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Plastikos is the everything you ever wanted to know plastic surgery podcast with Dr. Christopher Park of The Park Clinic in Mobile, Alabama, and host, Kym Anderson. They will discuss surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery options and the ways that they improve your health, mood, personality, and success.

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The Patient Experience with Sydney Schmidt

Patients at The Park Clinic are considered family, and they will spend a lot of time interacting with Dr. Park's staff and cosmetic coordinators. So on this episode, we wanted to share the patient experience from the perspective of Cosmetic Coordinator Sydney Schmidt. Sydney details how she and other coordinators schedule your appointment and procedures. Plus, she'll discuss insurance, estimating costs, and guides you on what to expect with your first appointment with Dr. Park or The Med Spa. Need a consultation with Dr. Park? Click here or call 251.445.8888   Takeaways: Dr. Park wants to get the best outcome for the patient so that the first appointment can be lengthy. Dr. Park likes to take his time with each patient so he can customize the surgery and procedures to each patient. Cosmetic coordinators are always happy to give a range of cost. But to get an exact estimate, it's best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Park. Dr. Park is a very friendly and compassionate doctor, and you will not feel uncomfortable in our office whatsoever. The Park Clinic offers CareCredit, an easy way to pay for elective surgery with a credit card. Sponsor The Park Clinic in Mobile, Alabama Notable and Quotable After an examination, Dr. Park will share his ideas of what can be done to reach the desired outcome. Your input in this conversation is imperative and highly encouraged. - Sydney Schmidt The MedSpa can be a relaxing day which a lot of people don't realize. - Sydney Schmidt In your consultation or appointment, it's always good to have questions. We're always happy to answer any of them. - Sydney Schmidt Dr. Park is a very realistic and conservative doctor. He's not going to make you look crazy or fake. - Sydney Schmidt Another big thing that we see is after somebody who's lost a lot of weight, and they need that excess skin treated. - Sydney Schmidt We can help with the costs of plastic surgery. We do have care credit, which is basically like a credit card. You can apply for it, and it's only accepted at medical facilities. - Sydney Schmidt


25 Sep 2019

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Preparing For Your Surgery

In this episode, Kym and Dr. Park discuss the big and small details, and the dos and don'ts when preparing for your plastic surgery operation. Plus, Dr. Park stresses the need to relax, avoid unnecessary anxiety, get rest, and sleep well leading up to your surgery. It's a very safe time in medicine to have elective surgery. Trust the surgical process, and know that he and his staff are going to take good care of you. Click here to learn more about Infusion IV Therapy before and after your surgery? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Christopher Park Key Takeaways: Drink lots of water, eat protein, take vitamins, and rest before your surgery. Don't eat within at least eight hours of surgery.  Get new bedding, buy gauze, and pick up your prescriptions for your recovery at home before your surgery. Dr. Parks will walk you thru the procedure before the surgery with a pre-operation appointment. If the surgery risk outweighs the reward, we're not going to operate. Once Dr. Park evaluates that you are a reasonable candidate for surgery, please trust the process, and be confident that you're going to have a very comfortable experience. Sponsor The Park Clinic in Mobile, Alabama Dr. Park Says: I am a physician first and a plastic surgeon second. I'm a father and a husband after that. I'm a businessman way down on the low end of the spectrum. This is not about generating revenues. It's about taking care of people. - Dr. Park If you have medical issues, we want those as well controlled as possible. If you have diabetes, obviously it can be treated, we need to make sure you're treated well. - Dr. Park We will see each other several times before surgery, and we're going to have a consultation or at least a pre-op appointment. - Dr. Park It's very important to rest before surgery and sleep well. And then it's also vital to get things ready at home. - Dr. Park There's no reason to stop exercising even till the day of surgery. - Dr. Park We do like you to take your important medicines like blood pressure medicines, thyroid medicines, the day of surgery. - Dr. Park We're going to explain everything we're going to do, and then you'll go back to the operating room. It's a very comfortable experience. The next thing you'll remember will probably be an hour after the surgery. - Dr. Park It's a very safe time in our lives in medicine to proceed with elective surgery. - Dr. Park Infusion therapy preoperatively and post-operatively will give you that bolus of vitamins that will help you heal. - Dr. Park I like to give my patients their prescriptions in the office at their pre-op appointment several days before surgery. - Dr. Park We don't want you ill at the time of this operation, especially if it's bacterial. - Dr. Park If somebody has a history of cardiac disease or stents or anything, then we like to have them see their cardiologist. - Dr. Park


