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Lucidity is a weekly episodic podcast where two friends do in-depth research looking for answers and clarifying misconceptions.

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Science has provided an endless supply of data suggesting that Earth’s climate is changing due to human activity. Despite the truth, many people are in pure denial. If we don’t try to change our behavior, we may forever destroy this place we call home.

12 Apr 2016

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Next Round's On Me

Alcohol. It’s everywhere. In our history, economy, art, culture, music, and relationships. But what role does it play in your life? Join us as we explore the historical significance and ethical role of alcohol in our lives. This next round’s on us. Cheers!

5 Apr 2016

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Beautiful Animals - Ugly People

“Fur coats are only worn by beautiful animals and ugly people.” For hundreds of years, activists have fought for the rights of animals, but how does the dignity of an animal compare to that of a human? With the rise of animal activism came the rise of veganism as we explore the misconceptions of the world’s herbivores and omnivores.

1 Mar 2016

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More Than a Feeling

Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch: the five senses that we rely on to navigate our world… or so we think. Modern science in physics, biology, and psychology are expanding on our knowledge of human perception and the true capacities of our brains to interpret information. Turns out we’re capable of a lot more than we realize.

1 Mar 2016

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In this life we face two factors that divide us. Truth, and Truthiness. The facts of life vs. what feels right. From medical science, to climate change, to documented historical facts, society likes to ignore the truth and believe what feels true. Rethink everything and uncover the truth in Lucidity Season 2.

1 Nov 2016

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