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This podcast is all about educating pool techs, promoting professionalism, and improving customer communication. We want to provide the pool service industry with a set of ideas, principles, and techniques to help you run a more successful business, take care of your pools more quickly, and make more money – in other words, we’ve developed a new approach to your pools, your customers, and your work. We were not satisfied with the way our businesses were going, so we used our life and business experiences to analyze our residential pool service business. As a result of this we believe that we’ve developed a better way to run your business. We’ve tried these ideas and principles and they have worked for us so we know they will work for you. Come along with us to listen, learn, and laugh your way to more success in your pool service business with the 15 Minute Pools Podcast.

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15mp-022 Cleaning Cartridge Filters

In this episode we talk about how we clean cartridge filters – some of the ways, some of the tools, and some of the methods we use. We also discuss other topics, like cleaning vs. replacing; how long it takes to clean larger cartridge filters as well as what are some of the easier filters to clean.


20 Oct 2015

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15MP-020 Be A Pro – Have The Right Tools

In this episode we talk about the basic additional tools you should have, the basic reasons why you need them, and the basics of how to use them if you want to be considered to be a pro and make more money.


6 Oct 2015

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15MP-015 Interview With Fred From PoolRx

In this episode we talk to Fred from PoolRx.  Fred tells us that PoolRx is a proprietary chemical additive in a small container that you can put into a skimmer or pump basket to kill algae.  Using it can help reduce the need for high amounts of chlorine thereby saving you money on your overall chemical bill.  Fred tells us, that it is composed of a special chelated set of minerals and that has been around since the early 90’s.  He also goes into detail about how it interacts with other pool chemicals and recommended run times after installing PoolRx.  Calculating the correct number of gallons in the pool and matching that with the proper PoolRx unit is important.  There is a sizing and installation chart on their website www.poolrx.com.  Be sure to click on the “pool professionals” section to login or create an account, so they can send you a password to access thier catalog.


2 Sep 2015

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15mp-014 Interview With Eric From Piranha Nets

In this episode we talk to Eric about his Piranha line of products –nets and poles as well as Stingray products for end users.  Technically known as The Smart Company, Eric talks about the features as well as the development cycle of his Piranha Power Poles and the new version of his Piranha net – all of which are rebuildable.  The key feature of his Piranha Power Pole is that has an easy to use, positive locking feature that snaps the pole in various positions as well as releases quickly to collapse back to original length.  His new Piranha II net has a special front bar that not only better secures the front of the plastic lip, but also allows the lip to maintains its edge as it wears down.


25 Aug 2015

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15MP-011 Interview With Gabe From Hasa Pool Products

In this episode we talk with Gabe from Hasa Pool Products a leading manufacturer of swimming pool chemicals. Gabe talks a bit about his background as well as that of Hasa, where they are located, as well as what products they make and distribute.  Gabe also helps Gary figure out where Muriatic Acid comes from.


4 Aug 2015

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15MP-009 Interview With Nick From Zodiac Pool Systems (Pt.2)

This episode is Part 2 of our interview with Nick from Zodiac, he talks about the improved way to install the iAqualink, and the extensive available training, and customer support options that Zodiac provides.  He also gives some personal advice on taking care of customers, as well as yourself.  Check out his website in the show notes to learn more about the Jandy / Zodiac line of pool products.


23 Jul 2015

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15MP-021 Interview With Richard From Kona Labs

In this episode we talk to Richard and Ryan from Kona Labs about their wireless products that monitor the pool water level. Richard tells us about his background in math and science working with sensor technology that lead to developing his water level sensing and auto-fill products.


13 Oct 2015

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15MP-016 Secrets To A Successful Trade Show Experience

In this episode, we talk about going to trade shows. When we recorded this, it’s getting to the end of the busy summer season and as we move into the fall, winter, and spring these are typically the times most shows are put on. We recommend that in order to get the most out of going to a trade show, you should approach it just like any other job – plan, prepare, and then do it. We cover quite a few of the things that we feel have made our trade show experiences go well, not only in planning, but questions to ask vendors, as well as the way you should act while you’re there.


8 Sep 2015

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15MP-013 Figuring Out What To Charge For Service

In this episode we discuss some of the ways that Gary and Maurice have used to determine how much to charge for pool service. We explore several different pricing and estimating concepts, as well as how to figure out your pricing by comparing the concepts of cost of business and cost of living.  We also talk about the pro’s and con’s of charging different amounts for different areas – sometimes referred to as zone pricing. We talk about Gary’s pricing philosophy of charging what you’re worth, not necessarily of what the customer is worth.  And why sometimes you may charge less if pools are very close together.


18 Aug 2015

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15mp-019 Want To Get Paid More – Be A Pro

One of recurring themes of our profession is that we don’t get paid enough, nor do we get enough credit (or respect) for what we do. In this episode we explain that a big part of the puzzle to getting paid more money is being perceived as being a pro, before you even start a job.


29 Sep 2015

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