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013 – JPEG VS RAW & Video Codecs

Nerd Alert! This week I express why you 100% need to start shooting RAW today! I also through in some talk about video codecs like .mov, .h264, and RED RAW (which are R3D files) for some good old fashioned fun. This stuff actually matters. If you’re getting into editing log footage without knowing this, I guarantee you’re doing it wrong. Yes it’s nerdy, yes it complicated. But it’s complicated till it’s not. And if you at all make money creating or editing images with a camera, then this is for you. Obsession: Check out the real-time animation software Tvori! Instagram @ChristopherLaVan Twitter @Lavanboy Email me at chris@serpodcast.com


1 Aug 2018

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012 – Three Ways to Dirty Your Image and Make It Better

Dirty = Better!Today’s lenses and sensors are getting better everyday. The image is getting so sharp and clean that I feel like I’m looking at a commercial for surgical tools. In this episode I talk about my favorite ways to “dirty” the image and bring life back into your shots.I break down my experience using this filter, lens, and free technique to add style to my images. It’s not something you should necessarily use all the time, but definitely great tools to keep in your creative pocket. Remember, you should be making choices on how to better tell your STORY!FOLLOW UP:From my previous Weekly Obsessions, someone shot an Amazing Video using Richard Gale Optics newest Clavius Lenses.THREE WAYS TO DIRTY YOUR IMAGE Black Pro Mist – BUY HERE Check out the Tiffen Diffusion Test to see it in action Helios 44-2 – BUY HERE Unedited RAW photos straight from camera. Notice the background swirls. Not very heavily in these examples but a quick google search of the lens will show some extreme examples, dependent on what F stop you’re shooting at. Lens Whacking – FREE This was shot with a canon t2i and the “nifty fifty” lens that was one of my Weekly Obsessions The ENTIRE video is shot with with lens OFF the camera, and focus racks are a combination of my hand tilting and pulling the lens while my finger would rotate the focus ring. Took loots of practice. Links:New video Directed by Damien Vignaux for Maison Vignaux – shot with the new Clavius Lenses!https://vimeo.com/275032028Obsession: Check out the Moment Lens gear! Instagram @ChristopherLaVan Twitter @Lavanboy Email me at chris@serpodcast.com


5 Jul 2018

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011 – Hard Out Here for a Pro

You know it’s hard out here for a pro! In this episode I talk about what you should be doing to get paid and move up from semi-pro to pro. One of the things that’s always on our mind as creatives is making money. How do we get paid? Photographers are charging models, models are charging photographers… but who’s right? Trick question. Both are wrong and right at the same time. But mostly wrong. Check out this weeks episode to find out why! Obsession: Check out the fun KiwiCO Boxes! Instagram @ChristopherLaVan Twitter @Lavanboy Email me at chris@serpodcast.com


26 Jun 2018

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010 – Talking Shop with Kyle

This episode I sit down with Kyle and talk about the current state of photos/video in Texas and the south. We rattle on about working with other creatives and how to approach it the right way, a new creatives event he went to in Houston and soon to be Austin, and somehow we reference Toys R Us in the mix. I think we can all agree on one thing at least. Don’t be like Toys R Us. Kyle hanging out Obsession: Chris – Cinematographer Bjorn Amundsen’s Instagram Kyle – Focusing on SELF. Perfect your craft. Links: Check out Kyle’s Work! Instagram @ChristopherLaVan Twitter @Lavanboy Email me at chris@serpodcast.com Kyle Instagram @kdotvision Kyle Twitter @kdotvision


19 Jun 2018

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This is the BONUS episode I talked about in 009 – Booking and Firing Clients. Give this a listen, there are secrets hidden inside! Like an audio Kinder Egg (which are illegal in the US for some reason). CLICK HERE TO ACCESS BONUS CONTENT


12 Jun 2018

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009 – Booking and Firing Clients

Everyone wants to book more clients as well as bigger clients. And most people would probably gasp and clutch their metaphorical pearls at the thought of firing clients. Well in this episode I talk about both and give a few real world examples as well. Also check out the BONUS episode which includes some content that’s usually only reserved for my Patreon page. The password is given in the audio of the BONUS Episode. Photos below from one of my FIRST GIGS EVER. Shot with a Sony alpha 200 and kit lens. Obsession: Check out Patrick Adair Designs for some awesome rings. Links: Bonus episode! Instagram @ChristopherLaVan Twitter @Lavanboy Email me at chris@serpodcast.com


12 Jun 2018

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008 – Which Software is the Best?

