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Helping stylists reach their full potential by sharing unfiltered stories from industry artists & leaders. The stories you are about to hear are from real people that have conquered fear, failure, and risked it all to reach their desired level of success. Nina, a former salon owner/stylist turned business coach and speaker. And J, salon owner/stylist and educator, have created this platform to allow you to dig deep, help you move past your insecurities, conquer your fears, and become the absolute best version of yourself. This podcast is sponsored by Oligo Professionnel

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Our top 5 Business Building Tips

Today is all about business building. Tune in as J and Nina share their TOP 5 business building tips behind the chair. These are all actionable steps you can do right now, especially going to into the holidays. So please be sure to join us.  Thank you to all of you that have written a review of our podcast on Itunes! We appreciate you so much! 


11 Oct 2019

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My Life Out Loud with Gina Bianca

Nina and J’s next guests is the one and only, Gina Bianca. Come along with them as they share Gina’s story of truth, compassion, how to navigate anxiety and getting the best out of your career. The 3 of us dig deep into the emotional side of beauty, self exploration and the way to wake up and challenge your future self. Brace for Impact. You can find Gina on Instagram @iamginabianca If you love this podcast, we would love to have you all share it on your Instagram stories, write us a review, and share us with your besties.

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19 Jul 2019

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Defining Your Non Negotiables

Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!!! Leading up to this New Year and the excitement for 2020, Nina and J wanted to get you set up for success with defining your non negotiables. What does NON NEGOTIABLES mean? How do you define them? Why are they important? Come along with Nina and J has they explore their non negotiables through their career and through their lives. And how you can navigate and create your rules of engagement for the new year and moving forward for you life.  Let's get the pen and paper out. It's time to put in the work...TOGETHER!!!!


27 Dec 2019

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Holiday Retail Tips

We are in the heading into the heart of the Holiday season. Now is the time to take your retail biz serious. Nina and J are fired up and dropping 5 top retail truths that will allow you to level up your guest experience for the holiday season. These tips will allow you to look at your relationship with retail in a new way and set you up for success so that you can maximize your guest ticket behind the chair.  Are you ready to level up this holiday season.? Let's go. If you are ready for the season or inspired to set it up ASAP. Tag Nina and J on your IG stories.  We are all in this together.  @ninatulio @itsmrjladner


25 Oct 2019

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How to level up your 2020 guest experience.

Today it gets real with Nina and J. Come along as they share tips and tricks on how to level up your guest experience behind the chair. 2020 is the year of leveling up. We will be focusing on guest consultations, why pre booking is important, and how recommending add on services can make your goals and dreams come true as a growing artist! Tune in! 


7 Feb 2020

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Stop making excuses and start making moves

Today's episode with Nina and J is all about the experiences we all go through when we find ourselves in between a rock and a hard place. Making excuses. Even more so, how easy it is to get lost in the battle of knowing your worth and value when you know what the next move will do for you and your life. Nina and J are ready to talk about discoveries they have experienced as beauty professionals to help all of you feel more included, shed some light on how to stop making excuses and start making the right moves forward. 


13 Dec 2019

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My Life Out Loud With Jessie Carter @jleighhair

Happy New Year! Are you all ready for a new decade? We are BACK in the roaring 20's. Its 2020 and Nina and J are ready for this week's, My Life Out Loud with Jessie Carter. Jessie is a salon owner and educator. Learn how Jessie started her career in the beauty industry and how it wasn't an easy breezy process. What it took to grow a salon culture for her team. What it is to be a entrepreneur and a new mother. And her journey that took a toll on her both emotionally. Nina and J are very grateful that Jessie is sharing her very personal and deep journey through postpartum. If you love No Stylist Left Behind, please screenshot and tag us on Instagram, @ninatulio @itsmrjladner and Leave us a review!! We are so thankful for all of you!!!!


3 Jan 2020

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Our Top 2 tips to increase your revenue right now!

Are you ready to grow your revenue BEHIND THE CHAIR and for your biz?! Nina and J are so excited about this weeks episode because they are dropping their TOP 2 tips on how to increase your revenue right now. If you listen with intent and do the work, watch your revenue sky rocket over time. To the top, Let’s Go!!!!


6 Mar 2020

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My Life Out Loud With Jess Dee Hair- Jess Dworniczak

Coming in HOT with Nina and J on this amazing podcast. Today they will be interview a raw artist who creates conversation, lives unfiltered and shares her story of anxiety, how she became a salon owner and then went to work for someone else and her story will impact your life. Welcome @jessdeehair to the No Stylist Left Behind Podcast

1hr 7mins

14 Jun 2019

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Beyond The Burnout

Are you deep within the BURN OUT?! Do you feel like you have to be everything for everybody?! Today’s podcast with Nina and J is all about moving beyond the burnout and how to recenter your focus, drive and energy. We all put our all of our energy into our career and what does it take to get it back? You will realize it today through the unfiltered stories Nina and J share. Are you a raving fan of NSLB?! Nina and J would love to hear from you! Screenshot and post to your Instagram stories and if you are feeling extra, give them a review on ITunes!


