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Imagine a world where the movies that got delayed actually came out. Now, listen to Delayed Replay, a podcast where Steven Shinder invites guests to join him in “reviewing” those movies in an improvised fashion!

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Season 2, Ep 20 - John Wick: Chapter 4 — Revelations

(SPOILERS for Torchwood series 2 finale about 36:30 in the episode! Skip ahead 30 seconds then if you wanna avoid.) Once again, I'm joined by Dylan and Kiyan from Decorative Vegetable to talk about yet another Keanu Reeves movie that is the fourth in its series. This time, it's John Wick: Chapter 4 — Revelations. After nearly a minute of getting ready for the episode proper (which was too funny to edit out), we discussed our reactions. What did we think of the change in setting? What about the action sequences? And how about those cameo appearances? Listen to our thoughts! Show Notes: 2:00 - www.urbandictionary.com/sarcasm 9:08 - Check out the M4TRIX episode. 9:18 - Check out the anniversary episode. 22:06 - The John Wicki 22:13 - TARDIS Wiki 23:00 - Check out Trust Your Doctor's recent Timelash episode. 25:20 - Check out Triple Play's episode about the xXx trilogy. 29:20 - Chad Stahelski 30:00 - Keanu Reeves Wikipedia article 33:33 - Check out Inevitable's episode on Lexx: "Gigashadow." Kiyan mentions the "awry" thing about 25.5 minutes in. 34:00 - www.urbandictionary.com/awry and www.urbandictionary.com/ari 36:40 - Torchwood series 2 finale spoiler here. Skip ahead 10 seconds if you wanna avoid it. 36:48 - Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast. 42:00 - "Beautiful Ghosts" from Cats (2019) soundtrack. 48:20 - AO3 is Archive of Our Own, a fanfiction site. 49:12 - The Iron Man was changed to The Iron Giant when it was published in North America. 57:25 - Here's some article I found about the potential Shakespeare reference in the King James Bible. 58:10 - Check out Trust Your Doctor's recent episode on Genesis of the Daleks. 1:00:35 - I know nothing about music. 1:01:10 - "Presto Museum Battle" 1:09:10 - 5 WAYS TO STOP THANOS - "Avengers: Infinity War" SPOOF Also check out Zenith: A Blake's 7 Podcast. Decorative Vegetable Star Trek Culture: YouTube Email delayedreplaypodcast@gmail.com

1hr 12mins

5 Jun 2021

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Delayed Replay Season 2, Ep 19 - M4TRIX

Which Trix cereal piece would you choose? The red one, or the blue one? Kiyan and Dylan from Decorative Vegetable joined me to talk about the fourth Matrix film, titled M4TRIX. Listen to our thoughts on the original trilogy, Animatrix, Keanu Reeves in general, the bizarre aspects of this fourth film, and all sorts of funny tangents that were too funny to edit out. 7:25 - Check out the FastX episode. 12:40 - Check out the Triple Play episodes on The Matrix trilogy and The Animatrix. 13:07 - Check out Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast. 16:40 - Goodreads entry on Matrix Revelations: A Thinking Fan's Guide to the Matrix Trilogy 19:40 - Behind the Scenes: Editing the Matrix 22:00 - The Animatrix Wikipedia article. 23:45 - "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny 25:26 - I think I was donating platelets, actually. 30:45 - Keanu Reeves Explores Bill & Ted Conspiracy Theories 33:45 - The movie was Those Who Wish Me Dead. 39:00 - Check out the anniversary episode. 48:25 - Roblox Death Sound 49:00 - Oof. Can of Worms reminder again. 53:20 - It took JMS 53 hours. He started the script on Tuesday evening and delivered it Friday morning. 1:22:15 - I don't like "The Death of the Author." Check out Zenith: A Blake's 7 Podcast Decorative Vegetable Email delayedreplaypodcast@gmail.com

