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This is the exclusive National Guard and Reservist podcast. Finally, the part-time military members have a voice. We will address the funny, the serious, the breaking news, the stories, and the horrors of part-time military service. One weekend a month and two weeks in the summer no longer matters, stay up to date every week with the latest from the United States National Guard.

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The Ados Tell All

Well, not everything is spilled this week. But Ados is back, and we get a deep dive into our good friend's newfound freedom. First thing is first though, we take a look at mental health, our ways of tackling the battle, and what it takes to maintain sanity. Then, we talk shop and Ados has some exciting news about his new retirement and his plans to move on from the Army. Splash in some stories about PL's gloves being defecated in, some rich dating advice, and some awesome jobs for skilled trade work jobs in the civilian sector. This is a classic Nasty Guard Podcast bullshitting session. One you do not want to miss. Shoot us messages to come on the podcast, and check out the merchandise on our website!Thank you all for the support and love!@thenastyguardwww.thenastyguard.com

2hr 12mins

17 May 2022

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Should We Have Joined The Air Force?

Welcome back, boys and girls. Today on the podcast, we are breaking down some branch barriers. We cover tons of recent news affecting the Army National Guard. From recent training, the Oregon National Guard is exploring, the sacrifices made on our current border mission, and some of the obscene ideas coming out of the media pertaining to the military. Then we bring on our first Airmen and Aviator. The man we_few_degenerates tells us what it is like on the other side of the aisle. We discuss beer, young airmen, partying, basic training, flying, more partying, "tooling", and much much more. This is an awesome insight for those interested in the Air Force, Air Guard, or what life on active duty is like. As always, thank you for all the support! Merch @ www.thenastyguard.com

3hr 53mins

9 May 2022

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Live Podcasting with The Nasty Guard Nation

Today we opened it up to you, our listeners. And it made for some hilarious stories, some informative moments on infantry and cavalry tactics. We dive into some new policies being pushed through congress that will greatly impact the National Guard and Reservist communities. Then we update you all on the absolute rollercoaster that is Operation Lonestar. As always, thank you for your never-ending support. www.thenastyguard.com to purchase merch. Or reach out to us @thenastyguard on Instagram to get involved in our charity funding! 

2hr 21mins

21 Mar 2022

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Life in National Guard Special Forces Group

A world of absolute mystery to most of us conventional forces. The National Guard has two Special Forces groups spread across the US. Within those groups, we have thousands of highspeed support assets that work side by side with these 18 series dudes. Today on the podcast we bring on Enabler_Memes, a common support asset in one of these high caliber groups. We discuss the elevated standards when working with Green Berets, the failures of the new ACFT, the importance of fitness, and what it takes to become a member of one of these elite teams. Before all that though, we catch up on the whirlwind of stories that have arisen over these past months with the world, the Guard, and the US. As always your support helps us to keep this podcast going! Feedback, shares, and messages are great. We also have a bunch of awesome new merchandise available at www.thenastyguard.comThank you to all our listeners! 

2hr 56mins

5 Mar 2022

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Operation Lonestar

We are very excited to welcome back our boy Ados from his long vacation. This episode is a rollercoaster! First, we address some fan questions that were submitted to our Instagram @thenastyguard and they are a doooozy. Then we dive into the long long list of National Guardsmen being activated for 101 jobs to fill in the holes created by COVID mandates. After that, we dive into something serious, Operation Lone Star. So far, things have been rocky to put it lightly. We peel back that onion to its core. Then you get yourself a nice deleted scene, Ados and I talk about his travels, football, and the cold cold midwest. These ones are banger boys and girls. Enjoy!www.thenastyguard.com help us out and order some sweet merch!

1hr 9mins

24 Jan 2022

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True Life: I'm an ROTC Cadet

Welp folks, cats out the bag. I've gone to the dark side and contracted with ROTC. As an SMP cadet, things get a little cloudy. Luckily, today we bring on an expert in the program. Our good friend @sad_cadot comes on the podcast and lets me ask all my dumb questions. Plus he shares some great stories of his time in the program. Then we get a little more serious, discussing the crisis with Texas National Guard on the Texas and Mexico border. Suicide plagues the military, and tragically it has struck Operation Lonestar. Plus we talk about the newest National Guard job, the infantry CNA. As always, enjoy. Support us at www.thenastyguard.com Thank you

1hr 42mins

17 Jan 2022

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The Engineer Podcast ESSAYONS

You wild and prideful engineer SOB's here it is. Today we bring on an incredible artist, an Army Engineer, a man of the books, and one hell of an awesome dude. @Brovembers talks with us about his 9 years as a Airborne Engineer, his duty stations and his current mission with SFAB. This Podcast also sparked up the idea of doing some military book reviews, so if you have some book referrals, send em over! As Always, Stay Nasty. www.thenastyguard.com to help support the podcast. 

1hr 29mins

13 Dec 2021

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Career Reflection and Mismatched Camo

This week we let Ados do some self-reflecting on a long 15-year career. We learn in the best way possible... From those ahead of us. Ados gives advice that I think every single junior enlisted should hear. We then dive in on some not-so-hot-button topics. We discuss rifle marksmanship, camouflage patterns, and as usual good leaders from bad leaders. As always, check out our new merch and support the podcast at www.thenastyguard.comWe love all of you!

1hr 10mins

6 Dec 2021

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Part-Time Marines in Iraq

On today's episode of The Nasty Guard Podcast, we bring back a good friend of the show @ass______up. We discuss 29 palms, Marine Corps Boot Camp, Iraq deployment's, and UEO in Africa. We also take a look at the Texas National Guards' newest mission. These boys are living like they are in Afghanistan, in Southern Texas. Lastly, we introduce a new section of the Podcast called Leadership Monday, where we discuss important leadership skills for military and civilians alike.  As always, check out our newest merch at www.thenastyguard.com !Thank you for all the support! 

1hr 40mins

29 Nov 2021

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Don't Call It a Comeback

We are back from our sabbatical, and god damn are things good. Today's episode features an in-depth interview with our dear Drill SGT friend, we talk about AWOL privates, and we force our pointless opinions on the Kyle Rittenhouse case on your poor ears. Do us a favor, pack a dip, smoke your cancer sticks, bang a bang, and tune in. www.thenastyguard.com for all the Nasty part-time gear you need. 

1hr 18mins

22 Nov 2021

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