23 Aug 2019

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Our top 3 tips to help you navigate your world right now with Gina Bianca

Hey Slay Hey. Nina and J are back and YES, they are dropping this podcast earlier because we are all in this together. This podcast is all about helping you navigate your world right now with our special guest, Gina Bianca @iamginabianca Come along as all three of them talk about the reality we are living right now, how to uplift each other in a time when clarity is unknown, how to focus on what we have control over, how to minimize your spending and what’s next. Nina and J are sending all of you love, comfort and hugs during this time. Remember, we are all in this together.


18 Mar 2020

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Selfless VS Selfish in life and in business

In the spirit of Thanksgiving! J and Nina wanted to talk about being Selfless VS being Selfish in business and in life! They share some insight on offering free education, how leading with a servants heart can help you grow your business, and how leading from the back as opposed to leading from the front can be a total game changer. They also share how giving to your community and giving to fellow stylists has such an impact with your own feeling of gratitude. Join us! 


29 Nov 2019

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Q and A with Nina and J

Hey Slay Hey everyone, Nina and J are back with another Friday podcast. This weeks podcast is a new type of podcast and its all about your Q&A. They had a fun time helping all of you with frequently asked questions. And even got a little personal.  Want to see more of this?? Let us know your questions and they will keep them coming. Lets GROW!!!


10 Jan 2020

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Social Media! Algorithm equals Relationships

We live in the world of social media and it’s only going to get more important to connect and share WHO you are. Come along with Nina and J as they share their best practices, how to not get caught up in the algorithm and focus on the tools that will help build relationships. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. If you love this podcast please share with all your friends because no stylist left behind. Follow Nina and J on the gram @nina2leo and @itsmrjladner


28 Jun 2019

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Why we Stay so Long

Why do we stay so long? It can be through a personal, business or within ourselves relationship. But what makes us hold on to the things we wish we could walk away from? Nina and J want to share their stories and light that got them through some of the hardest times in their lives and what allowed them to finally stand up for themselves and walk away.


27 May 2019

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10 Ways To Slay Your Life

10 Ways to Slay Your Life is all about the roadmap towards getting the most out of your life. J takes Nina along the steps he has created that will help elevate and inspire the person within you that is waiting to shine. Like this podcast? Tag us on Instagram @nina2leo & @itsmrjladner


7 Jun 2019

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Making Decisions Based on Emotion

On this podcast is about to get real. Which, if you have been tuning in you know Nina and J are all about sharing real stories and experiences from behind the chair, sharing other professionals stories, and being unfiltered. Here’s the biggest question. Do you make decisions based on emotion in your business? We all have been there. Listen as they both share their guidance as salon owners on how to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion. Your business is a steady work in progress and Nina and J hope that this podcast awakens your soul and allows you to navigate the decision process more strategically. 


9 Aug 2019

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My Life Out Loud with Ivan Hernandez

Nina and J are so excited for this weeks guest, Ivan Hernandez. You can find him on instagram at @justhairobsession. Ivan is already standing out because of his presence on Instagram. He has quickly built a recognizable brand that is truly iconic. Come along with Nina and J as Ivan talks about how he got his start in the beauty industry. How he set boundaries on social media, both professional and personal. As well as how he found his mentors. Ivan also shares his struggle with anxiety. He talks about how he moved through it to get the career he has right now as a suite owner and brand educator. Join us! 


15 Nov 2019

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5 Ways to Thrive Right Now

Nina and J are back with this weeks podcast, and it’s all focused on 5 ways to thrive right now in our current situation. These 5 tips will allow to change your energy and focus to remain positive and productive. They want to give all the love to the first responders and people who are on the front line making sure our fellow humans are safe and staying healthy! Get ready to grow even more with this fun, energizing and real action driven podcast!,


3 Apr 2020

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My Life Out Loud with Nina Kovner @passionsquared

Coming in hot on the No Stylist Left Behind podcast. Today we have someone that has paved the way for us to truly understand the meaning of connection through social media platforms. Focusing on people, passion and purpose, Nina and J want to welcome the one and only Nina Kovner of Passion Squared to the podcast. What you can expect is stories of self care, self love, brand building and all around inspiration. This is just what you need to keep focused on your journey toward owning who you are as a person and who your in your brand.  Let's go.... Screenshot  your listening experience and tag all of us on Instagram @passionsquared @ninatulio & @itsmrjladner


1 Nov 2019

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