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Each week comedians Valerie Nies and Regina Soto seek self-help and expert advice they'll likely never take. They scan the self-help aisle weekly and occasionally interview experts who know more than they do.

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HW94: Taking Care of Elderly Parents

This week on Help Wanted we talk about potentially the scariest thing ever: taking care of aging parents, specifically: how to do it from afar, and how to do it with siblings or by yourself. This episode is sponsored by Pop Bra, the first and only ladies undergarment that supports your breasts while simultaneously holding 2 cups of popcorn.  

1hr 1min

30 Jan 2018

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HW93 Perfectionism

It's been a few weeks since resolution fireworks, which means many of us are self-flagellating because of the promises we broke to ourselves. We talk about perfectionism, how it relates to body image, and how it correlates with suicide. While we think of perfectionism as this annoying trait, it can also be dangerous. We have tips to be more gentle. Plus the impossible pronunciation of the name Nevaeh and jail cakes. This episode sponsored by moms who warn us about romaine lettuce. 

1hr 2mins

16 Jan 2018

Rank #2

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HW92: Ending Friendships

Breaking up with a pal can feel the same as breaking up with a significant other, but sometimes it's inevitable. Time, distance, changes in outlooks, or betrayals are just a few reasons to say sayonara to your bestie. Valerie and Reggie talk about the unpleasantness of ending friendships, how to know if you're in a toxic friendship, and how to accept a breakup, guilt-free. Sponsored by Third Parties.

1hr 10mins

2 Jan 2018

Rank #3

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HW91: Solo Traveling Tips

Valerie basically hops off a plane and immediately chats with Reggie about her trip. We chat about planning, mindful travel, ice cream, accents, and about how fear lives best in your head. Regina shall forever be known as Regina Gelati. This episode brought to you by jet lag. And also oversized Toblerones. 

1hr 5mins

19 Dec 2017

Rank #4

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HW89: Emotional Labor

Emotional labor is the avocado toast of women's topics these days. Valerie and Regina discuss the recent viral Harper's Bazaar piece written by Gemma Hartley and other articles on this topic and try to figure out what emotional labor actually and how it shows up in our relationships and workplaces. Is everything that you have a feeling around emotional labor? Or is it emotional labor the the work that work that comes with making decisions that keep our jobs and households moving, work that goes unspoken and that society takes for granted simply because women are usually the ones doing it? We get real in-depth. We also chat about harassment and assault and the groundswell of women and the media openly talking about it. This shit isn't going away. Help Wanted is sponsored the women who have to deal with their own harassment and assault experiences, while comforting their male friends who feel pretty bad up on learning their hero got naked in front of women and masturbated in front of them. 

1hr 25mins

21 Nov 2017

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HW88: Outrageous Openness with Rob Chenoweth

Rob Chenoweth joins us to talk about the book Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Lead by Tosha Silver. Reggie and Rob discuss how the principles of this book—surrendering the things that are out of our control—have helped them. Plus Valerie's been crying a lot and eating cornichons, Regina has a struggle with overnight oats. This episode sponsored by Real Lingo. 

1hr 46mins

7 Nov 2017

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HW86: Atheism with Tim Brewer

Tim Brewer joins us for a thoughtful conversation on atheism. Tim was raised by missionary parents in an Assemblies of God church. He talks about his experiences, how he eventually made the move to atheism, and his perceptions on how religion negatively influences society. Tim schools us on the Bible facts (he knows a lot!), and we also talk about those speaking in tongues and faith healing—the manic pixie dream girl activities of Christianity. 

1hr 25mins

10 Oct 2017

Rank #7

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HW85: Comfortably Alone with Matt Flynn

Comedian, writer, and folk musician Matt Flynn joins Help Wanted to talk about going out and about living life and doing activities solo versus with a pal/partner. Plus Valerie has a lot of junk mail and Reggie's a fan of Discount Tire. We also talk about singleness versus relationshipness. Sponsored by Boo Cards, business cards that arrive so quickly, it's scary!

1hr 22mins

26 Sep 2017

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HW84: Emotionally Engaged Dating w/Lauren Cohen

Valerie and Reggie talk about dental bling. Lauren Cohen from Hope and Humor Therapy joins us to discuss emotionally engaged dating. She talks about the "cool chick" phenomena and gives us permission to be fully communicate our wants and needs in dating scenarios. Apparently if we don't communicate and respect our needs, they come out anyway in weird ways (for instance we may spend $300 on lipsticks that are all the same shade of red or eat a box of blueberry cake donuts, just as examples, we've never actually done those things. We swear!).This episode is sponsored by Walgreen's, the Randall's of drug stores. Walgreen's for when you need Loreal Voluminous Mascara and everywhere else is closed. 

