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This podcast features the latest interview in the areas of compliance, risk management and e-learning. Topics include ESG, AML, GDPR, harassment, FCPA, anti-bribery and more.Founded in 2004, VinciWorks is a leading provider of online compliance training and risk management software. With over 200,000 users across 70 countries, VinciWorks has established itself as the definitive authority in online compliance.VinciWorks offers a range of compliance and regulatory training courses on topics such as the General Data Protection Regulation, the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, the Criminal Finances Act, the Modern Slavery Act, the Bribery Act, cyber security, the Equality Act and more. All of VinciWorks’ courses are customisable and can be tailored to suit the industry and specific policies of each client.In addition to training courses, VinciWorks offers compliance software solutions including its Learning Management System to track online learning, Omnitrack to track and manage online registers, Policy Tracker, a Risk Management System and more. VinciWorks has also published several policy templates and compliance guides to help organisations comply with the latest laws and regulations.

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AML - Maintaining compliance in uncertain times

Keeping money launderers out of legal services has long been a priority of the SRA. In 2021, the SRA visited an average of 7 law firms a month to check on their money laundering systems. The majority were told to make changes to the way they work. Further, in its latest threat assessment, the National Crime Agency (NCA) estimated that at least 70,000 people are engaged in serious organised crime in the UK, with upwards of £12bn in criminal cash generated annually. In this episode, Compliance Office Founder and Director Andy Donovan, and VinciWorks Head of Legal and Product Research Ruth Mittelmann Cohen discuss the SRA’s findings and how firms can maintain AML compliance.


29 Jun 2022

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Getting to grips with global sanctions

Since Russia launched its invasion on Ukraine at the end of February, the west has imposed significant sanctions on Russia, Belarus, and Vladimir Putin’s oligarchs who fund his war. The rapidly evolving nature of the situation has made sanctions compliance an increasing challenge for businesses, but also one that is vital to understand and has prompted many organisations to review their compliance processes. In this episode, our Director of Best Practice Gary Yantin and Director of Learning and Content Nick Henderson help businesses tackle questions around global sanctions compliance. Sanctions resource page: www.vinciworks.com/sanctions


15 Jun 2022

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Compliance 101 Ep10: The mental health and wellbeing scoring experiment

The team at VinciWorks took part in a mental health and wellbeing experiment inspired by mental health advocate Rob Stephenson. In this experiment, we invited people to share their daily mental health score in their Slack status and then invited half of those people to post a mental health update, if they wanted, in a special closed Slack channel. We wanted to see if sharing a score makes a difference and whether sharing the reason for the score also has an impact. In this episode, our Director of Learning and Content Nick Henderson and Director of Best Practice Gary Yantin reflect on the experiment and what businesses can learn from it.


13 Jun 2022

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Compliance 101 Ep9: Mental Health at Work - Wellbeing in the ‘post’-Covid World

After two years of social and financial pressures, and with the pandemic still prevalent in our everyday lives, not everyone is comfortable with returning to the workplace in person. Are your employees struggling with returning to the office? Are they anxious and uncomfortable? How are they doing mentally now that lockdown is over, and what impact has virtual or hybrid working had on their mental health and wellbeing? In this episode, we hear from a host of experts, including Teresa Higgins, Managing Director at Barbour EHS, Dee Arp, Chief Operating Officer at NEBOSH and Alexis Powell-Howard, Director, Psychotherapist, and TEDx Speaker at Fortis Therapy. They explore the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and wellbeing, why it’s time to reshape health and safety strategies, the challenges for leaders in managing people who may feel anxious, and more. Mental health resources: Mental health at work training by VinciWorks: https://vinciworks.com/courses/mental-health/mental-health-wellbeing-at-work?utm_source=podcast-ep9 Guide to resilience by Barbour: https://www.barbour-ehs.com/download/resilience-barbour-guide/?Partnerref=VWPodcast


6 Jun 2022

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Compliance 101 Ep8: Mental health in professional services

In this episode, we focus on mental health in professional services firms. While we're taking law firms as a broad example of professional services, these lessons and ideas really extend to wider professional services firms. VinciWorks' Director of Best Practice Gary Yantin supports law firms in getting compliance right, and he has been speaking with two experts in this field. Ben Morris, Head of Employee Relations DAC Beachcroft and Kate Dodd, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant for Pinsent Masons LLP. They discuss the importance of taking staff's mental health into consideration and how best to do that. They also share examples of success stories and initiatives that you can implement in your organisation today. VinciWorks' mental health training for the workplace: www.vinciworks.com/mental-health


30 May 2022

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GDPR - Four years on

Happy fourth birthday GDPR! Since GDPR came into force four years ago, fines have reached a total of over €1.6 billion, with the majority of fines having been levied in the past 12 months. Also during that time, the UK left the EU, data protection regulation reforms were announced in the UK and the ICO appointed a new commissioner. On the fourth anniversary of GDPR coming into force, we looked at the last four years of GDPR, the effect the regulation has had on the way we collect and process data and what we can expect going forward. GDPR resources and compliance solutions: www.vinciworks.com/gdpr

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26 May 2022

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Compliance 101 Ep 7: Mental health and compliance

Welcome to our new mini-series which is going to focus on mental health and wellbeing, particularly as we transition away from an era of covid restrictions and enter into a new world of hybrid working. In this episode, Director of Learning and Content Nick Henderson goes through the basics of mental health and wellbeing from a compliance perspective. We’ll look at how leaders can set the tone, the role of managers, the impact of training, and the elements of an effective mental health and wellbeing programme. Learn more about our mental health training: https://vinciworks.com/mental-health


23 May 2022

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Compliance 101 special: Unpacking different approaches to compliance training

In this episode, Nick speaks to VinciWorks' CMO Yehuda Solomont to look at the trends in compliance training and what they mean. Yehuda has all the numbers and statistics at hand to give some real insight into the most popular topics, as well as other trends, such as the increased need for relevant training, how long a course should be and whether gamified learning and VR and catching on.


16 May 2022

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Compliance 101 special: What makes compliance work?

In this episode, we are joined by VinciWorks' Director of Global Compliance Sandy Erez. Sandy has been breaking boundaries in the field of compliance since the 70s, when she broke the school dress code to wear trousers of all things to her elementary school graduation. She shares how she got involved in the world of compliance and tackles assumptions made about those who work in the field. VinciWorks' course catalogue: https://vinciworks.com/courses/


9 May 2022

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Compliance 101 Ep6: The evolution of bribery laws and your bribery questions answered

In the final episode of our anti-bribery series, Director of Learning and Content Nick Henderson considers the evolution of bribery laws, and answers some of the bribery compliance questions you have been sending in. The questions Nick answers cover facilitation payments, how those who commit bribery are caught and more. 


25 Apr 2022

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