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Michelle McMahon is a professional sports television broadcaster by trade, but a self-confidence and mental health advocate by passion. Merging both callings, her mission is to inspire you to cultivate a healthier space from within, so the best version of YOU can shine forward externally. Each episode, Michelle brings you captivating interviews with thought leaders and experts around sports and beyond to help shift your inner dialogue, uplift your spirit, help you see yourself more clearly, and ultimately promote healing through the gift of self-awareness. Michelle believes that the power we all inherently possess, lies in the truth of who we are, and our ability to accept ourselves exactly as we are in this moment— not based on the measures of the external world, which we are often led to believe make us worthy. She challenges old paradigms of what it really means to "be successful" through diving into the internal worlds of world class athletes, public figures, and high-achieving individuals. Exploring new concepts on where fulfillment and purpose truly come from, outside of the societal masks placed upon us, Michelle is promoting cultural change in the way we see ourselves and the world around us. The self-acceptance journey is an ever-evolving rollercoaster, and she is thrilled to have you along for the ride as she continues to navigate this space with you! To learn more head to www.MichelleMcMahon.com

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Laurence Holmes | SPORTS BROADCASTING | A South Side story of success

Laurence Holmes is a staple in the sports broadcasting landscape here in Chicago… and he is also one of the nicest, friendliest people you will meet in the industry. He’s a product of hard work, conviction, confidence, and intelligence… and is completely self-made when it comes to his career. He’s currently the midday host noon - 2 on the score, he is the Bears postgame show host for NBC Sports Chicago, and his podcast called the house of L… if you haven’t downloaded his show yet, you must, he is an excellent interviewer and it is so good. Laurence is born and raised Chicago, a true hearted south side guy, and he's been in the sports broadcasting game for a long time. This episode is unique in the sense that we did a joint episode so this is part 2 where I ask Laurence my questions…We talk about:Walking the fine line of confidence versus egoHow Laurence found his authentic voice in sports broadcastingHow he overcame certain struggles along his path to becoming a staple in the sports industryHis upbringing in the south side and why he feels so much pride living there nowRace relationsMentorship, why he enjoys this role and speaking on behalf of those who may not have a voiceLosing his best friend in high school and how that shaped his lifeWe discuss the question of identity outside of one’s profession… and how to go about discovering thatHis roadmap to success


24 Dec 2019

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Spice Adams | NFL | A life shaped by joy and perspective

Spice Adams is a former NFL and Penn State football player turned famous entertainer. After retiring from professional sports, Spice has found success as an actor, television host, comedian, and social media influencer. He currently co-hosts the Great American Baking Show, runs his own production company, and continues to spread hilarity across all social media platforms. Spice is a well-accomplished person in sports and in life after sports, but his heart and personality are immeasurable. He is one of my very close friends and is truly one of the kindest well-intended people you will meet. Despite the millions of followers on Instagram, Spice couldn’t be more grounded and down to earth and we get DEEP in this episode.In this episode we hit the FULL SPECTRUM of emotions and topics:- Spice’s favorite Joe Paterno memories from his Penn State football days-What life lessons he learned from the NFL and some of his greatest mentors- How he made the transition from professional sports to a profession he absolutely loves- The realities of growing up in inner city Detroit and escaping a few near-death experiences being at the wrong place at the wrong time- Growing up in a single parent home and how instrumental his mother was on his life- Racism- we chat about some shocking instances of how moments of discrimination still persists in his life- Family- why being a dad is his favorite role in life- Overcoming bullying and discovering self-confidence in all that makes you different and joyful- His message to anyone looking to overcome obstacles in life and why finding a path full of joy is so important Find Spice on twitter and instagram @SpiceAdamsWebsite: http://spiceadams.com

1hr 29mins

22 Aug 2019

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Tiffany Louise | COACH | Relationships set the tone for our lives

We talk about:- The energetics behind healthy relationships- Why relationship to self is the most foundational part of relationships- Surrendering to the brokenness to come out on the other side- Forgiveness of self and others- Building emotional, spiritual, and behavioral fitness- Tools to manage triggers and external noise- Break through moments over break through culture- Breaking patterns by meeting it every time through curiousity- Speaking up! Why it is so important to learn and establish your own boundaries- 23ish min: scripts to help you express yourself and language to use- 25ish min: codependency, people-pleasings- How to have difficult conversations- 30 min: A script for having difficult conversations with your superiors in the work place- 32 min: Gaslighting business and the challenge with narcissism- how you know you’re being gaslighted- 36 min: Narcissism and how that can relate to sports, work, relationships, and beyond- 39 min: addictive patterns in relationships- 43 min: societal pressures of relationship and what the key to meeting yourself is- 47 min: faith is a not a feeling it is a choice- 51 min: Leaning into the unknown of relationships- 55 min: GHOST BUSTING why people ghost in relationship and business- how to reframe this concept.   - Attachment theory and why the numbers suggest   - Scripts to handle- 65 min: masculine and feminine energy in the work place and why balance is important (outside of gender)

