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Life is hard and people are trash! but can you tell the people you meet during you week exactly what you think of them? No! You cannot! But we feel your pain and we are going to do something about it. Listen in while we say all the negative things that you have been thinking so that you don't have to. And we will do it while trying new wines and letting you know what wines you should drink with us! Your hosts and new-found friends; Andy, Geena, and Zane, have some things to get off their chests. And they are not shy about it.

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It is Friday again! And your hosts Andy, Geena and Zane have some things to get off their chests before the weekend.But not before they enjoy some wine.THIS WEEK WE ARE SPONSORED BY GOOD PAIR DAYS AND NAKED WINES!Wine Gallery is offering our listeners $25 off their first box using the code: glassofwhine at checkout. (That's whine with an "h" of course!)Naked Wines gives you direct access to over 55 of Australia and New Zealand's best winemakers.Want to check them out? Use code WHINE and password PODCAST or go to nakedwines.com.au/whine for a $100 voucher for anywhere on their site!See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Oct 2020

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