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Kenzo Shibata is an educator and activist in Chicago. He is launching a podcast because he has words for you people.

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[UNLOCKED] Death to the Blogs! with Matt Christman (Chapo) and Liza Featherstone (Nation, Jacobin)

Does it seem like the old gatekeepers of the Liberal "Blogosphere" are losing their minds? Oh, the "blogosphere" was a media era where people posted their diaries on the internet about how much they hated George W. Bush. The individual diaries were called "blogs" short for "world wide web logs." You, know, like a "Captain's Log." Yes, I'm aware this is an Arby's but I shan't order until I finish what I'm saying....

1hr 12mins

18 Feb 2020

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[UNLOCKED] Wit and Wisdom of Rod Blagojevich with Felix Biederman, Ramsin Canon, and Adrian

Felix Biederman (Chapo Trap House), Ramsin Canon (Chicago DSA), Adrian @Blagojevism and I talk about the storied life of Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich. Rod in many ways was the last of his generation, a white ethnic political scrapper who made his bones under the old Chicago political machine. When that machine turned neoliberal, he was offered as a sacrifice to show that corruption had finally ended in the Prairie State, making way for bloodless middle-managers like Rahm Emanuel.  Blago is a complicated character, rife with contradictions. To understand Blago is to understand the changing of the guard in Illinois politics.  Produced by Dan Black. 


17 May 2020

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[UNLOCKED] SNL is not funny and this is why f/ Sarah Squirm, Jake Flores, Patrick Winegar, Dylan Shearer, and Fred Stoller

SNL is not funny and this is why f/ Sarah Squirm, Jake Flores, Patrick Winegar, Dylan Shearer, and Fred StollerKate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton playing Leonard Cohen. SNL having Liz Warren do TikTok videos instead of creating a progressive coalition with Bernie to win. Jen Kirkman not telling a single joke in 4 years because Hillary lost. Why do comics have such bad politics? Why isn't there solidarity within the comedy community? Written by Dylan Shearer (dylanshearer.substack.com/p/never-vote…r-a-comedian)Hosted by Patrick WinegarProduced by Kenzo ShibataGuests: Sarah Squirm, Jake Flores, and Dylan Shearer, cameo by Fred Stoller (Seinfeld, Dumb and Dumber, Everybody Loves Raymond) In this weeks' ep, Patrick Winegar (Chicago DSA, former improv comic) interviews Sarah Squirm AKA Sarah Sherman AKA The Old Swamp Hag (Helltrap Nightmare, Adult Swim), Jake Flores (Pod Damn America, Why You Mad Pod), and Dylan Shearer (Chicago DSA, writer, historian). This episode balances political theory with a healthy amount of trash talking. If you're concerned we're talking about you, my Patreon is $5 a month. Easter egg: hear my kid make a raspberry in the background at one point. sarahsquirm.com/ www.feraljokes.com/ dylanshearer.substack.com/

1hr 20mins

17 May 2020

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Death of the Bernie Bro (2015-2019) Myth

State Senator Robert Peters, Artist/Activist and Chicago DSA Executive Board member Vicko Alvarez, and Students for Bernie organizer Lyle Evans join the pod to talk about Bernie's working class, multiracial campaign for a better world.


29 Feb 2020

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DSA Pro Skater Ryan Lay on Skaters for Bernie, Skating in Palestine, and After School Skate Programs

DSA Pro Skater Ryan Lay on Skaters for Bernie, Skating in Palestine, and After School Skate Programs. Interviewed by Sean Baker (West Suburban IL DSA).  TWITTER: @KenzoShibata Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClassTimePod/ Patreon: Patreon.com/KenzoShibata Pro skater Ryan Lay (@ryyanlay on Twitter) talks about skating in Palestine (it wasn't easy to get in), his after school skating program for poor and working class youth, and organizing Skaters for Bernie. Ryan on Instagram: https://instagram.com/ryan_lay/ Skate After School Twitter: https://twitter.com/sk8afterschool Skate After School Instagram: https://instagram.com/skateafterschool/ skateafterschool.org Vent City Twitter: https://twitter.com/VentCityPod Vent City Instagram: https://instagram.com/vent.city/ Skaters for Bernie Twitter: https://twitter.com/skaters4bernie Skaters for Bernie Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skatersforb...


21 May 2020

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[UNLOCKED] Leslie Lee III puts Kenzo through a Struggle Session

I did a liberalism. I did a corncob. I did a bootlicker. I did a Daily Kos blog. I did a yellow fragility. I did a no growth. This makes it abundantly clear I don't even understand the intersectional nature of the multiplicity of my offenses.

1hr 12mins

4 Mar 2020

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Thankstaking! With Kim Kelly + Downtown Boys


3 Dec 2019

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Breakin' it Down: CORE: The Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators

With the release of The Irishmen, there's much talk about the legacy of Jimmy Hoffa Sr. The Washington Post published an op-ed that praised the top-down, cutting corners style of Hoffa.  This got me thinking about how we beat the top-down bureaucrats in the Chicago Teachers Union in 2010. There are two choices unions have: be member-driven, or be leadership-driven. 