1hr 17mins

4 Dec 2019

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ASHLIE REDMOND | ASTROLOGY | WTF is going on and how to relinquish control

WORK WITH ASHLIE:- Ashlie offers some amazing services to help you get in touch with yourself, your current needs, and navigate relationships Find her at: www.ashliered.comInstagram: @ashlieredmond

1hr 7mins

7 Apr 2020

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Greg Harden | The Guardian of Michigan Athletics Mental Health

I am SOOO excited to share this week’s guest with you today for so many reasons, it’s hard to know where to even start. He is my life long mentor, my counselor from the University of Michigan… he’s a social worker who was trained in psychology, he’s an associate athletic director, he is Greg Harden. This guy saved my life in a lot of ways, and I don’t say that lightly. I was in a very dark place mentally my four years at Michigan and he saved me from going down an unfavorable path. He was the one person on campus who believed in me unconditionally and saw in me, what I couldn’t see in myself at the time. The first adult outside of my parents who I felt had my back at all costs in a pivotal time of self-development. Without Greg, I would not be here doing this right now. Period. This is why I am so incredibly passionate about mental health and wellness because they don’t teach you how to lead a fulfilled life internally in school. There are no classes about emotional intelligence, mental fitness, internal healing work, etc. Not to mention the stigma surrounding mental health in sports. It’s an unspoken topic that I wish to expose because I’m done with it being behind closed doors- it’s an issue I know so many people have either worked through in the past or are still on that path. It goes back to my first podcast when I shared why the external world cannot validate the internal journey you need to seek for yourself- mental imbalance doesn’t discriminate- it can happen to anyone. And just because you have the perception of a “dream life” as the star athlete or star celebrity or star _______(fill in the blank)___ it does NOT mean you live a charmed life and it certainly doesn’t mean your internal state is at peace. I would say athletes are even more at risk for mental anxiety and depression because 1. You’re already a type a person (usually) if you’re playing a sport at that level 2. You wouldn’t have gotten there if you didn’t listen to the constant criticism and coaching from the outside and 3. The level of pressure on the outside never measures up to the amount of pressure these athletes tend to put on themselves but there’s no open forum for them to talk about it. Greg is a voice of reason that dedicates his life to holding space 9 hours a day to these student-athletes who are struggling. He has changed the lives of 1000’s and 1000’s of athletes. He’s worked with the Tom Brady’s of the world and he’s worked with the little ole me’s of the world… a walk on nobody from GR Michigan at that time. We get into the work that we did during my time at Michigan and just walk through the key components of mental health and how to set yourself up for success in that department. He is so smart. Everything I learned in Greg’s office every week for 4 years, still holds true today. He’s a second dad to me, he opened my eyes to the world, he brought me closer to myself and helped me discover my inner truth. He saw my light when it was significantly dimmed with negative self-talk, thoughts and behaviors. He reframed my brain to be healthy again. He cares about his people. He’s so smart. I adore this man. I really hope you enjoy a glimpse into my mental health journey and pick up some tips for your own well-being too. In this episode we talk about: Managing and facing fear instead of “releasing fear”My first ever “therapy” session with Greg, and how he transformed a distraught teenager into the confident woman I am todayHow he helped me navigate through my personal mental health strugglesBeing a division one athleteWhy fear and self-doubt are the greatest enemies we will ever face in lifeHow true joy and happiness can only come from withinAdvice he gave to sport stars Tom Brady, Desmond Howard, etcWhy mental health should be treated as “fitness” and not something that’s a “one and done”Some of the exercises that Greg used to get my brain on trackWhere mental distress even comes fromHow we bring ourselves into the core of our problems and how we are the key to getting ourselves out of themSports as a stepping stone in lifeHis perspective on the work I did on myselfHis journey to overcoming challenges amidst his career and climbing the corporate latter during extremely divisive timesWhat separates athletes of all-time greats like Tom Brady and Desmond Howard from the rest of the groupBeing coachable and why going to counseling is so important in lifeReframing the idea of counselors or therapists to “consultants”Breaking down human behavior and the elements that make us complexWhy the stigma around seeing a therapist, coach or third party for help, is just silly and needs to be addressedHelpful Tools to walk away with to get in touch with your inner self, thoughts, and behaviors

