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I'm Andy Proudman, PGA Golf Coach, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Me and My Golf, one of the worlds leaders in online golf coaching.The goal of Live Like A Legend is to share my journey, failures, experiences and lessons along with special guests to provide tools, habits and strategies to help you live a legendary life. My aim is to help you optimise your Mindset, Body and Business and to create new beliefs so you can achieve things that you never thought possible.

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Why Aren't You Chasing Your Dreams?

Do you believe you are here to do great things or are you leaving that for others to do and settling for a mediocre life? I believe that we are all here to do something special but many of us aren't tapping in to our potential. In todays episode i discuss some of those reasons and things that have helped me.


23 Jul 2019

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Wait To Be Great With Delayed Gratification

Are you prepared to sacrifice what you want now for what you want most? In today's episode I talk about the importance of delaying gratification if you want to achieve BIG gaols and achieve great things. The most successful people in life are prepared to say no to temptations now, knowing that they can have a bigger reward later. Are you prepared to wait?


21 Apr 2019

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My 5 Health and Fitness Lifestyle Tips

Do you value your health? Many of us only value something when we lose it but if there is one thing we want to keep it's our health so we all need to place a high value on this if we want to have happier, healthier lives. In todays podcast I share with you 5 things that work for me and allow me to stay in shape, have more energy and focus and lead a healthy lifestyle all you round. instagram.com/andyproudman


12 Jan 2020

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My 2020 Main Goal and Why You Should Force Uncomfortable

In the first podcast of 2020 I am sharing with you one of my main goals and how a recent holiday has helped me get clear and motivated to reach it. I also discuss what I have learned about myself which has lead me to complacency and what really drives me to be better and stay driven. instagram.com/andyproudman


5 Jan 2020

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Expect The Unexpected 24

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14 Jul 2019

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Have Faith and You Will Achieve Great Things

What's the difference between faith and belief? When it comes to being successful, you don't have to have it all figured out and totally believe in yourself. It's ok to have doubts, it's ok to lack confidence but one thing you do need is faith. In this weeks episode I share with you my recent experience, how to deal with "negative" emotions and how faith has played a massive role in my life so far.


11 Aug 2019

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How To Stay In Shape All Year Round - Andrew Chadwick

Are you up and down with your health and fitness? Are you finding it hard to stay motivated to stick to stay on track? Staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle isn't as hard as most of us think.  In this episode I talk to Body Transformation Coach Andrew Chadwick about why people struggle to stay on tack and how you can Take Charge of your training and nutrition and be fit and healthy all year round. 

1hr 9mins

31 Mar 2019

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How To Deal With Trolls and Haters

In the world today criticising others is more prevalent than ever as it seems to be so easy for people to hide behind a keyboard and dish out abusive comments.  In todays episode i share with you my thoughts on Trolls and Haters ands how I think and deal with them. 


30 Jun 2019

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Believe In The Impossible

Are you playing it small? What beliefs do you have that are holding you back from becoming your best self? We all limit ourselves and often it's to keep us safe from failing or away from other peoples opinions. But last years impossible is this years normal. In todays episode I discuss with you what i am so passionate about, your beliefs and how they can stop you from pushing on and achieving so much more. It's time to stop playing small and start believing that you can achieve so much more.


23 Dec 2019

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How To Get What You Want - The Importance of Goal Setting

We all want certain things in life but how many of us have actually worked out exactly how to get there? One of my favourite quotes is "A goal with out a plan is just a wish". In todays podcast I talk about the importance and power of not just setting goals but also clearly creating an clear action plan and share some of my current experience in this area.


3 Nov 2019

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Protect Your Power Habit

Do you know your most influencial habit? The habit that has the most impact in your life. Well it's worth identifying it and protecting it. In todays episode I share with you the struggles I have had over the week and how important it is to understand that we are all human, make mistakes and have off days or weeks. The key is to get back on track as soon as possible especially when it's your Power Habit.


13 Oct 2019

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My New Habits For a World Class Life

Creating a "world class" life is about creating world class habits. In this episode i share with you some new habits i will be implementing in my life after a weekend of learning at a Personal Mastery event with Leadership expert and best selling author Robin Sharma.


10 Jun 2019

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Find Your Purpose In Life

Do you have a clear purpose written down for you life? Do you get up each day with a clear sense of why you are here? Having a purpose in life is so powerful. Having something that is bigger than yourself to focus on will not only have you excited and energised to get up each day but it will also help you deal with hard times.  In this episode I share with you my purpose and how you can find yours. 


12 May 2019

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6 Ways To be More Productive and Own Your Day

We all want more time and to be able to get more things done. We live in a world now that tries to distract us and steal our focus. In this episode I share with you 6 ways that have helped me to be more productive and get much more done.


26 May 2019

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Game Changing Business Move - Identify Your Core Values

Running Your Own Business isn't easy and it seems to get harder, the bigger you get. It seems that the best businesses in the world all have clear core values which help them fully understand what's important to them. In todays episode I talk about my core values for business and how this can have a tremendous affect on clarity and everything you do. Get super clear on you values and see how it takes your business to a new level. instagram.com/andyproudman


27 Oct 2019

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7 Things I would Tell My Younger Self

What advice would you give your younger self? This is a common question I hear in interviews which got me thinking about what my answer would be.  In todays episode I share with you my personal things that I would tell my younger self and hopefully this can challenge your thinking and influence your life in a positive way. 


2 Jun 2019

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The Ultimate Motivation - Using DEATH as a catalyst

People think that talking about or acknowledging there own death is going to be a painful or negative thing when in fact it can be very liberating. Death is the only thing we all have in common and it can often take a tragic experience for us to realise the value in life. But why wait for that. In todays episode i share with you my thoughts and experiences of how you can use the thought of death to live life to the fullest instagram.com/andyproudman


8 Dec 2019

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6 Human Needs - Learn What is Driving You?

We are all driven by 6 fundamental human needs but are we meeting these needs in a healthy way and are these giving us fulfilment in our lives? In today's episode i share with you these 6 needs, how they impact your life in a positive and negative way and discuss what has been driving me for so long.


26 Nov 2019

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