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A one man show about the healing + transformative power of self-love.I'm here to teach you how to truly heal + live your most well and delicious life, through practice of self-love. This is NOT a conversation about fluff and unicorns and glitter. This is SOUL MEDICINE about coming back home to the Love that we are, and how being at home in that Love has the power to heal, transform, and manifest whatever we desire. Tune in on your favorite podcast platform, and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.

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A Birthday Conversation around Self-Honoring

Today is my birthday! I initially had an entirely different conversation planned for today around what the greatest lesson has been for me in the past 43 years, but when I awoke this morning I received a download that this new year of life for me would be centered around "self-honoring."  So wanted to briefly share what that means for me.


6 Mar 2022

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The Universe Isn't Trying to Test You

There is a common perception among spiritual seekers that The Universe is trying to "test you" when challenges arise in our lives.  But that's actually a false premise.  The Universe LOVES us, and doesn't believe there's anythign about us to test.   But there is something about us to become.  In this episode, I share what that is, and what it all. has to do with fulfilling our purpose.


19 Feb 2022

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The Miracle Point in Your Healing Journey

When we are on a healing journey, there comes a pivotal point in that journey where we recognize that the patterns we adopted in our childhoood to protect us have actually ended up harming us in our adulthood, instead.  This point can lead us to a miraculous healing, and in this episode I share why and how that is.


3 Feb 2022

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The Only Resolution You Need for New Years

We've reached the end of the 2021, and many of us are practicing our rituals + making our resolutions for what we want do and experience in the New Year.  Since my NDE, I've learned. there's really only ONE resolution we ever need to make.  Only one that leads to transformation, healing and the manifestation of our deepest yearnings.  In this episode, I share what that is, and why it's so effective. 


31 Dec 2021

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3 Reasons Why You Aren't Manifesting What You Want

I've received several questions over the past week about the process of manifestation - particularly, why you're not getting what you truly want.  Well, I've learned ALOT about manifestation in my journey after my Near Death Experience, so in this episode I share the 3 main reason why you aren't manifesting what you want, and what each them has to do with self-love.  


16 Dec 2021

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5 Questions from Dying that Taught Me How to Truly Live

It's December, so many of us are in the mindset of how we want to close out this year, and how we'd like to begin the next.  To help with this process, Jerome shares the 5 Questions that came up during his life review on his deathbed which taught him what was truly important in life, and how to truly live well.  He also walks you through how to use these questions yourself to manifest a more delicious life for yourself in the upcoming New Year.  ❤️ 


8 Dec 2021

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How Traditional Spirituality Made Me Sick, Part 2

In this episode, Jerome continues his conversation on how traditional spirituality contributed to him manifested terminal disease by discussing the phenomenon often experienced by spiritual seekers of "being so heavenly minded that you're no earthly good." 


30 Nov 2021

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How Traditional Spirituality Made Me Sick, Part 1

In this episode, Jerome talks about how traditional spirituality contributed to the manifestation of his disease, and why learning balance was the key to his healing and wellness.  


26 Aug 2021

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3 Sacred Self-love Lessons from Simone Biles & The Olympics

Usually, we're very hard-pressed to find any examples of radical and public displays of self-love happening in dominant culture for us to view and learn from.  However, this current 2021 Olympics provided us with a few.  In this episode, Jerome shares three sacred lessons of self-love we can all learn from Simone Biles' withdrawal from the Olympics.  


31 Jul 2021

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What Self-Love Really Is

In this first episode of the podcast, I speak about what I learned self-love really means from my Near Death Experience, and my years of working as an intuitive medium talking with souls on The Other Side.  This episode is filled with huge "ahas," and sheds some light on an a topic that is vital for each one of our lives, but so often misunderstood. 


25 Jul 2021

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