1hr 18mins

12 Sep 2017

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HW81: Attachment Styles with Angie Yaeyama

We chat with Angie Yaeyama about the book Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How it Can Help You Find—and Keep—Love by Amir Levine. Angie shares how reading it helped her recognize her attachment style (three to choose from: anxious, avoidant, and secure), and how that can change depending on what attachment style the person she's in a relationship exhibits. Plus Valerie's unsure if she should go on a third date and Reggie hung out with her nephew's nephew.Angie runs a book club in Austin for female-identifying folks called Empathy for the Win - bookclub. Interested people can join on Facebook. Sponsored by that Cute Chick Who's Banging Your Ex and Posting Photos of their Smug Happy Ass Faces on Facebook. 

1hr 11mins

1 Aug 2017

Rank #10

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HW80 Irrational Fears w/Rebecca Westerkom

The hilarious Rebecca Westerkom joins Valerie and Reggie to talk about ridiculous and not-so-ridiculous things we fear: flyovers, fires, firefighters, zip lines, chips and queso, and leaving your children parentless because you both flew on a plane that ended up crashing, among other things. Plus Reggie's annoyed when her treadmill territory is threatened and Valerie has a spiritual experience at Trader Joe's and then tells everyone about it. Sponsored by Facebook's photos of you from 5 years ago (when you peaked!). 

1hr 36mins

18 Jul 2017

Rank #11

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HW78: Finding Out Your Dad is Gay/Complicated Family Stuff w/Aaron Salinas

Aaron Salinas joins Help Wanted to talk about complicated family dynamics, how he found out his father is gay, and how he has found acceptance around his dad's homosexuality, even while his dad hasn't yet come out to him. Plus The Cracker Barrel and Reggie and Valerie are both exhausted from binge watching Orange is the New Black. This episode is sponsored by the British pronunciation of the word "schedule." 

1hr 23mins

20 Jun 2017

Rank #12

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HW77: Positivity with Tom Booker

Tom Booker once did a commercial with Melania Trump. He knows bad times. Yet in spite of that, he's a pretty positive person. He joins Help wanted to talk about staying positive even when things suck. The comedian, theater owner, name dropper, and president of Austin also discloses his morning meditation routine, the motives behind his positive social media posts, a story of being invited to perform in a pornographic movie, and his collection of parked domains. Valerie booked a trip to Copenhagen, and Regina's going to Vegas. Sponsored by avocado tattoos. 

1hr 18mins

6 Jun 2017

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HW72: Gossip

Do you have a problem with gossip? It might not even be a problem. Because we like finding loopholes for trash talking, Help Wanted found research to support that gossip can be healthy for forming social bonds. Some folks even believe that Neanderthals gossiped and that fire, grooming, and hunting and gathering all provided venues for the chatty cave people of yore to comment on Becki's messy hair and Dylan's bitchy attitude. We also contemplate differences between caramel, butterscotch, and toffee. Reggie is not a fan of Paula Abdul, but loves a PayDay and a hollow chocolate Santa Claus, while Valerie's fave candy is a PB Reese's egg. This episode sponsored by Magic 8 Balls, when coin flipping isn't an option because of your poor hand-eye coordination and when eeney miney mo won't work because of its racial slurs, try the Magic 8 Ball!. 


18 Apr 2017

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HW71: Sustainability, the environment, composting w/Karen Blaney

"Wanna Netflix and ill?" is Regina's new motto. She's been feverish and remains fearful about having sepsis. Valerie had a rage attack at the Fiat dealership and later on drove 5 miles with her handbrake on because she's car illiterate. Karen Blaney joins us to talk about sustainability and the environment. We talk about unnecessary plastic wrappers and things you can do to lower your carbon footprint that you might not be thinking about. Want the skinny on composting? Karen's got it. Did you know there's a Union of Concerned Scientists? They're an earnest group with a list of 10 Personal Solutions to Global Warming. Sponsored by Room Service Sized Condiments. 

