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If you are a gym owner, nutrition coach or dietitian looking to build nutrition programs, the Grow Your Nutrition Business podcast will help. Nicole Aucoin, founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition, CrossFit HSN and HSN Mentoring, believes something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. Gym owners and dietitians should feel confident when working with clients to dial in their nutrition and take control of their health. Nicole and the HSN Mentoring team have helped over 650 gyms build successful nutrition programs through a process that is guided, tested and proven. If you are looking to make nutrition a core message in your business without reinventing the wheel, this is the podcast for you!

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#10: Diversifying Revenue Streams and Empowering Your Staff with Kevin Beamon

Kevin Beamon is a leader in the fitness industry space. When I think about fitness entrepreneurs who have built diversified revenue streams, he is the first person that comes to mind. He started as a CrossFit gym then expanding to offer dozens of different types of classes. He is not only a leader in the industry but he is a leader within his staff. About three years ago, he realized that he wanted to offer nutrition services beyond the standard challenge. He signed up for HSN Mentoring and went through the training with his nutrition coach, Jen. Since then they have built an incredible team of five, soon to be six, nutrition coaches. In this podcast, we discuss the road to diversifying revenue streams and most importantly how he has been able to scale his business by empowering his staff. Click to purchase Traction, the book referenced by Kevin and Nicole. Looking to build a nutrition business without reinventing the wheel? Book a free call today: https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/healthy-steps-consulting/ 


17 Feb 2020

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#15: TwoBrain Business Roadmap & The Coronavirus with Chris Cooper

In this episode, Chris Cooper and Nicole Aucoin talk about the newest release of the TwoBrain Roadmap, coronavirus and what it means for gyms owners. Lastly the Nutrition Business Live Workshop and TwoBrain Summit, weekend event hat brings gym owners around the world together to discuss best practices and network. Imagine a room filled with hundreds of gym owners eager to take their business to the next level, that is the Nutrition Business Live Workshop & TwoBrian Summit. For more information about TwoBrain Business, to book a free call and register for the Nutrition Business Live Workshop, click the link. https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/twobrain-business-roadmap-with-chris-cooper/. 


23 Mar 2020

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#13: Achieve More By Doing Less: The 3X3 Framework

As an entrepreneur, it is so easy to get overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list. This week, I have Blake Stratton on the podcast. He is a business consultant and trainer for Michael Hyatt and Co, one of my personal mentors. In this episode, we discuss the 3X3 framework, which has been a game changer for us at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ. To learn more about the 3x3 framework and the work Blake does with Michael Hyatt, check out their podcast: www.focusonthispodcast.com.


9 Mar 2020

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#11: Top 5 Nutrition Myths Busted

Today we are talking about the top myths that you might hear as a nutrition coach. The goal of this podcast bring light to these myths and how to respond to these top myths as a nutrition coach. Looking to build a nutrition business without reinventing the wheel? Book a free call today: https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/healthy-steps-consulting/. 


24 Feb 2020

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#9: Applying the StoryBrand Principles to Social Media

Building Your StoryBrand has gained massive traction over the years. I stumbled upon the book in 2018 and a lightbulb went off. Using story to make your business makes so much sense. No one knows this better than Clark Campbell and the RVRB team. They are a StoryBrand agency and are the brains behind the StoryBrand coverage during their live events on social. I would highly recommend reading the book. If you are looking for help with application of the framework in your gym, we can help! Sign up for the Nutrition Business Live Workshop on Friday, June 5th. It is a full-day of short seminars then practical application with the mentor team. Imagine a room full of 150 other business owners and nutrition coaches all looking to take their nutrition programs to the next level. That’s the live workshop! Register Here: https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/live-events/ 


10 Feb 2020

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#8: Building Your Brand with Caffeine and Kilos

Danny Lehr is the founder of CrossFit Excel and Caffeine and Kilos. He has built an amazing brand and loyal tribe at Caffein and Kilos. Today, we dive into building your brand and setting up partnerships. For more information about Caffeine and Kilos click here: https://shop.caffeineandkilos.com. If you are looking to add nutrition into your business, join us for a free webinar on Thursday, February 6th at 3PM EST. Register here: https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/free-help/. 


