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The Gilded Thread

In The Gilded Thread, Irene O'Brien hears the story of her guest’s life so far, as told through their style memories. They share with Irene their earliest fashion memories, recall the outfits they wore at pivotal moments over the decades, and discuss what part style has played in their personal or professional lives.Social media:http://Instagram.com/ireneobrienstyle http://Twitter.com/ireneobrien http://Facebook.com/vintageirene

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6: The Deirdre Macken Episode

In episode six of The Gilded Thread – the final episode of series one – Irene speaks with Deirdre (Dee) Macken of Lucy's Lounge about her three-plus decades trading vintage fashion in Dublin and London. She recalls memories of developing her style during childhood shopping trip around The Liberties with her mum – and the rebellious dressing that followed, how her love of music shaped her personal style, setting up her first market in a broom cupboard in Dublin City Centre, and the love of individuality and creativity in others that continues to inspire her business today.

1hr 7mins

19 Oct 2018

Rank #1

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5: The Rosemary Smith Episode

In episode five of The Gilded Thread, Irene speaks with rally-car driver, trailblazer and former dress-designer Rosemary Smith. Rosemary shares with Irene her memories of designing clothes from a very early age to dress her beloved dolls, how this love of creating led to her excelling at The Grafton Academy and ultimately opening her own Dublin design studio. She recalls how a chance encounter with a customer led to her first rally drive and how her style made her stand out from her competitors long before she was winning accolades for her driving.


21 Sep 2018

Rank #2

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4: The Louis Copeland Episode

In episode four of The Gilded Thread, Irene speaks with master tailor and dapper Dublin gentleman, Louis Copeland. Louis chats to Irene about how an accidental landing in Cork by his Lithuanian grandfather was the beginning of the now famous family tailoring business, his memories of working in the Capel St. workshop as a young boy, how he appreciates Conor McGregor's influence on the evolution of young male style and how he found himself on the lawn of Buckingham Palace in the company of the queen.


7 Sep 2018

Rank #3

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3: The Olivia Tracey Episode

In episode three of The Gilded Thread, Irene speaks with model, actress, writer and original hyphenate, Olivia Tracey. Olivia chats to Irene about growing up in her stylish family, knowing her mind from an early age, she recalls first ever modelling job in Switzers window, the path that led her to Miss Ireland and shares how she enthusiastically welcomes every opportunity that comes her way in LA and in Ireland.

1hr 3mins

31 Aug 2018

Rank #4

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2: The Ann O'Brien Episode

In episode two of The Gilded Thread, Irene speaks with her mother - and original style icon - Ann O'Brien. Ann shares her memories of early dressing growing up as one of nine children in Co. Roscommon, how her move to Poole in Dorset aged 15 shaped her tastes and character, she discusses the arrival of short skirts and high heels, and meticulously recalls outfits that she wore at pivotal times in her life.

1hr 1min

24 Aug 2018

Rank #5

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1: The Celia Holman Lee Episode

In episode 1 of The Gilded Thread, Irene speaks with model, agent, stylist, tv presenter and columnist, Celia Holman Lee. With decades of experience in the fashion industry, Celia speaks to Irene about her early style inspiration, her start in modelling, the fashion business ups and downs she experienced over the years and how tenacity and a can-do attitude got her to the place she is today.


10 Aug 2018

Rank #6