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Welcome to Frog's Taxidermy Adventures. I am Frog Mullis. I was born and raised in middle Georgia and in that time I have hunted most everything that walks the woods. I am the owner of Frogapos;s Buck Shop Taxidermy so you can see that the wildlife of Georgia is my life. If I am not mounting a trophy for someone then I am out pursuing one of my own. So come join me in my adventures! You can get watch the HD version of these hunts at www.FrogsTaxidermyAdventures.com and you can watch similiar videos on our hunting network at www.Hunt365.tv.

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How to Skin a Deer for a Shoulder Mount - Season 2, Webisode 7

Frog continues to give tips that help hunters and this webisode is no different. In this webisode, he shows you how to skin a deer for a shoulder mount. This is the best tutorial you will find on how to do this the correct way which will make your taxidermist happy. Watch and learn!


25 Nov 2013

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Wyoming Elk Hunting - Webisode 6, Season 2

Come join Frog and his elk hunting gang as they hunt public land to harvest several nice elk. Frog's 360 inch elk is a once in a lifetime accomplishment. Enjoy this webisode!


31 Oct 2013

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How to Cape a Deer Head - Webisode 3, Season 2

Frog shows you how to cape a deer head in this webisode. This is important because of new regulations concerning CWD. Watch this video to learn more.


25 Oct 2013

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How to Mount a Full Size Fawn - Part 2 - Webisode 4, Season 2

This webisode is a continuation of Frog demonstrating how to mount a lifed size piebald fawn.


28 Oct 2013

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Frog's Georgia 7 pt - Season 2, Webisode 10

In this webisode, Frog is back in Georgia as he harvests one of the bucks that he has been getting trail camera photos of.


12 Dec 2013

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Millennium Marine Seats - Season 2, Webisode 12

In this webisode, Frog and Toxie discuss the new marine seat by Millennium. Frog and his crew used this seat during their gator hunt with great results. Watch this video to learn more and to see a few clips of the gators that Frog and his crew got.


16 Dec 2013

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How to Mount a Full Size Fawn - Part 3 - Webisode 5, Season 2

This is the last part of a three part series of Frog mounting a life sized piebald fawn. Come watch this webisode as he puts the finishing touches on this beautiful and unique mount.


29 Oct 2013

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JJ & Rosie Deer Tracking with a Dog - Season 2, Webisode 11

Come join Frog and his dad (Bull Frog) as they have to call JJ & Rosie to help recover Bull Frog's 2nd bow killed buck. Learn some tips about tracking with a dog and how to contact someone with a dog should you ever need one. Enjoy this informative webisode.


13 Dec 2013

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How to Mount a Full Size Fawn - Part 1 - Webisode 2, Season 2

In this webisode, Frog is going to show you how to mount a life sized piebald fawn.


24 Oct 2013

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Rodney's Gator - Webisode 1, Season 2

Frog kicks off his second season with a gator hunt with good friend Rodney. Watch this webisode as they chase Georgia gators.


22 Oct 2013

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How to Remove a Wild Boar Shield - Season 1, Webisode 21

Come join Frog as he welcomes you into his shop to show how he removes a shield off of a wild boar. Many people struggle with these shields but as you will see, they can be taken off quite easily.


23 Apr 2013

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Deer Vocialization - Clicking and Snort/Wheeze - Season 1, Webisode 20

On this webisode, we will be discussing and listening to sounds that the whitetail deer make during the rut. The clicking , snort-wheeze and grunting was captured on video from this one buck in Ohio. Hunters can go a lifetime without hearing some of these vocalizations in the woods.


20 Mar 2013

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Gabriel's 1st Wild Boar - Season 1, Webisode 19

You have watched Gabriel get his first deer in Webisode 3, now follow along as he gets his first wild boar. We are hunting along the Ocmulgee River just outside of Abbeville, Georgia - the wild hog capital of Georgia. Come along and watch this exciting hunt.


24 Jan 2013

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Mr. 9 Goes Down - Season 1, Webisode 16

Come along with Frog on his 1st self filmed successful big buck hunt and see from the GoPro how difficult it is to film a hunt alone.


26 Nov 2012

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How to Clean/Skin an Alligator - Season 1, Webisode 14

Come learn how to skin an alligator and quarter up the meat to ready it for processing. This is how to prepare the skin for garment use tanning.


29 Oct 2012

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