1hr 6mins

24 Sep 2019

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Heidi Watney | MLBN | The evolving journey to unrivaled self-confidence

Heidi Watney is one of the main faces of MLB Network, where she’s been the past 7 seasons. You might also know her from her days with the Boston Red Sox as their former reporter and host at NESN. She is a dear friend of mine from the industry as with all of my guests so far, but she is someone I look up to a lot. She is incredibly strong and independent which I love about her, she doesn’t take any crap from anyone (or let the noise get to her head), and she makes a very difficult job on television look easy. She’s also the mother of a beautiful baby boy Jax who is the cutest thing and she is a true family woman. In this episode we dive into how Heidi got to this point in her career, how she’s navigated through some nasty rumors that were spread about her unwarranted (and she wasn’t allowed to defend herself), how developing self-confidence and self-acceptance is an ever evolving journey and most importantly some of the hard hitting lessons she’s had to learn about life through love and loss.Heidi is one of the most loyal friends I’ve met, and someone who literally provided me shelter when I was in a scramble moving between New York and Chicago… her and her husband Mike let me stay at their house for several weeks for free so I could pinch my pennies as I moved cross country.I love her perspective on the fact that it’s not about a work life balance… your life should be better than your work and if it’s not… there’s work to be done- she’ll explain later on. Enjoy this episode and if you like what you hear give us a five star rating and a nice review if you feel so inclined. In this episode we talk about:- Her story to getting to the national level - Challenges she’s overcome to get to the National level - Experience in Boston, life as a sideline reporter- Combatting rumors when people lie about you to the masses- The process of building confidence and finding it within yourself- Advice about working in the sports broadcasting industry- Transitioning into motherhood- being a working mom on no sleep- how to find grace through it all- The best advice she’s ever gotten from Joe Maddon ((SP??))- Relinquishing control on life and rolling with the flow of life- Balancing it all between career and motherhood- work life balance and why that saying is not true- Life and loss, losing a family member and how to - Growing up with a brother with special needs, his sudden passing, and how it impacts her life today - The lessons she’s learned being on the hamster wheel of career and how to let go of what matters and what doesn’t - Recent shift in perspective on not having to put career ahead of having a life- What the biggest thing life has taught her to date


15 Oct 2019

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Jordan Cornette | ESPN | Finding your place in the world through sports

Jordan Cornette is a good friend of mine from the sports broadcasting industry, and has climbed the ranks to national television at a rapid pace. There's a lot more to his story than what you see on the surface. In this conversation we dive into:- Finding confidence and self-acceptance despite external pressures or "boxes" society tries to put you in- Identifying mental health red flags early on - mental health in athletics- Forming identity- The unique pressures of being a student-athlete - The shift from masculinity - Racial relations - Diagnosing mental health issues by taking internal inventory- are you more upset than you are happy?- Surviving the loss of his 35 year old brother Joel tragically to a heart attack- How death teaches us how to live - What gives life purpose- Raising conscious young boys in this world- Marrying his bomb shell wife Shae Peppler, and what he's learned about gender through witnessing her experience in broadcasting

1hr 5mins

20 Nov 2019

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Elliott Mealer | ACTOR | Overcoming loss and finding the path that lights you up

Elliott Mealer is ANOTHER pal of mine from Michigan… can you tell there’s a theme here? I didn’t realize how lucky I was at school to get to know so many cool people. E is a former football player from the University of Michigan, he spent some time playing professional football… then after his career ended, he took a huge leap of faith and jumped into the acting world. That’s a large part of this conversation is facing the fear that holds us back from our potential and our true calling. He has AMAZING perspective on the world and offers some great tips for anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone… especially those who want to pursue acting. I am even inspired to take an acting class after this conversation- in fact I DID SIGN UP FOR ONE and it starts this week! Since committing to moving to LA a year and a half ago… his acting career has blossomed and it’s very cool to watch from afar.Another huge part of E’s story is being the survivor of a horrific trauma. He and his family lost his dad and high school girlfriend Hollis when they were driving home on Christmas Eve over ten years ago… and we spend a good portion of this conversation talking about loss and life after loss… how he’s processed through it and how his dad and Hollis impact what he’s doing today. Spirituality and finding faith comes into play a bit here and how restored faith has given his life greater purpose. We both share stories about what it’s like to lose people we love, our individual processes, and how coming to terms with death has actually turned into a life with deeper meaning for us both. He is just an amazing person and I can’t wait to watch his acting career continue to explode. I hope you enjoy his thoughtful perspective on life, following an unconventional path, and staying true to who he is.