3 Feb 2020

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#12: CrossFit Games Athlete Turned Physician: Julie's Story

This week’s guest is Julie Foucher, CrossFit Athlete turned Trainer and most recently Physician. In this episode, we talk about her transition from a games athlete to a physician and her role with CrossFit training staff to teach the MD Level 1 Training Course. Julie has a passion for helping people achieve optimal wellness. We need more medical professionals out there who are willing to take the time and figure out the root cause and focus on prevention rather than giving medicine to cover up the symptoms. Julie and her husband Dani are going to do incredible things to build a healthier community. Make sure you check out Julie’s podcast, Pursuing Health. For more information about Julie, visit: www.juliefoucher.com. 


2 Mar 2020

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#14: The Evolution of Barbells for Boobs & The RAD Program

In this episode, Zionna Hanson, the founder of Barbells for Boobs, and Nicole Aucoin, discuss the evolution of Barbells for Boobs. They dive into the new direction at Barbells for Boobs and the RAD Nutrition Program powered by Healthy Steps Nutrition. As Zionna said, “We are there to support these women for life.” Click the link to learn how to apply, listen to Nicole on the Behind the Bra podcast, and support Barbells for Boobs: https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/barbells-for-boobs-rad-nutrition/


16 Mar 2020

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#37: 3 Strategies To Market Your Challenge

Today is the last of a 3-part series on nutrition challenges. In this episode, Jason and Nicole Aucoin talk about three strategies to market a nutrition challenge, how to practically apply this in your business to gain buy-in form existing members and how to attract members outside of your gym! Remember, a nutrition challenge is a great way to kick start a nutrition program, but individual coaching is where the magic happens. Make sure you check out Episode 35 and 36 to avoid the common pitfalls of nutrition challenges!


24 Aug 2020

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#21: Marketing with Mike Allen from Fitness Revolution

Mike Allen is the Director of Marketing at Fitness Revolution. Marketing is a piece of the puzzle that most gyms have stopped doing right now. Marketing goes beyond paid advertisements, it means positioning your brad in a way that potential new clients understand how you can help them in their current situation. Main topics discussed: - Marketing strategies— we discussed three 3 target audiences with your marketing strategies - What the biggest marketing mistake you're seeing during COVID-19? - What marketing channels are working right now in the industry? Visit www.frnation.com/hsn for Fitness Revolution's COVID-19 information. Remember to book your free call at www.growyournutritionbusiness.com.


4 May 2020

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#20: Turning an Obstacle Into An Opportunity with Nicole Aucoin & Ashley Osterman

The past few weeks feel like a whirlwind. We’ve all been forced to learn new things, communicate in different ways and support our tribes in ways we haven’t in the past. We’ve worked longer hours and harder than ever before. Life before the Coronavirus pandemic feels like so long ago but we are closer than ever to coming out the other side. In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Ashley Osterman discussing turning an obstacle into an opportunity. Main topics discussed: - How are nutrition coaches supporting their clients virtually - What we have done at HSN HQ and HSN Mentoring to support our clients and gyms using the platform - What new releases are coming out May 1st - What does the future look like for gyms as they start reopening You can’t control the events around you but you can control how you respond. Will you take action and turn this obstacle into an opportunity?


27 Apr 2020

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#19: Pivoting Your Gym with Chris Thorndike

In this episode, we have Chris Thorndike, the owner of LIV Athletic and Factory Forged on the podcast. He has been a great friend for years and has been able to transition quick in his gym as well as support gyms who are a part of the factory forged family, all while his wife, Stephanie was having their beautiful baby girl, Parker. Talk about added stress of building a virtual business overnight, helping hundreds of gyms do the same all while finding a new normal as a family of three. In this episode, we discuss— how to create a compelling offering, how to sell in a virtual space, what to think about when gyms start to reopen. Make sure to visit https://growyournutritionbusiness.com.


20 Apr 2020

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#18: Building Nutrition Into The Foundation of Cobra Command CrossFit

Gym owners needed to pivot quickly as they were forced to shut down their physical locations. To retain clients, gym owners need to be providing individualized support and community engagement. Jill and Meredith of Cobra Command CrossFit were able to pivot quickly and provide their clients with support and accountability virtually through nutrition coaching. Jill said, “Nutrition is finally the foundation of our gym.” Meredith has actually picked up new clients since moving to a virtual platform and she is not the only one. Today, we are diving into how they have built a nutrition program using the HSN Platform. Jill and Meredith work great together and listen for what Meredith did to gain momentum with nutrition only clients. Right now, this is a huge opportunity for gym owners. If you are unsure where to start when it comes to building a nutrition program, we can help! Book a free call today at https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/.


