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But really, who started the fire? In the podcast, Jilly Boel, Jamie and Emily break down each person and event from Billy Joel’s classic song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. Your knowledgeable lady-hosts deliver to you the general history as well as quirky and unknown stories behind each of these major historical events. You’ll leave this podcast feeling smart and be able to go with confidence to your next trivia night.

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12: Walter Winchell

There would be no such thing as gossip if it wasn't for this dude, Walter Winchell. Get the hot scoop on the man who coined the term "frenemies".


30 Nov 2018

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16: Doris Day

If you think you love animals you probably don't love them as much as Doris Day who likely ended one of her marriages because she loved her dogs more than her husband. Woof.


8 Feb 2019

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3: Marilyn Monroe Part 2

Enjoy the thrilling conclusion of Marilyn Monroe. Warning: it's a bummer.


27 Jul 2018

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4: Rocky Marciano

Do you love underdogs? Do stories of the human spirit make you tear up? Do you love the Rocky movies? Then gosh golly you need to listen to this week's episode all about Rocky Marciano! Sylvester Stallone's inspiration for his Rocky movies, Rocky Marciano's story is so good we can't believe it hasn't been made into a biopic yet.


10 Aug 2018

Rank #4

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20: The many loves of Billy Joel

We're back from hiatus with the many loves of Billy Joel! We have a favorite and we're in a serious hunt to make her be our friend in real life.


3 May 2019

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6: Hula Hoops

Swing your hips and pucker your lips because we're about to smooch you all with this short and sweet episode on HULA HOOPS! This episode has a plot twist you wont see coming that literally lead us on a quest involving a grave yard and a board game (but not the one you're thinking of).


7 Sep 2018

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14: We Didn't Start The Fire

The title is not a typo, this is a behind the music story of the song. Get the skinny on what Billy actually thinks about his hit and where the idea generated. Also enjoy a cameo from Leslie Knope.


11 Jan 2019

Rank #7

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13: Santayana Goodbye

Prepare yourselves to stretch your brain and learn all about philosopher George Santayana. Actually not too much stretching, we still aren't sure we understand his philosophies. It's all just aesthetics and morals to me. *Attempt at a philosophy joke?


14 Dec 2018

Rank #8

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5: Prokofiev

Listen as we discuss the brilliant rebel composer Prokofiev. You don't even know it, but you actually know this guy if you attended elementary school. Hopefully you are more mature than we are and can contain yourselves at the word 'pianist'.


24 Aug 2018

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9: Psycho

It's our spooky-scary Halloween episode dedicated to the  1960 movie Psycho! Enjoy Emily's rendition of the theme music and discover Jamie's great fear of jump scares. Also settle a debate: do you wash your face in the shower or in the sink?


19 Oct 2018

Rank #10