1hr 43mins

29 May 2021

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Season 2, Ep 18 - Spy Jam

This episode focuses on the first Space Jam spin-off, Spy Jam, starring Jackie Chan. Mr. Multiverse joined me once again so that we could recap and review the bizarre events of this 2002 film, including many cartoon cameos, product placement, and very meta moments. Give this a listen! Show Notes: 1:40 - Check out the Space Jam 2 episode. 4:20 - I read up to #20 in the series. After this is the crossover with The Flash titled "The Button." 6:20 - Turns out I actually read Wytches Vol. 1 four years ago and found the art reminiscent of the Arkham Asylum comic. 8:50 - Here's that Michael Jordan meme. 10:50 - Kids WB was the name of the block. 12:05 - Oof. This gave me a brief flashback to the Can of Worms from season 1. 13:40 - Check out the No Time to Die episode. 17:40 - Check out the Godzilla vs. Kong episode. 18:00 - The Iron Mask Wikipedia article. 20:00 - It was called Secret Agent Clank. There was even a PSP game of the same name later on. 21:35 - Cartoon Network City 21:40 - Miguzzi 22:55 - "Pokémon Johto" 23:40 - Toonami 26:10 - The podcast was ComicPop. No idea which episode it was. 27:15 - All Gravity Falls references in Howard the Duck 28:10 - "Halloween Night at the Museum" was the title of the Ultimate Spider-Man crossover with Jessie. 31:15 - What a jab. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a 20th Century Fox film. 31:50 - Actually, I also sometimes watched Code Lyoko on Miguzzi. 42:15 - Dokken - Dream Warriors (Official Music Video) 49:15 - Here's that moment from the live-action The Cat in the Hat. 49:55 - Wayne's World Product Placement 1:00:40 - FoxBox was the name of the block. 1:01:54 - Check out the episode on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 1:02:15 - This Is Where I Watched My Parents Die, Raphael 1:03:51 - Mr. Multiverse's "Don't sing" sounds suspiciously similar to the umpire telling Michael Jordan "Don't swing" in the first Space Jam. Mr. Multiverse: YouTube channel Email delayedreplaypodcast@gmail.com

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22 May 2021

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Season 2, Ep 17 - One-Year Anniversary Special: PodCast Aside Reviews...Delayed Replay!

A celebration of this little podcast having lasted a year. For this momentous occasion, I was joined again by past guests Andres Serrano and Dylan Green. We went through a few different topics throughout the episode, but the main course was a podcast episode we intercepted from yet another universe. The podcast is an improvised one called PodCast Aside. On it, versions of ourselves celebrated its one-year anniversary by "reviewing/recapping" Delayed Replay, which in their universe never got off the ground. I know. There are so many layers to this. Plus, toward the end, there is a voice message from the other me whom you may have heard on this show before. He watched Spiral: From the Book of Saw and shared his non-spoiler thoughts. Celebrate by listening to all this wonderful chaos! Show Notes: 3:23 - Check out the very first episode, where the topic was A Quiet Place Part II. 6:30 - Check out IPC's Fandom Empire Premiere. 9:40 - Check out the Jungle Cruise episode. 11:35 - Check out the FastX episode. 12:45 - Those who inhabit that other universe can watch F9 - Our Return to Theatres. 13:30 - Check out the F9 episode. 14:07 - Check out the Wonder Woman 1984 episode. 20:00 - Oscar Winning Moment improv game info. 20:42 - Here's that Blue's Clues image. 23:55 - PodCast Aside begins here. 24:50 - Check out Inevitable: A Classic Sci-Fi Podcast. 26:30 - Hello from the Magic Tavern episode "Five Years," which includes Hey I'm Eating Fast Food In My Car: The Podcast. 37:45 - You should also check out the Delayed Replay episode of Spiral: From the Book of Saw. 40:00 - Here's Quibi's recreation of The Princess Bride. 49:30 - How to Pronounce Leigh Whannel. (I was right.) 1:01:37 - Here's that conversation with Big Finish on Twitter. 1:06:30 - Newgrounds 1:08:30 - Check out the Space Jam 2 episode. 1:09:45 - It wasn't TYD's anniversary, but rather their episode on the Doctor Who 20th anniversary special titled 133: Napkin of Doom. 1:10:45 - Geoff Peterson Alive! Andres' Plugs: Just Two Lads | Instagram | Twitter | Venmo Dylan's Plugs: Decorative Vegetable | Twitter Email delayedreplaypodcast@gmail.com

