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Looking for new ideas to the challenges of associations? Want to know you’re not the only one with unwieldy strategic plans, stressful meetings or who stays up at night worrying about the future of associations? Well, then You Should Hear This! This podcast discusses current issues facing association professionals and how they innovatively use their resources and talent to overcome and produce exemplary experiences for their members. Join the Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE) as we dig deep, learn from our peers - even from our failures, and tell our stories as we pave our path forward.

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Episode 15: The Four Voices of Change

Most associations hold their annual conferences as a way to get their members under one roof for networking, education purposes, and also a retreat-like environment where you are surrounded by your peers. As life for many of us continues to return to a more familiar form, this year has been the first year for some associations to have an annual conference in person. Members and attendees are excited to be in person, but they also have questions. What will the programming be like now? What’s the draw for in-person now instead of virtual? Who are the speakers and how will they help me with my challenges? Our guest today is able to assist with these questions.Our guest today is Leander Rabe (Robby), who has been with Hulings and Associates, LLC for over 5 years. Developing others has been a way of life for him. Whether coaching Superintendents, Principals, CEOs, or first-grade players in youth soccer leagues, he is jazzed by seeing people reach their potential. That is why he has been engaged with coaching leaders and team building for the past 20 years.


17 May 2022

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Episode 14: Career Risks

In the association world, we often speak about risk from the perspective of getting our boards to be bigger risk-takers. We spend countless hours pulling the appropriate information to help them make the best decisions they can at the time. However, we don’t typically think about our own risk-taking when it comes to our own careers. Today, our guest is Cory Martin, MPA, CAE, Owner, and CEO of the association management company, Mission Control, and he speaks on taking those risks in your career to advance forward. He began his career in associations with Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Headquarters. He then became the Executive Director of the Indiana State Police Alliance. 


25 Apr 2022

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Episode 13: The Partnership Between Associations & The Tourism Industry

When the pandemic hit, events stalled almost immediately. Overnight associations canceled meetings, enacted contract clauses we never thought we would touch, and reached out to our vendor and venue partners. Our vendors and venues often responded the way we hoped they would, allowing generous cancellation policies, rescheduling and rebooking meetings, and being understanding of what we were feeling. This hit the tourism industry hard, but it was the best way to protect the relationships and partnerships we had developed over the years. Today, as associations begin their process of meeting again and contracts start to get signed once again, it’s important for us to understand this partnership. What should we bring to the table? What makes us a good partner, and how can we continue to build this relationship?Our guests today are Christine Robinett and Karen Far-sing. Christine is the Regional Sales Manager, and Karen is the Business Development Manager for Belterra Casino Resort.Christine has been a part of the Belterra team since 2007, and she has extensive experience in providing an unparalleled guest service experience through active communication and problem-solving. Christine is a current ISAE Ambassador and former ISAE Volunteer of the Year recipient. Karen has been a part of the Belterra team since 2014, where she enjoys the people she works alongside paired with the fast pace, making every day different. Karen spent over a decade working with Marriott brands as a Sales Manager and Director of Sales. 


12 Apr 2022

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Episode 12: Mental Health In The Workplace

The mental health conversation is not new, yet today it's been talked about and addressed more than years previously. This is in part due to the pandemic and the emphasis that has been placed on mental health. In this week's episode,  owner of and counselor at Pathways to Healing Counseling, Kristen Boice, MA, LMFT, EMDR trained, CDWF, Podcast Host, discusses the importance of mental health, where we are today, and even tips for leaders to use, to better serve their team, and more.LMFT - Licensed marriage and family therapists. To learn more, click here: https://bit.ly/3wpbVOF.Kristen is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). To learn more, click here: https://www.aamft.org/.


21 Mar 2022

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Episode 11: The ABCs of Professional Credentials

Certifications. When we think of these we think of hours of studying, making flashcards and sitting for an exam that feels way too long. Or we think about the time and energy we as staff may put into these programs to manage them for our own associations. Both may not be the best way to view these; we should view them as opportunities for personal and professional growth. We’ve got a dedicated learner with us today to learn more about the certification and credentialing journeys for association professionals.This week, Nick is joined by Emilie Perkins, CMP, CAE, CMM, PMP, CED, Director of Client and Conference Services at Raybourn Group International to discuss the value of professional credentials to association professionals.Click here to learn more about ISAE's CAE Study Sessions: https://www.isae.org/cae-study-sessionsClick here to learn more about professional credentials: https://insae.memberclicks.net/professional-credentials


7 Mar 2022

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Episode 10: A STAR's Perspective on Association Engagement

STAR awards are the Indiana Society of Association Executives' way of recognizing members. This is ISAE's top award. The categories are broken into associations and individuals for their innovations, contributions, and impact on the association industry. In this week's episode, Erica Poff, PMP, CAE, IOM, Vice President of Nonprofit Effectiveness at Talbott Talent, discusses with us about how she received the award, why it meant so much to her, and how it has paved the way for others to come and more!


22 Feb 2022

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Episode 9: Advocacy 101: Why EVERYONE Needs to be Involved!

Association professionals often describe themselves as experts on membership, meetings, education and a variety of other topics. One area though which many prefer to avoid is legislative advocacy. These discussions and battles often feel overwhelming and force us to navigate an area of work that we aren’t comfortable with. We find there are new forms to complete, compliance to ensure and that’s just with the government; this doesn’t take into account how we manage these conversations with our members to best help advocate for them or to protect their ability to operate and do their jobs. Today we’ve got a great guest who can help us understand how to approach advocacy and how we see this play out in ISAE to support our own industry.Find Your Indiana Legislator link: http://iga.in.gov/legislative/find-legislators/Kim Williams: kwilliams@thecorydongroup.com


19 Jan 2022

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Episode 8: Managing Anxiety and Stress Within Your Association and Career

Anxiety and stress have both increased drastically in the workplace throughout the pandemic. Associations are no exception with stressed members, stressed staff and reduced resources to complete our jobs. In this week’s episode, Executive Coach, Author and Speaker CJ McClanahan discusses the importance of acknowledging these emotions, share strategies to manage them and more.


20 Dec 2021

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Episode 7: Exclusive Interview With ASAE’s New President & CEO

This week’s episode features an exclusive interview with the American Society of Association Executives’ (ASAE) new President & CEO Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE. The interview explores the first steps she is taking to hit the ground running in this new leadership role, the trends and impacts COVID presents for ASAE and the association space broadly, the skills she feels are needed for today’s association professionals to truly be prepared for the future, and more!Want to connect with Michelle? She can be reached at mmason@asaecenter.org.


2 Dec 2021

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Episode 6: Get That Post on The Facebook Stat!

Does your association have a social media strategic plan or do you just post because that’s what you’ve been told we are supposed to do? In this episode, we discuss how to establish a starting strategy, an association voice and how to determine the best platforms for your association to engage with your members. Speaker: Kim Jones, Willow Marketing


8 Nov 2021

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