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This podcast will include topics about biology related topics, Grad school life, Research, Science communication,, Mental health & Wellbeing in academia. So please join me for this journey

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Hela Cells: The heartbreaking story of the most commonly used cells in research

As a biology graduate, it was until I read Skloot’s book that I learned about the incredible story behind the HeLa cells and it felt a bit disappointing and even disrespectful that we never talked about it during our courses.As if today, and as the new and young generation of scientists in the #scicom community we have a duty of sharing those stories and give credits to all those human being that massively contributed to the advancement of research without their knewldge. Did you know about the story behind #helacells ?Do you think that its ethical that till today industries still make billions out of hose cells and yet never gave money to the family of Henrietta?


17 Nov 2019

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