1hr 33mins

15 May 2021

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Season 2, Ep 16 - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Joining me once again, this time to talk about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, is...Mr. Multiverse. Surprised? I bet you are. I can just hear the reactions. We talked about how well this works as a sequel and how well it deals with the repercussions of WandaVision. And it connects to a bunch of other things as Sam Raimi also incorporates horror elements. Listen to what they are! And stick to the end for the "post-credits scene!" 12:50 - I couldn't find anything that says explicitly that they are based on Azathoth, but the similarities are apparent if you just do an image search. 34:50 - The MCU Blade was teased in Morbius. Check out the Morbius episode. 37:50 - There was The Death of the Incredible Hulk, but that was of course followed by Revenge of the Incredible Hulk. In this universe, anyway. 45:50 - Check out the episode on Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings. 49:15 - I honestly can't remember if I've watched Wolfman (2010), but I doubt it's as good as Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman. 50:15 - Check out the FastX episode. 54:00 - Yesshit has not been published yet, but keep an eye out for it. 54:15 - Check out the bonkers music video for "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes. 54:21 - Check out the music video for "Moonlight Desires" by Gowan. 54:44 - "Close to the Edge" by Yes. Such a stark contrast from "Owner of a Lonely Heart," right? 54:45 - Now that you've finished listening to that 18-minute song, listen to this 22-minute song, "Gates of Delirium" by Yes. How can you not love this band? I don't understand. (Wow that rhymed.) Mr. Multiverse: YouTube channel Star Trek Culture: YouTube Steven Shinder Plugs: Book | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website Email delayedreplaypodcast@gmail.com


8 May 2021

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Season 2, Ep 15 - Space Jam 2

You probably forgot that there was a Space Jam 2 in 1999, thanks to the memory-erasing feature at the end. Thanks to the internet, people now know to blink during that part. Joining me again Zach Arnold from the Intergalactic Peace Coalition Podcast. What did we think of the wacky crossover elements? How well does this work as a baseball/basketball/golf movie? What about Michael Jordan's acting in this one? And what's the deal with Berserk-O? Listen to our thoughts! Show Notes: 5:00 - Here's that Trust Your Doctor episode. Space Jam 2 talk is toward the end. 13:00 - June Bugs info on the Cartoon Network Wiki. 13:45 - Loonatics Unleashed follows the descendants of the Looney Tunes characters. Check out the wild premise on Wikipedia. 17:30 - When it comes to Scooby-Doo, lots of people love how Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998) subverted the expectations of the monsters being fake. I also remember enjoying Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue (2006-2008) because it was a change from the repetitive mystery-solving and more of a comedic spy show. But my favorite thing in the franchise is Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (2010-2013), which was more of a serialized ongoing mystery. 28:30 - I realized after the fact that I could've mentioned High School Musical, which I know Zach hates. 41:00 - Stan's product placement line in this Honest Trailer. 46:30 - Captain Impressive on the Superhero Wiki. 1:20:55 - #BeeBeeQWatch Here's that IPC announcement. Speaking of Duck Dodgers and The Iron Giant, check out this clip from the former parodying the end of the latter, featuring Robot-O. The original Space Jam website is still up somehow. No sign of websites for the others that have come out since then, though. @ZachTheVoice: Facebook | Instagram | Snapchat | Twitch | Twitter | Venmo IPC Podcast: Facebook | Podbean | Twitter Star Trek Culture: YouTube Steven Shinder Plugs: Book | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website Email delayedreplaypodcast@gmail.com

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1 May 2021

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Season 2, Ep 14 - FastX

I'm not saying we have magical powers, but the announcement of a live-action Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots movie starring and produced by Vin Diesel came mere minutes after we finished recording. Just after Greg and I talked about the tenth Fast & Furious film, FastX, in which Vin Diesel and the crew go encounter Transformers. They go into space, thus jumping the shark by following in the footsteps of such cinematic icons as Pinhead, Leprechaun, Jason Voorhees, and Machete Cortez. Hear our thoughts on the action, the crossover aspects, and the tie-ins to the best thing in this franchise, Fast & Furious: Spy Racers. 3:25 - Check out the Delayed Replay episodes on Fast & Furious Crossroads and F9. 11:45 - Here's that clip from Fast & Furious 6. 29:00 - "I'm Han Solo" from Kinect Star Wars. 40:30 - Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare and Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday were eventually followed by Freddy vs Jason, though Wes Craven's New Nightmare and Jason X came out in between. University of Sussex Sci-Fi & Horror Society: Discord | Facebook University of Sussex Star Wars Society: Discord Sussex Video Gaming Society: Discord | Facebook Star Trek Culture: YouTube Steven Shinder Plugs: Book | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website Email delayedreplaypodcast@gmail.com


24 Apr 2021

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Season 2, Ep 13 - Paranormal Activity 7: Casper Returns

