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Spy Kids 3 and Grandpa's Energy Force

Yo, get on your 3D headphones because we're talkin' about Spy Kids 3D. We're talking about Kyle's email response, grandpa's downtime, grandpa's energy force, chief quiche, reality vs. perception, biblical parallels, and more! Before you ask, this isn't the one with George Lopez in it. 


15 Aug 2019

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Gamer and Who's Playing You?

This week we decided to test a new format, where we only watch the first half of the movie and we bring our BEST guesses to the table as to how the movie ends. Did we nail it? Did we guess how the movie Gamer ends? Are WE the Gamers now? 


30 Apr 2019

Rank #2

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Blair Thumb and Kyle Emails His Hero

Welthumb back everybody. In this one, we're talking all about Steve Oedekerk's thumb-centric masterpiece and Blair Witch parody - The Blair Thumb. We discuss gender identities and shark attacks, we find out some shocking news, and Kyle sends an email. 


26 Jul 2019

Rank #3

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Watching Grandma's Boy, Don't Pray for Me

Here we go gang, we watched Happy Madison's Grandma's Boy. This film is an absolute cult classic (?), so we're diving in. Notes include:Lions loose in the neighborhood, playing video games to blow off steam, grandmas, and staying over at friends' houses. 


3 Feb 2020

Rank #4

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Monkeybone and the Brenaissance

Monkey bone? More like monkey groan. Okay, now that everyone with a reasonable sense of humor is gone we can begin. We're talking about our 2000s sweetheart Brendan Fraser, the beginning of Adult Swim, and a lot of Kyle's nightmares. All aboard!


16 Jul 2019

Rank #5