1 Dec 2019

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DSA Candidate for Congress Anthony Clark

Anthony is a high school teacher and nonprofit director running for Congress in the 7th District of Illinois.  Continue reading...  


12 Dec 2019

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[UNLOCKED] Sex Work and the Coronavirus Crisis with Marla Martinez

Marla Martinez (@prolepeach on Twitter) is a sex work advocate who is currently out of work to observe social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic. She explains the unique issues that sex workers face in a time when all work is precarious. Sex workers who are not in a position to stay home face harsher working conditions from customers, bosses, and law enforcement.  Marla, by not working, will owe her club "back rent" for simply being employed. Marla shares how she and her fellow sex workers are finding solidarity remotely in these uncertain times and how allies can help fight the stigma and push for policy reforms that will allow sex workers rights like all workers deserve. 


30 Mar 2020

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Don't Despair, Join DSA! and Ald. Rossana Rodriguez on the Right to Recovery

I spoke with six Bernie Sanders supporters who joined the Democratic Socialists of America the day Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic primary. I also spoke with Alderman Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez about the work she's doing in Chicago to pass the "Right to Recovery" package that will allow Chicagoans to not only survive through the current crisis, but thrive in the days ahead.

1hr 28mins

14 Apr 2020

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Season of the Bern featuring Waleeta Canon from Season of the Bitch

What I love about podcasting is that I basically have phone chats with my friends and release them for you all! I spoke with my good friend Waleeta, socialist organizer and co-host of the socialist feminist podcast, Season of the Bitch. www.seasonoftheb.com/ We talk about Bernie, the state of politics, and parenting in Hell World. Enjoy! 


20 Dec 2019

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BONUS: PRISON PLANET CARAVAN - OZ Listen-along episode 1, season 1

So I watched one of my favorite shows of all time, Oz, and talk over it. You can listen to it here and queue up the show when I give the go in the episode.  ** THIS IS A BONUS EP I HOPE YOU LIKE IT BUT IF YOU DON'T A REAL EP IS COMING THURSDAY***

1hr 2mins

10 May 2020

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Episode #2 is a banger [air horn].  Sara Nelson - President of AFA-CWA Carlos Ramirez-Rosa - 35th Ward Alderman Chicago  Halsey Hazzard - Editor-in-Chief The Activist (YDSA)


18 Nov 2019

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That Goddamn Racist Biden Ad with Annie Tan, Jaya Sundaresh, and Samuel Kao

We watched the goddamn racist Biden ad and have some words about it! We also talked about being AAPI in the current political moment, including how the Dems used wokeness to clear the way for (alleged) rapist and (totally documented) racist Joe Biden.I'm joined by Jaya Sundaresh (@shutupjaya on twitter) and Sam Kao (Samuel D. Kao) of Current Affairs Magazine and NYC Teacher/activist, member of the MORE Caucus Annie Tan (AnnieTan.com and @annietangent on Twitter).

1hr 16mins

22 Apr 2020

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DNC is Friggin' in the Riggin': Is it time for a workers party?

I'm mad. You're mad. What's our path forward? 


4 Feb 2020

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We're gonna win (the long game) f/ DSA leaders and Organizers

I'm "joined" by DSA National Political Committee leaders Kristian Hernandez and Sean Estelle, Chicago DSA leaders Abby Agriesti, Anna Forsher, Leonard Pierce to talk about organizing during quarantine and how we got HOSED by the Billionaire Governor of Illinois, J.B. (Jowly Billionaire) Pritzker.

1hr 14mins

18 Mar 2020

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Bigger-er than Bernie f/ Meagan Day + Micah Uetricht (Jacobin) and Jizmak the Gusha (GWAR)

Two brilliant people analyze the Bernie campaign and what it means for the left going forward. Also, Gwar's Jizmak the Gusha refutes claims by BoingBoing writer Xeni Jardin about his band, GWAR. 

1hr 8mins

2 May 2020

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TEASER: Cushbomb and I do the Dean Scream

TEASER: New premium episode with Matt Christman from Chapo Trap House and Liza Featherstone (Jacobin, The Nation) drops Tuesday where we discuss the death of the liberal blogosphere.   Here is Matt and me doing our best Howard Dean impression.   $2 + Donation Level will get you access. http://Patreon.com/KenzoShibata

8 Feb 2020

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Four Jews, Six Opinions - Antisemitism in the 2020 Election w Katie Halper, Eli Valley, and Rabbi Brant Rosen

Is it just me, or is the opposition to Bernie Sanders getting a little antisemitic in here?  Check out this panel discussion featuring Katie Halper (Katie Halper Show, Useful Idiots podcast, @kthalps), Eli Valley (Illustrator, Author of Diaspora Boy, @elivalley), and MY RABBI Brant Rosen (Tzedek Chicago, JVP, Author Wrestling in the Daylight, @rabbibrant). 


28 Jan 2020

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