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80% of businesses believe they deliver 'superior' customer service, yet only 8% of their customers agree. That's mad! You could drive a freight train through that statistic. And this is exactly why we created this podcast. Businesses need a whack across the head on where money is leaking (or in some cases gushing) out in the form of fair to middling customer interaction that creates indifferent customers. We're going to show you how to increase profits with zero or low cost tactics to retain the customers you worked hard to attract.

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CFL 005: The Meaning Of Life According To Your Customer

When you think about every transaction that went off the rails and someone walked away frustrated, angry, disappointed or any other negative emotion out there - the root of this emotional response rests on one simple concept: Unmet expectations. When you are clear on what you deliver and how it's going to be delivered, it minimizes the areas of interpretation.  In this episode we explore how to set proper expectations and hit the reset button when you miss the mark.


18 May 2015

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CFL 003: The Latest In Online Advertising With Jesse Jameson

Want to retarget your website visitors with advertising like the enterprise level companies do? Small to mid-market businesses now have the ability to run highly targeted ads to their website visitors that is low cost and high converting.  Special guest Jesse Jameson, CEO of Heynow Interactive, shares the latest in Facebook ads that is as simple as embedding a little piece of code on your website.  Listen in!  This is pure gold to driving the prospects and customers back to your website. For more information about Jesse's work, please visit his websites: www.socialmediamanagerpro.com www.heynowinteractive.com


16 May 2015

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CFL 023 - Secrets To The World's Most Inspiring Presentations With Jeremey Donovan

In this episode we explore the big dividends behind the world's most inspiring presentations.  Guest Jeremey Donovan is a TED Talk super fan and has studied hundreds of the most popular presentations to understand the elements of the winning formula that moves audiences of any size to get their heads nodding 'yes'. Whether you're presenting to an audience of one or many, Jeremey's framework will help you answer the questions your audience is asking in their minds. Learn more about Jeremey's work at www.speakingsherpa.com Connect with Jeremey in Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremeydonovan


6 Jul 2015

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CFL 021 - Our Ridiculously Simple 8 Steps To Customer Recovery

Benjamin Franklin said, "Only two things are certain in life; death and taxes." If you own a business then there is actually one other certainty: You will have at least one unhappy customer. There is big money behind the proper recovery of this customer because they will actually be more loyal to your brand if you take the appropriate steps to manage the next steps.   This is great news!  You've just extended the lifetime value of the customer, they're going to talk about what you did to demonstrate you cared AND you'll learn some pretty interesting stuff about how to improve your offering. Pamela Herrmann shares her 8 steps that every business owner and manager should master. Heck, every employee should master this!


23 Jun 2015

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CFL 007: Could Enormous Sales Growth Potential Be In The Palm Of Your Hand? With Guest Greg Hickman

Greg Hickman is an expert at mobile marketing for businesses and was developing strategies since the early days in 2002 with Cabella's. Today he is a podcaster, global speaker, and blogger on the subject helping businesses of all sizes understand what's working now in consumer behavior and how you make sure your business isn't losing one penny of lost opportunities. www.GregHickman.com


21 May 2015

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CFL 008 - 'No Problem' Is A HUGE Problem In The Language Of Service With Michael Kaleikini

In this episode special guest Michael Kaleikini, Certified Trainer In American Business Etiquette, explores the best practices and face palms in the language of service. Our casual culture combined with lack of training has led us to using certain language that doesn't work at all in service.  'No problem', 'yup' and 'sure' is lazy language and says much more to the customer about your desire to service. To learn more about Michael's work, please visit his website: www.BusinessEtiquetteUS.com


25 May 2015

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CFL 009 - An Overlooked Threat To Your Business: The Emotionally Detached Employee

You have one shot to get it right with a customer; maybe two if you're extremely lucky. Employees who are detached emotionally are extremely damaging to your brand because the assumption customers make is that this employee is a perfect reflection of the brand promise - good or bad.


26 May 2015

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CFL 006: What's Working Now In PR With Heidi Yeranossian

On this episode of Customers For Life, we explore the big dividends developing your businesses story. Listen in as PR expert Heidi Yeranossian shares her decades of experience with some of the largest ad agencies on Madison Avenue and her current work with small and mid-market brands. These are big takeaways that most businesses overlook!  You can reach Heidi Yeranossian at www.MadisonOnMain.com Heidi@MadisonOnMain.com


20 May 2015

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CFL 004: What Is Your Brands Super Hero Power? With Patty Dominguez

Do you hear that dripping? It's the sound of money leaking out of your business. Special guest, branding expert Patty Dominguez shares with us best practices from her experience in marketing with a Fortune 50 company so that you understand your brands super hero power, and how to understand the roots of your brand promise. For more information on Patty's work with businesses of all sizes, visit her website at www.PattyDominguez.com or subscribe to her awesome podcast, Boss Free Society.


17 May 2015

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CFL 002: What Exactly Is Customer Engagement Anyway? With Dom Testa

Radio show host and award winning author Dom Testa shares how he manages high touch engagement with his customers that span his multiple businesses endeavors. From hosting a top radio show in Denver with hundreds of thousands of daily listeners, to the many stakeholders of his non-profit foundation, The Big Brain Club, and to the legions of loyal readers of his books, Dom explains how a high touch to customer engagement strategy grows a loyal fan base. His strategies will work for any business out there... it's a choice that pays big dividends.


14 May 2015

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