13 Apr 2020

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#17: Be Nimble & Strong with Dan Uyemura

Today, we have Dan Uyemura, the CEO of Push Press on the podcast. In this episode, we talk about how the coronavirus shut downs are effecting gyms and what they can do to be proactive to transition to a virtual platform and lead their communities. Dan talked about 3 buckets. Most gyms are focusing on the middle bucket and why we really need to focus on all 3. For more, visit https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/nimbe-and-strong-with-dan-uyemura/.


6 Apr 2020

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#16: Transitioning To A Virtual Platform with Kayla Pollock of Tri-Cities CrossFit

Gyms around the world are being forced to close their physical location. The leaders in the fitness space are embracing it and moving to a completely virtual platform. Today’s guest is Kayla Pollock from Tri-Cities CrossFit. Kayla has been using the HSN Mentoring platform to build a comprehensive nutrition program at Tri-Cities CrossFit. In this episode, we discuss exactly what they did to retain their clients and even add some new ones as they transitioned to a completely virtual platform. We also discuss how she converted 72% of her challenge participants to ongoing nutrition coaching after her most recent challenge. Free help for gym owners, go here: https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/get-free-help/. 


30 Mar 2020

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#7: 5 Tips for Healthy Families

Some of my first clients at HSN were kids and teens. Parents frustrated because eating turns into a fight with their kids or parents of athletes looking to skyrocket their teens performance through nutrition. Ashley has worked with many kids over the years and has completely revamped our kids nutrition training course for nutrition coaches running our program. Today, we are talking about 5 strategies for healthy families. If you are looking to add nutrition into your business, join us for a free webinar on Thursday, February 6th at 3PM EST. Register here: https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/free-help/.


27 Jan 2020

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#6: 5 Strategies to Grow Your Nutrition Program Without Spending a Dime

Rob Connors is the owner of Signum CrossFit. He has over 90% of new clients start with a nutrition package. Today, we are talking about 5 strategies to grow your nutrition program without spending a dime. Rob has used all of these strategies himself and guest what, they work! If you are looking to add nutrition into your business, join us for a free webinar on Thursday, February 6th at 3PM EST. Register here: https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/free-help/. 


20 Jan 2020

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#5: Adding Nutrition into a Chiropractic Office

Chiropractors arguably have more nutrition education than most physicians in medical school. The problem is most are unsure how to integrate nutrition coaching into their business. Chad T started Code Chiro with the vision of helping people live their healthiest life and knew nutrition had to be part of his core offerings. He partnered with HSN Mentoring to provide the systems and structure to implement nutrition programming, hired a rockstar nutrition coach and is now building a thriving nutrition program. Hear his story. For more info about Code Chiro visit: https://codechiro.com. If you are looking to add nutrition into your business, visit https://growyournutritionbusiness.com for free help and to book a free call!


13 Jan 2020

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#4: 3 Ways to Increase Conversion to Individual Coaching After a Nutrition Challenge

Every gym is running a challenge in January, which is a great way to kickstart a program. The problem is most gyms stop the conversation of nutrition after the challenge is over. In this podcast, Lindsay and Nicole discuss 3 ways to increase conversion to ongoing coaching after a challenge is over. If you are looking to build your business beyond a nutrition challenge, we can help! Visit https://growyournutritionbusiness.com for free help and to book a free call!


6 Jan 2020

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#3: Effective Nutrition Coaching with Precision Nutrition

Healthy Steps Nutrition partnered with Precision Nutrition in 2018 to provide additional support for nutrition coaches. In this episode, Nicole interviews one of the PN Master Coaches, Dominic Matteo, on becoming an effective nutrition coach. We discuss tips for new coaches and one of the biggest mistakes we see new coaches make. With the partnership, you can sign up for the PNL1 course at anytime. Nutrition coaches using the HSN platform receive a discount on the PNL1 course. For more information about the PNL1 course, visit https://growyournutritionbusiness.com/product/pn-public/. 


30 Dec 2019

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