10 Sep 2019

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Tattoo Removal, Hair Removal and More Lasers

In this episode, Kym and Dr. Park talk more about lasers and all the resurfacing and cosmetic non-surgical procedures available to his plastic surgery patients. Lasers can be used to tighten skin, treat wrinkles, hair removal, tattoo removal, and varicose vein treatment. Dr. Park explains how the newer lasers are more precise, less painful, faster, and easier to use than the older lasers. Plus, you will learn why tattoo removal can be tricky and about a new treatment option at The Med Spa at The Park called micro-needling. The Med Spa At The Park Click here or call 251.445.8888 to book your appointment. Need A Consultation or Appointment with Dr. Park? To set up an appointment with The Park Clinic staff call 251.445.8888 or click here >>> Key Takeaways: The newer lasers are a vast improvement over the lasers of the past. Lasers are used by aestheticians and physicians alike for a variety of non-surgical skin, hair removal, and cosmetic procedures. Tattoo removal is very common, but the treatment and results vary from patient to patient. Micro-needling is a skin tightening option which does not cause burning or thermal trauma. Please LIKE Plastikos on Facebook Dr. Park Says: The new lasers are night and day compared to the old lasers. - Dr. Christopher Park Resurfacing lasers are designed to do what chemical peels do, but instead of depending on a chemical you use a precise energy targeting device. - Dr. Christopher Park We have deep resurfacing lasers and superficial resurfacing. They are and completely adjustable. It's not one size fits all approach. - Dr. Christopher Park We can adjust every feature of a laser and go in different depths. We usually go stronger around the thicker skin, which is around the nose and the mouth. - Dr. Christopher Park Laser hair removal can hurt, but the newer lasers are less painful, and the procedure is a lot faster. - Dr. Christopher Park It's called hair reduction rather than hair removal because you can only damage the hairs that are actively growing. - Dr. Christopher Park The advantage of superficial lasers is that you can heal a lot faster, and you can have the procedure more often. - Dr. Christopher Park With many of the lasers, an aesthetician can perform the procedures, so you don't have to wait on a physician. So, scheduling is easier with us, and we can work around your schedule. - Dr. Christopher Park You cannot have a tattoo when you join the military. So I've had patients who are gung ho about joining the military and cannot get in. So sometimes we have to remove them for that purpose. - Dr. Christopher Park Every brand of tattoo ink matters. Tattoo colors matter. Depth of the ink in the skin matters. Think of the tattoo removal as a fading process, but you don't know the removal results until you start treating the patient. - Dr. Christopher Park Another exciting technology is micro-needling. So the same way we talked about using lasers in different size beams we can use needles to have the same results without any burn or thermal injury. - Dr. Christopher Park The Med Spa takes walk-ins but opportunity or availability to see me or an aesthetician may not be present so absolutely make an appointment. - Dr. Christopher Park


29 Aug 2019

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Med Spa and Non-Invasive Treatments

In this episode, Dr. Park talks about all the non-surgical aesthetic services and cosmetic procedures available at The Med Spa At The Park. The Med Spa was created to compliment Dr. Park's plastic surgery practice and to address aesthetic skincare using technology as well as hands-on treatments like injectables, peels, laser treatments, facials, hydrafacials, waxing, spray tans, and IPL. The Med Spa At The Park Click here or call 251.445.8888 to book your appointment. What You Will Learn: There are many non-surgical aesthetic services for skin rejuvenation and treatments. Botox is it such an amazing drug. Neurotoxins sound scary, but they are safe and effective. The most common procedures at Med Spa. The difference between chemical peels and laser treatments when making your skin look younger? Facial fillers and volumizers have replaced the more traditional collagen injections. Medspa is a convenient and easy way to get professional non-surgical aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. How to book your appointment at Med Spa At The Park. Need A Consultation or Appointment with Dr. Park? To set up an appointment with The Park Clinic staff call 251.445.8888 or click here >>> Please LIKE Plastikos on Facebook Dr. Park Says: Botox is botulinum toxin. It's the toxin that causes botulism, but it's like one-millionth of the dose. It's safe and an amazing little drug. Superficial peels aren't going to do as much change, but we'll use those more superficial peels when you don't need as much or if you're younger. With a peel you're treating the whole surface and skipping a segments. You're not going deeper in the skin. With the laser, you can adjust every pulse from weaker or stronger and you can also target the little beams of light so you can go deeper in the skin than a peel. If somebody just wants healthier skin and not have any downtime we are going to recommend something like a hydrafacial. More aggressive chemical peels it can take a week or so to recover. You still may be red at that point, but you can cover it with makeup once it's healed.  Collagen injections are what we did at first. But now we use a variety of fillers. The most common fillers are hyaluronic acid, and it can be manufactured so that there's minimal risk of a true allergic reaction.   There's a variety of fillers that plastic surgeons use for whatever we think we need it for. It's like giving me multiple size brushes to paint with instead of having one brush. Your natural body fat can work for facial fat grafting and volume restoration, but you can get some unpredictability. The newer manufactured fillers and volumizer injectibles are very predictable.


