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The Platinum Rule: Treat others the way THEY want to be treated!Let's put the human back in humanity. There is a lot of information being shared, that doesn't mean it has to be overwhelming. The Platinum Rule is your one-stop-shop for all societal matters.  Join Sofia and Amari every Tuesday on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere you get your podcasts.

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Locality Matters with Alexandra Votaw

How should citizens like you and us navigate processes that are in place within our local governments? We discuss overcoming the intimidation of conversations around policy and where you should be seeking key decision makers to get in touch with. Start rolling up your sleeves to get involved locally. KEY TAKEAWAY: National politics is the golden rule, local politics is the platinum rule... to understand what we mean, click play. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


21 Jun 2021

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Intersectionality with Jordan Williams

WELCOME BACK PLATINUM PEOPLE! We missed you all so much & are so happy to have your consistent support. This week we discuss Red Flags, but not relationship red flags, red flags that you notice in authority figures & politicians. We catch you all up with some California news then move onto our guest interview. We are honored to introduce you all to JORDAN WILLIAMS!! If you all remember she was one of the tiktok creators I suggested you all check out during black history month. But she is SO much more than her tiktok videos.  She in an educator & inspiration to all that know her. So please join us as we discuss intersectionality & much more! Suggested accounts: @Ugrunna @thejesseaton @downwiththemouse--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


9 Jun 2021

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The Base of Bias

On this weeks episode of the Platinum Rule we wanted to start off with a segment that helps you all understand government and policy a little bit more. Have you ever heard of the revolving door? You will after this ep! We then get into the main topic: cultural anthropology with Callen Lappin. You all may be surprised about how anthropology ideologies still impact our daily lives. We explore how far we’ve come, or not come at all from filtering history from a lens of our own realities, conqueror's complex and what accessibility in anthropology means.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


3 May 2021

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Dear Earth, We Love You.

George Floyd Trail Statement: As minority women in America we recognize, experience, and acknowledge the discrimination against BIPOC in our nation. On 4/20/2021, the city of Minneapolis found D. Chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of George Flyod. Although there is more justice to be served, we’re hoping the Floyd family and everyone who has been affected by this murder feels the slightest sense of relief. Happy Earth Day Platinum People! This week we wanted to make sure we spent this episode highlighting Earths biggest resource: WATER. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “well what about water” & this week we break down just that. We first address California’s current drought emergency so you all are aware of its most important details. Then we are joined by a sip-certified wine connoisseur, water & farming expert, and dear friend. Thank you all for the support!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


23 Apr 2021

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Name, Age, Political Party

DISCLAIMER: we had technical difficulties during the recording of this episode so please bare we us as we learn & grow to make your listening experience even better! How important is your political party to you? What would have to happen to make you abandon your party all together? Well, this week we discuss the positive and negative impacts of political affiliation in the United States. We are joined by Michael Aiken, a political science researcher and friend to dissect this concept. We also give you all tax day updates, analyze the importance of anger in activism, and give context to President Biden’s Supreme Court commission.  Sources: (1) https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/10/26/what-the-2020-electorate-looks-like-by-party-race-and-ethnicity-age-education-and-religion/ (2)https://www.voterstudygroup.org/publication/party-hoppers (3) https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/12/09/after-the-election-fewer-latino-and-black-adults-feel-angry-and-more-are-hopeful-about-the-state-of-the-u-s/ --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


16 Apr 2021

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Is Taxation Theft?

What do Nike, FedEx, Salesforce and Dish Network all have in common? They all have not paid federal taxes in the last THREE years. This week we get into corporate tax policy and how it may be effecting the economy. We also break down Biden's new tax plan, give you all covid-19 vaccination updates, and brings our friends into the conversation. We are so happy to be back for season 3! Thank you all for the support!   Sources: (1) https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/02/business/economy/zero-corporate-tax.amp.html#click=https://t.co/i9J3Scgn9v (2) https://youtu.be/8FtnwbVAj1E (3)https://youtu.be/kVxhNO6rrGM (4) https://www.taxpolicycenter.org/taxvox/corporate-taxes-are-they-fair-who-really-pays-them-and-when (5) https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/10/08/first-time-history-us-billionaires-paid-lower-tax-rate-than-working-class-last-year/ (6)https://americansfortaxfairness.org/tax-fairness-briefing-booklet/fact-sheet-corporate-tax-rates/ (7) https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2021/04/02/more-than-50-major-us-corporations-including-nike-and-fedex-paid-no-federal-taxes-last-year/?sh=612970f321d3 (8)https://www.investopedia.com/taxes/trumps-tax-reform-plan-explained/ (9)


6 Apr 2021

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The 511

We have good news & we have good news, what do you want to hear first? First, we're calling friends and taking predictions. This week we’re celebrating some huge developments in our government! A 1.9T stimulus packages , the George Flyod Police Reform bill has passed in Congress, & COVID-19 is on the decline. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it for you all. If you haven’t already, feel free to check out all 10 episodes of season 2. We will be back in two weeks! Love you all! This week's resources:  Executive Order on Economic Relief Related to COVID-19 Pandemic- https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/01/22/executive-order-economic-relief-related-to-the-covid-19-pandemic/ State of the State Address Video - https://youtu.be/3NhPB8pD08E Governor Newsom’s State of the State Address -https://www.gov.ca.gov/2021/03/09/governor-newsom-delivers-state-of-the-state-address-charting-californias-path-to-a-brighter-future/ George Floyd Justice in Policing Act- https://www.npr.org/2021/03/03/973111306/house-approves-police-reform-bill-named-after-george-floyd --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


16 Mar 2021

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I Love When Women-

Happy holiday to all the ladies! Much love to all of our listeners, but especially to our women on this lovely International Women’s Day! We're here with this early release episode to talk WWE (wins for women everywhere), Headliners, and women in the workforce. Have you ever been a victim of mansplaining? ….we’re here for you! Listen to our chat on mansplaining 101 and recap of a hit Netflix docuseries Explained, that covers “Why Women Are Paid Less”. This episode also features some honorable places you can get involved with during Women’s History Month. Tune in next week for our final episode of season 2! Dress For Success : https://sacramento.dressforsuccess.org--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


8 Mar 2021

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Statehood and Gerrymandering 101

Welcome back Platinum peeps! This week we take the time to breakdown the statehood stakes of Washington D.C. Although this may seem arbitrary, it’s has the potential be one of the biggest political shifts in modern America. Have you ever asked yourself “what is gerrymandering?” Well this ep we explain what it is and how it effects you! Thank you all for tuning in and we will see you all in 2 weeks! Make sure to email, dm, or call in any topics you’d like us to cover! Have a great week!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


24 Feb 2021

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Modern Day Reparations (pending...)

This week we wanted to honor Black History Month The Platinum Rule way! We thought it was important to provide a list of our favorite creators. These media accounts and educators share messages that pertain to black excellence, struggles, and social justice as a whole. We breakdown some BHM related headliners then go straight into our new segment! If you would like to participate in this new segment please visit the link below or email us your questions! Happy Black History Month! Creatives: TikTok- @jordxn.simone @cmdla Instagram- @chnge @mspackyetti @janayathefuture Voicemail link: https://anchor.fm/platinum-rule/message Email for questions or voice memo question submissions: platinumrulepodcast@gmail.com--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


16 Feb 2021

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