1hr 16mins

11 Apr 2017

Rank #15

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HW67: Tarot w/Arcie Cola

Valerie and Reggie got the "male's perspective on dating" at a cougar-y workshop facilitated by a Suze Orman-esque Rock Rose ex-therapist, current charlatan. It made Regina discouraged and Valerie temporarily into Bumble. Former public access star and all-around delight Arcie Cola joins Help Wanted to tell us what tarot is and what it isn't. Arcie is a self-taught tarot card reader who first learned while hosting a live, call-in show. Today she does readings for Austin.com. We talk DIY tarot cards and she gives Reggie and Valerie readings. Arcie also dabbles in conspiracy theories, and helps us figure out what happened to that Malaysian plane. The episode sponsored by Anxies, a new line of leggings to wear when you're feeling anxious. 

1hr 15mins

14 Mar 2017

Rank #16

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HW66: Assertive Communication, Activism, and Protesting with Susan Schorn

Reggie's leg is healing nicely since her fall into a hole. Valerie is taking a memoir writing class and everyone needs a new tub. We talk with Susan Schorn, a Karate double black belt, writer (Smile at Strangers), and self-defense instructor, about activism, communicating with assertion, nonviolent protest, and how she uses the martial arts to channel anger. Plus tips for dealing with street harassment and effective resistance. This episode sponsored by Breakroom Food, for when you'd rather eat a chocolate Santa wrapped in foil than question your life's choices, and from City of Exhausting t-shirts, tees with love hate relationship with the city of Austin. 

1hr 2mins

7 Mar 2017

Rank #17

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HW65: Abraham Hicks w/Amanda Smith

Help Wanted talks with comedic performer and all-around fun person Amanda Smith about the law of attraction and Abraham Hicks, aka, Esther Hicks, a guru type who taps into source energy that we can all also tap into if we want to manifest our dreams. Amanda shares a story about going to a hippie retreat in California introduced her to positive thinking, which ultimately ledd her to make a move to Austin, and an eerie thing that happened after her move. Plus oh my! Reggie fell into a hole, (kind of, just her leg), saw bone, and had to celebrate President's Day in the ER, instead of buying a mattress. Valerie can't count in Spanish past 12, or actually 11 if she's being truthful. This episode sponsored by DIY IUDs; you can make an IUD out of plenty of household items: old receipts, a chopstick from Panda Express, or a wad of old twist ties from that drawer in your kitchen with the batteries and melted gum. 

1hr 18mins

28 Feb 2017

Rank #18

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HW61: Shame

Reggie's relaxing these days contemplating men's messy sheets and painting perfect fingernails. Valerie adopted a kitten that might be named Vincent and received a shoulder tap from a stranger on the street who wanted to inform her about her height. Shame is a normal, but icky feeling. Regina has tips for getting over shame. One way to get rid of it is to talk that shit out. Share your feelings. Give it attention. Tell someone you trust. More than likely that person has experienced that same feeling and it will disappear. Brene Brown says that secrecy, silence, and judgement are what shame needs to exist. Valerie talks about EMDR therapy as a technique to get to the root of our shame and change negative beliefs locked in our nervous systems. Plus Wheatsville Co-op is our safe place during the Trump administration. This is Us is apparently a good show. This episode sponsored by Skype Cave, the best way for baby boomers to Facetime their loved ones. With Skype Cave parents can finally stop searching for darkened walk-in closets to make calls to their millennial, gen X, or gen Y kids from while still achieving the look that they’re being held hostage in an underground bunker. Skype Cave also offers views such as right nostril and popcorn-textured ceiling. Skype Cave!

1hr 8mins

31 Jan 2017

Rank #19

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HW58: Rape Culture w/Juani Begood

Feminist filmmaker Juani Begood joins Help Wanted to chat about rape culture. What is it and how pervasive is it? We chat about how women minimize their own rape experiences, how partners can be supportive, and why talking about sexual assault is so important. This is perhaps the most overshare-y episode of Help Wanted to date. Lots of talk of unwanted jacking off and compulsive VHS masturbators. The world is divided into 2 kinds of people: those who have tonsils and those who don't. Plus Valerie is sad post-surgery, keeps visiting an orange tabby kitten at the shelter but can't commit to adoption, and would get her bathroom remodeled if she had one million cajillion dollars. Reggie's jotting down her gratitude and wants to have neighborhood cul de sac parties. View Juani Begood's work at juanibegood.com.

1hr 23mins

10 Jan 2017

Rank #20