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With top tips, pop culture, comedy and just plain fun, Jeff Sieh teaches Pinterest techniques unlike any other. Join him as he explores best practices, strategies, and demonstrations on this fast growing social network. Punctuated by humorous transitions and unforgettable characters, Jeff Sieh illustrates Pinterest with character as big as his beard.

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Rotating Your Pinterest Boards - Manly Monday Christmas Special

Just like Elf On The Shelf changes positions every night, you also need to make sure your changing the positions of your Pinterest boards every once in awhile to keep things fresh. Here are some tips and tricks to help optimize your Pinterest boards.

24 Dec 2014

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Holiday Pinning Tips - Manly Monday Episode 15

For today's episode we ask some Pinterest community members some of their best tips to maximize Pinterest for the holiday season.

16 Dec 2014

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How Teenagers Are Using Pinterest - Manly Monday Episode 14

In today's episode I interview a couple of girls from Jr. High about using Pinterest.  Their answers may surprise you!Here's a couple of takeaways from the girl's responses:1.  They are most all using mobile to pin.  When this age group matures they will be using mobile to find your content.  Start finding out what works for you on mobile now.2.  They use the search feature on Pinterest and like it.  Will this give Google a run for it's money? Are teenagers more likely to search in apps rather than on search engines?  Time will tell.3.  They are using Pinterest the way they want.  To collect information, find tutorials, etc.  They aren't worried about pinning too much or what other people think of their pins.  They are using Pinterest solely for themselves 4.  They are training for how they will interact and search.  When they actually start to make purchase decisions they will turn to Pinterest to help guide those decisions.5.  It needs to be simple.  Remember that they didn't know how to turn off notifications?  The simpler the interface and instructions can be, the better.

9 Dec 2014

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Branding Your Pins On Pinterest - Manly Monday Thanksgiving Special

In this special Thanksgiving episode, Jeff give tips and examples by showcasing pins by top pinners Peg Fitzpatrick, Ashley Faulkes, and Rebekah Radice.  Is your branding a consistent message that your audience will recognize?  Check out these expert pinners pin examples on how to do Pinterest right!

1 Dec 2014

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Understanding The Pinterest Smart Feed - Manly Monday Episode 12

There have been a ton of changes in Pinterest home stream lately.  Love it or hate it the new Pinterest Smart Feed is here. Today we are going back to school to learn from some experts on what exactly is the Pinterest smart feed.  Learn from Pinterest experts, Cynthia Sanchez of Oh So Pinteresting, and Susan Jackson from Ahalogy on today's educational episode.

24 Nov 2014

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How To Optimize Pinterest Pins For Mobile Devices - Manly Monday Episode 11

Are you optimizing your Pinterest Pins for mobile devices?  With 75% of Pinterest traffic coming by mobile devices like phones and tablets, you need to start!In today's episode, Jeff breaks down why we need to think mobile first when it comes to Pinterest.  *  Are your Pin titles easy to read on a mobile device?•  Are your most important boards the first two?•  Are your pin descriptions the right length for mobile?•  Are your infographics readable on a smartphone?Visit www.ManlyPinterestTips.com for more helpful Pinterest tips and videos.

17 Nov 2014

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Resurrecting A Blog Post With Pinterest - Manly Monday Episode 10

Learn some tips on how to boost those old evergreen blog post with Pinterest. - Replace Stock Photos - Use Great Evergreen Content - Use Magazine Covers For Inspiration - Great a Teaser Video and Pin - Always Optimize for Mobile - Change Landscape Images To Portrait  - Check Your Analytics and Optimize - Pin To New Group Boards - Make An Inforgraphic From An Old Post - Create A Pin Quote From An Old Post - Cross Promote - Reference an Old Pin In A New Post

10 Nov 2014

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What Is The Shelf Life Of A Pinterest Pin? - Manly Monday Episode 9

How long does content last on social media channels?  Jeff shares why Pinterest is such an exciting place to be because of the "shelf-life" of your pins.

10 Nov 2014

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What Are Secret Boards On Pinterest? - Manly Monday Episode 8

On this week's Manly Monday episode, Jeff talks about the power of Secret Boards on Pinterest and gives a humorous take on how couples can use them as a tool for communication.

10 Nov 2014

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What Pinterest Offers Guys - Manly Monday Episode 7

In this short video you'll learn that Pinterest isn't just for the ladies anymore.  Peg Fitzpatrick and Jeff Sieh discuss why Pinterest isn't just about pinning images of cupcakes and shoes.  It's an active network where you can find interesting content that you want to see.In the video we discuss: - How to follow specific boards not people - How to keep your Pinterest stream relevant to your interest - The importance of great images to use on Pinterest

10 Nov 2014

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