Can you even call it a return if the character didn't appear in previous films? For a film series based on found footage, this one sure does rely on things having already happened offscreen. I am truly puzzled by some of the choices this "retooling" did. Listen to some thoughts from me and Greg on the Paranormal Activity franchise as a whole and the truly surprising plot points of this new one, Paranormal Activity 7: Casper Returns. (More like Paranormie Activity, am I right? That reminds me: ParaNorman is worth watching, so check that out.) 7:30 - Jhonen Vasquez explains why you're watching Zim wrong. 8:20 - David Lynch on iPhone 9:45 - Family Guy - How David Lynch Stole Christmas! 15:30 - The Paranormal Activity wiki still needs to add the events of the seventh film and Tokyo Night to this (or maybe they're not sure how to given how messy the timeline is now), but here's the series timeline. 21:00 - We recorded this on April 13. Also, this is the 13th episode of this season. Number 13 of season 1 was on Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which also had a mention of Casper. Coincidence? Yes. 24:35 - Check out The Boss Baby: Family Business episode. 31:36 - Saying "OP" here again. 43:00 - Come to think of it, maybe any of the alternate endings of previous films can be canon because of time travel? I don't know. I give up. University of Sussex Sci-Fi & Horror Society: Discord | Facebook University of Sussex Star Wars Society: Discord Sussex Video Gaming Society: Discord | Facebook Star Trek Culture: YouTube Steven Shinder Plugs: Book | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website Email delayedreplaypodcast@gmail.com


17 Apr 2021

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Season 2, Ep 12 - The Boss Baby: Family Business

Delayed Replay has finally covered a DreamWorks movie. My friend Kelsey Gitlin from the Just Two Lads Podcast (you may have heard the other lad Andres on this show) joined me for this momentous occasion. The movie is The Boss Baby: Family Business. How does it compare to the first film? What did we think of the voice actor change? What about the soundtrack overall? Is there enough heart for people to appreciate? Listen and find out! Show Notes: 12:15 - Tobey Maguire is turning 46 on June 27. 14:15 - E.G. Daily is the voice of Tommy Pickles, but Kelsey was referring to Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Chuckie Finster. Check out the masterclass video ad on YouTube. 16:30 - I neglected to mention that The Boss Baby, like Shrek, is loosely based on a picture book. It was written by Marla Frazee and published in 2010. 19:30 - It's called The Boss Baby: Get That Baby! It came out after season 3 and features the villains of those seasons. 21:00 - I could not figure out whether "First Baby," "First Son," or "First Daughter" are official titles. They certainly don't seem widely used. Apparently there are two unrelated films titled First Daughter from 1999 and 2004. 21:40 - Chandler Bing from Friends works in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. 26:00 - The Boss Baby might take place in the late 1970s. Given the music used in the sequel, it is possible that Family Business may have anachronisms depending on when it's supposed to take place. 26:20 - Here's a post about The Incredibles being set in the 1960s at Oh My Disney. 30:45 - The original The Lion King was rated G, whereas the remake was rated PG. 32:00 - The app is RunPee, and it seems to still be available. 32:30 - What's After The Credits? 35:05 - Check out the Black Widow episode of Delayed Replay. 35:20 - Check out Improv Revolution. 48:45 - I think there are actually about 40 Kidz Bop albums. 49:55 - Chris Klemens' YouTube channel 50:10 - Chris Klemens' Spotify playlist is titled Now That's What I Call Vibezz. Follow Just Two Lads Podcast on Instagram. Follow Kelsey Gitlin on Instagram. Star Trek Culture: YouTube Steven Shinder Plugs: Book | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website Email delayedreplaypodcast@gmail.com


10 Apr 2021

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Season 2, Ep 11 - Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

It's Easter weekend. Even though rabbits do not have much to do with Easter really, that's just the thing. For this episode, I decided it'd be fun to talk about a movie that came out a year ago called Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway. Listen to me and Greg talk about how it compares to the first film as we discuss the actors, the humor, and the music. And of course, we go on tangents! 4:30 - Check out David Lynch's Rabbits. In my opinion, it's best experienced when you're alone in the dark. 5:30 - Also check out David Lynch's THE 3Rs. 14:00 - What's also weird is that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher played a couple on That '70s Show. 15:00 - More like "Annie version," am I right? University of Sussex Sci-Fi & Horror Society: Discord | Facebook University of Sussex Star Wars Society: Discord Sussex Video Gaming Society: Discord | Facebook Star Trek Culture: YouTube Steven Shinder Plugs: Book | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website Email delayedreplaypodcast@gmail.com


3 Apr 2021

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