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Creating Positive Habits - September 19, 2015

Gretchen Rubin's new book, Better Than Before, shows creating new habits is not a one size fits all deal. Knowing yourself helps you find your way to positive habits. Program: Best of Ourselves

19 Sep 2015

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Avoidance - September 12, 2015

Dr Ron Seigel, a Harvard professor, claims that avoidance is the number one cause of human suffering. Program: Best of Ourselves read more

12 Sep 2015

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What Energy Are You Bringing Into the Room - September 5, 2015

We each have an opportunity to change the energy in the room.  Wendy Palmer says it is just a wattage game. Program: Best of Ourselves

5 Sep 2015

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Getting On the Balcony - August 29, 2015

A classic Harvard Business Review leadership article, The Work of Leadership, has something to teach all of us about how to live with uncertainty and change. Program: Best of Ourselves

5 Sep 2015

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Becoming What You Might Have Been - August 22, 2015

We have more power than we usually tap to create our dreams, paraphrasing George Eliot, to become what we might have been. Program: Best of Ourselves

22 Aug 2015

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