1hr 21mins

22 Oct 2019

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Brent Sopel | NHL | DYSLEXIA- turning adversity into empowerment

Player’s Tribune article: click herePurchase golf event tickets or donate here

1hr 8mins

1 Oct 2019

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LIFE ELEMENTS | The real MVPs of CBD with Martha and Curt

Life Elements is a small business that makes nature-based body care. It is literally a farm to table set up in terms of how their products are made and distributed. They handcraft all their products with the best natural ingredients available, using only sustainable methods.Their value statement: With years of knowledge, we have dedicated ourselves to developing collections comprised of the most natural ingredients we can find. The result is a product line of individually crafted, dependable body and skincare solutions you can trust. Basically, high-fives and hugs all around. Their growth statement: No one said growing up was easy; especially when it's amid hundreds of competitors who have monster corporate backing. That's okay; that's where we are different. Our small but growing business (thanks to you) prides itself on listening to our customers and maintaining the quality of our craft.Their creation statement: Our formulas are made of ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients (such as honey, tepezcohuite, and organically grown hemp). We believe in making a difference as real as our products, which is why we put everything to the test (with humans—not animals) before releasing anything to our customers.Their sentiment: You are what you feel. We make products that your skin will dance with and your body will thrive on. Our products will never contain harmful ingredients for you, the earth, or your dog (if he/she happens to chow down on everything on your bathroom vanity). 

1hr 8mins

31 Mar 2020

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JULIE STEWART-BINKS | SPORTS HOST | Stop the chase, embrace the journey

Watch Julie's show online, your favorite podcast app, or on youtube!

1hr 14mins

14 Apr 2020

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Taylor Lewan | NFL | Authenticity breeds success and inner peace in the NFL and life beyond

Click here for the Bussin' with the Boys Podcast Follow Taylor Lewan on twitter instagram Follow his wife Taylin Lewan


5 Sep 2019

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Nadine Dumas | MODEL | The psychology behind body image, losing weight, and expressing yourself fully

More About Nadine


28 Aug 2019

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Andrea Levoff | BLOGGER/COMEDIAN | Embracing any path that invokes fear

Andrea Levoff is a new friend of mine here in Chicago… she is most well-known on social media for her personal brand called dope ass mom on Instagram and I can attest that she is in fact a dope ass person… if you’re not following her already you should- she’s a fellow red head, has bomb fashion sense, she’s hilarious, she’s a mom, stand up comedian, influencer, blogger, entrepreneur, and all of the things. She’s also a graduate of the USM- where she specialized in spiritual psychology, and while that’s not the full focus of the entire conversation- you can tell she has a strong connection with herself and operates out of full alignment. Her words of wisdom about life are inspiring and I hope it resonates with you as much as it did with me. She’s all about reclamation, rediscovering who you are amidst life’s changes, and I love her messaging.In this episode she offers amazing wisdom on what it means to embrace who you are in whatever phase of life that you’re in. She’s currently in the phase of life of motherhood, but talks about why being a mom is just one aspect of who she is. She’s built an empire with her brand and I think it’s because she’s so authentic to who she is, so relatable, and just so funny. She is so empowering and gives women everywhere permission to just own every imperfection, appreciate the humor in life, and also EMBRACE ALL OF YOUR HOTNESS—YES MOM’S. YOU ARE THE SUPERHEROS OF THE WORLD I SEE YOU! She brings so much joy to this world and it’s an honor to have had this conversation with her… I highly recoomend you follow her on social media @andrealevoff or her website dopeassmom.com.


8 Oct 2019

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Jamie Hersch | NHLN | You are enough

Jamie Hersch is a wonderful friend of mine from the industry and someone who took me under her wing while I was with NHL Network. She has been on the national stage with NHLN/MLBN for five years now, she's a new mom, a wife, a wonderful friend, and is very wise with her perspective. I hope you enjoy this episode!Here's what we discuss:- Instagram world, comparison game - My job is what I do it’s not what defines me- Navigating your public persona - How to create space between what you do not becoming who you are- Becoming a mom in a demanding career- Keeping your ego in check - How to stop chasing your career and finding peace within life- Working through triggers and how to get present in the moment - The value of being presence in the moment- Motherhood being a new mom (and a working mom), releasing mom guilt as a working mom- How babies can actually teach us more than we think - How to find what brings you joy - Women supporting women in a competitive workspace- The challenges of working on a visual medium and not losing yourself in how you look - Advice to young people trying to find self-acceptance- How to not internalize rejection and turn the set-backs into other victories that wouldn’t have otherwise surfaced


5 Nov 2019

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