13 Aug 2019

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Ep.5 - Facial Rejuvenation and Facelifts

In this episode, Kym and Dr. Christopher Park discuss facelifts, facial rejuvenation, neck lifts, and maintaining healthy facial skin. While the facelift has been considered the linchpin to everything plastic surgeons use, there are now many surgical and non-invasive procedures to lift, enhance, and tighten the face and neck. So, what is facial rejuvenation? Facial rejuvenation is a harmonious approach to looking at and enhancing the whole patient aesthetic from the hairline to the collarbone and then using 1 or a combination of procedures for an intended plastic surgery outcome. Dr. Park details many of the medical options that are available to plastic surgery, cosmetic, and reconstructive patients, plus the ins and outs and benefits of these choices. Please LIKE Plastikos on Facebook Key Takeaways 1. A facelift and facial rejuvenation are not the same things. 2. A facelift is a procedure that addresses the lower half to 2/3 of the face. 4. Facial rejuvenation is a term to mean Dr. Park is looking at the whole aesthetic from the hairline to the collarbone 4. Facial rejuvenation is not altering your looks but enhancing your looks. 5. Recovery time from a facelift or facial rejuvenation surgery will be 10-14 days. 6. Patients must be nicotine-free for weeks before plastic surgery. 7. Nicotine rapidly ages the skin by causing blood vessels to spasm. 8. Dr. Park wants a natural look result from a facelift or facial rejuvenation not a pulled tight or windswept look. 9. The Mid 50's is a great age to consider your first facial rejuvenation. 10. Facial rejuvenation can include surgical and non-surgical options like lasers, fillers, injectables, and chemical peels. 3 Most Common Skin Destroyers 1. Life and days living 2. The Sun 3. Smoking and nicotine Need A Consultation or Appointment with Dr. Park? To set up an appointment with The Park Clinic staff call 251.445.8888 or click here >>>   Dr. Park Says: A facelift is one procedure and addresses the lower half to two-thirds of the face. - Dr. Christopher Park Facial rejuvenation is many procedures from the hairline down to the collarbone. - Dr. Christopher Park I'm going to evaluate the face and neck usually together a facelift almost always includes a neck lift unless it's a mini facelift. - Dr. Christopher Park These are not Hollywood facelifts. We won't make you look different like you're now in the Witness Protection Program. I'm just improving things. - Dr. Christopher Park It's not changing your look; it's enhancing your look. - Kym Anderson My goal is always natural facial rejuvenation essentially on average trying to take ten years off of your age. Not to make you look like a different person. - Dr. Christopher Park Traditionally people used to wait too long in my opinion late 60s early 70s and come in and they had a very dramatic change which was great except it was so dramatic everyone notices. - Dr. Christopher Park I think 55 is an excellent age to consider your first facial rejuvenation. - Dr. Christopher Park As we age our skin on the nose tends to thicken especially patients with rosacea. - Dr. Christopher Park I'm not trying to convince people to do more than they want to do, but people have no idea all these little things we can do. - Dr. Christopher Park The more sun damage you get, the more you damage the elastin and the collagen in your skin. Elastin is a protein that makes things tighten up, and it is damaged by the sun. Smoking magnifies skin issues all that I just said about the sun-times 100. We can help prevent damage; then you can help rebuild the skin with a good skincare regimen. Cervicofacial Rhytidectomy, It's a big word but what that means is - "cervico" means neck and then face. A face and neck together and rhytidectomy is essentially wrinkle removal. Gone are the days where a facelift is just removing some skin. We are going to do a deeper support system. Our goal is for you to hardly remember that we did anything with your face. We want you to look good, younger, rested, and better, and not anything weird. I require people to be completely nicotine free for six weeks before surgery and the longer, the better. And so that's nicotine-free. So even vaping, nicotine gum, and nicotine patches are bad.


30 Jul 2019

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