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A discussion on how the church can adapt to a constantly changing culture

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On a Saturday night...

The decision to plant Soul Revival Church's first gathering on Saturday night was borne from the lessons from the 20 years of youth ministry at Gymea Anglican Church. Just as in youth ministry, the choice acted as a counter-culture to the individualism, consumerism and transience had emerged due to the Homogeneous Unit Principle's ideas of segmenting church by demographics. Stu and Joel then take a tour through what a Saturday night looked like and how it operated.GOT QUESTIONS???Email them to joel@shockabsorber.com.auThe Shock Absorber podcast is brought to you by Soul Revival Church in Sydney, Australia.


6 May 2021

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Preparing to launch...

Stu chats about The Life of Pi in relation to church planting.The Shock Absorber podcast, on church and culture, is brought to you by Soul Revival Church in Sydney, Australia.


12 Nov 2020

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How do you start a church plant?

Check out the book Stu and Joel discuss: The Trellis and the VineThe Shock Absorber podcast, on church and culture, is brought to you by Soul Revival Church in Sydney, Australia.


15 Oct 2020

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Season 2 Trailer

We are coming back with the second season of The Shock Absorber podcast! Get ready to hear how Soul Revival Church was planted in 2012 and all the challenges we've experienced up until the present!Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as they drop...


7 Oct 2020

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An unexpected ending...

In the last episode of season 1, Stu and Joel discuss the principles of the Shock Absorber that been developed over first 20 years of Soul Revival at Gymea Anglican Church.


27 May 2020

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Generational change, institutionalisation and a new approach

Stu touches on a few pivotal events that occurred in the early 2000s which signalled that the youth culture was changing. While it was tough era, it genuinely tested Soul Revival's strategy and helped the ministry adapt to change. It lead to the realisation that rather than institutionalising ideas and becoming rigid, it was far more important to fight transience and institutionalise relationships between generations.What transpired was the next era of Soul Revival as it re-articulated it's approach around three main principles: Theology Strategy Practice ----------------------------------------------------------The Shock Absorber is brought to you by Soul Revival Church


29 Apr 2020

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Movements and Training

The Shock Absorber is a podcast brought to you by Soul Revival Church from Sydney, Australia. It discusses how the church can adapt to culture and maintain a strong Biblical presence.


13 Apr 2020

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BONUS: Talk from Stu on Matthew 22:37-40

On 27 March, Stu preached at Soul Revival Church's Friday night gathering on Matthew 22:37-40, a passage that has, and continues to have a huge impact on the Soul Revival model of ministry. In this short talk, he explores the idea of the Shock Absorber and how important we feel it is to have an all-age, all-stage approach.


6 Apr 2020

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Toward a Theology of Youth Ministry

After growing and establishing itself as an effective ministry, it was time for Soul Revival to develop more structure and solidity, and most importantly, a theological perspective.


12 Mar 2020

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Fast Growth & Conflict

The introduction of The Commitments helped create a regular and committed culture across youth ministry and church services. What resulted was a huge growth in the ministry as new Christians joined the community and energised the Christians that were already part of it. But with that fast growth came conflicts and controversies! The Commitments model became a weekly Shock Absorber to deal with the real issues young people (and even concerned parents) were bringing to the table.


13 Feb 2020

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