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My Terrible Twenties

You're a 20-something year old who made it out of 2020. You sleep about 5 hours a night, accidentally pour wine instead of coffee creamer, and still waiting on that person you texted 3 days ago to text you back. Just looking forward to the day you finally have it all 'figured out' like the true adults used to tell you. Navigating the best and worst years of life thus far with conversations that will make you laugh, cry, learn something new, or all of the above! Welcome to your Terrible 20's. Instagram: @myterribletwenties

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Season 1 Recap!

Re-visiting some of my favourite moments in Season 1; my favourite episodes, the most listened episode, the journey and birth of My Terrible Twenties. And lots and lots of GRATITUDE for you, the listener. See you in a few months for season 2!!!! Remember to follow me on instagram: @myterribletwenties


14 Oct 2020