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Welcome to the SOFX Podcast. The UK's leading FX traders helping 1000's of beginners make money trading and escape the 9-5 grind. With over 6000 students, we've helped them generate millions of pounds in profit from following our trades.and now we're here to educate you in your trading journey. Make sure to subscribe to our podcast for weekly episodes coming straight to your ears. This, is SOFX.

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Beginner Makes £2,000 from £300 in 3 Months Trading Forex

Welcome back to Series 2 of the SOFX Podcast. In this episode, Head Trader at SO FX and Host of the Podcast show, James Clatworthy speaks with newbie Harry Burt on his experience over the past 3 months learning to trade Forex with us and implementing what we've shared with him to generate around £2,000 profit from a £300 investment. Along with talking about his experience with Forex trading and the SO FX team so far, the two also discuss trading generally and some great pointers for newbies looking to get into trading. Let us know your feedback on the episode in the comments below and if you have any of your own questions about Forex or getting started with our packages, drop a comment below or email into hello@so-fx.com You can find more info about our services on our website at: https://www.so-fx.com or speak with a member of our team via Whatsapp on https://bit.ly/Sofxtrading Make sure to subscribe for more content from us every week! Next week, we run a Q&A with the main traders at SO FX, covering questions from our community on social media recently.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


3 Dec 2019

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