Switching gears back into my technomancy school of nerdiness, I dive into my two favorite photo editing software and and the difference between three heavy hitting professional video editing software. In the order of least to greatest I talk about why I switch from Final Cut 7 to Adobe Premiere CC, tried Final Cut 10 (also known as Final Cut X) and settled on Davinci Resolve currenlty. Its a great NLE (non linear editor) and even better color correction software. If you want to color correct, this is what you use. In my Will Smith “Bad Boys” voice, “from now on, that’s how you suppose to color!”. Obsession: Highland 2 Links: One of my favorite scripts I’ve every read, The Hateful Eight Find hundreds of scripts online with Simply Scripts. Check out John August’s apps. More specifically check out his new app Highland 2 for writing screenplays and more. Instagram @ChristopherLaVan Twitter @Lavanboy Email me at chris@serpodcast.com


29 May 2018

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007 – Networking is Oxygen

In this episode, I deep dive into the importance and practicality of networking. I give some real world examples from my career on how networking properly can lead to success, and also explain how I lost the chance to shoot the Denver Broncos due to burning a relationship. Ben McLemore – Sacramento Kings 2013 DeMarcus Cousins – Sacramento Kings 2013 Little League Sports Photo (cropped) Camera Dept with my friend Peter Ulukpo Obsession: Check out the different Roundtables from The Hollywood Reporter Links: THR Full Drama Actor Roundtable: Jeffrey Wright, John Lithgow, Ewan McGregor, Riz Ahmed & More! Full Producers Roundtable: Amy Pascal, Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Ridley Scott Full Writers Roundtable: Jordan Peele, Darren Aronofsky, Emily V. Gordon Full Actors Roundtable: Tom Hanks, Gary Oldman, John Boyega, James Franco Full Director’s Roundtable: Angelina Jolie, Guillermo del Toro, Greta Gerwig Full LIVE Roundtable: Margot Robbie, Robert Pattinson, Bryan Cranston Full Actresses Roundtable: Saoirse Ronan, Jennifer Lawrence, Mary J Blige Instagram @ChristopherLaVan Twitter @Lavanboy Email me at chris@serpodcast.com


22 May 2018

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006 – How I Made the Leap

In this episode I dive my comic book origin story. This is how I made the leap into the film business. Now for me what that means is not just owning a camera or taking pictures and getting paid, but actually working on a set with dozens of crew members, bright lights, the whole nine. A bit of follow up: I mentioned previously that the micro 4/3 lens mount was easily adaptable. It’s one of the most versatile mounts out there, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Sony E-mount. Here are the most popular lens mount systems in order from smallest flange distance to largest. Sony E – 18mm MFT – 19.25mm Canon EF – 44mm Nikon F – 46.5mm PL – 52mm What this means is the sony BODY can adapt the most lenses to it. PL cameras can only have PL lenses. While the PL lens can adapt the most bodies. Basically this means that sony e mount lenses will only ever work for sony e mount cameras. PL lenses can be adapted to anything. Adapting a lens “up” on a camera means the image circle will be larger than the sensor, so you have light spilling outside the sensor. Image the sensor is cropping the image, causing the output to seem more zoomed in. This is where Metabones speed boosters come into play. 7th Floor Loft The Pool Obsession: Utomic Edge Phone Case Links: Metabones lens adapters and speed boosters Check out my favorite iPhone Cases at www.utomic.com Slow-mo video of phone being dropped with Utomic case. Instagram @ChristopherLaVan Twitter @Lavanboy Email me at chris@serpodcast.com


15 May 2018

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005 – Prime Lenses, Wide VS Telephoto Lenses

I cannot express my love for prime lenses enough. In this episode I talk about the difference between prime vs zoom lenses and also wide vs telephoto lenses. And I say definitely a LOT! Every wonder how to fix that terrible fish-eye effect and compensate for the distortion you get from wide lenses? Or what lens should I be using for portraits? How do I choose the right lens? There are many variables that make it impossible to give a ‘one size fits all’ answer. But I do break down the different reasons why and how to get better images. After all, it is science!  Obsession(s) Every Frame a Painting on YouTube for their amazing video essays. BONUS – Canon “Nifty Fifty” 50mm f1.8 Lens at Amazon or B&H Photo. Links: Lens Perspective Comparison Instagram @ChristopherLaVan Twitter @Lavanboy Email me at chris@serpodcast.com


8 May 2018

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