by Spike Lee. The film is the sequel to Cundieff and Scott's 1995 classic horror anthology Tales from the Hood. You can follow Kedrick on his Website|Twitter|Instagram|Facebook Make sure to follow Nerds from the Crypt on social Media: Twitter|Facebook|Instagram Tale from the Hood 2, was announced in January 2018 and will be released on Bluray and VOD on October 2,2018.  See the Facebook link below if you would be interested in joining me and other great Texas based podcasters in Austin, on August 25,2018. Rio Rita has been generous enough to host us. Other podcast that will be attending will be: True Crime Fan Club Podcast, Whiskeyboy Radio, All Crime No Cattle, Lone Star Law & Disorder Podcast, Murder City: True Crime of Houston, Texas, Best Darn Diddly, and more. Texas PodAcalypse- Austin,TX


12 Aug 2018

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"The Zombieful World of OZ" w/ Eric Hawkins

Today we talk with creator, Eric Hawkins, about his upcoming comic book, "The Zombieful World of OZ".This version of the classic tale is a Victorian-Steampunk-Fantasy-Horror-Zombie Adventure Story. Return to a familiar landscape, with legendary characters you were never able to forget. "Imagine an alternate reality where Dorothy Gale returned from her adventures in OZ and her family thought she was insane, so they had her committed to a mental institution. Now, throw in a whole bunch of Zombies. " As of the release of this episode, there are only 4 days remaining in the Kickstarter campaign. If you like what you here, makes sure to head over to the page, by clicking here.   You can follow Eric on Twitter & Facebook. You can also follow the project on Facebook. 


29 Apr 2019

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The Empties w/ Kristen Gorlitz

In this episode, David (the Intern) is promoted to one of the co-hosts of the podcast, and helps me as we talk to Kristen Gorlitz. Kristen is the creator/author of "The Empties",  a horror comic book series about relationships. Join us as we learn about Kristen's take on the zombie genre.  You can help back the project by heading over to: horrorcomicbook.com 


10 Nov 2018

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