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Studieaux Life- Yoga Things and Other Things

Emily and Taylor, owners of The Studieaux, a unique yoga, movement, and meditation studio and therapy space in quirky St. Petersburg, Florida, navigate their way through yoga, life, and entrepreneurship. They laugh and share what they've learned alongside a talented squad of characters and guests.

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Merge: The Practice- Changing the Way We Think About Movement

Eric Toher and Crystal Palermo, creators of Merge: The Practice, introduce their groundbreaking principles and movement practice. Merge is rooted in an anatomical perspective focused on fascia, and teaches us how to move smarter and more efficiently to create balance within the body. Merge's principles can be used on their own or combined with any movement format to help increase stability and reduce pain and risk of injury. The movements feel GOOD and familiar to the body. 


17 Apr 2019

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Tai Chi, Mindfulness, & Best of the 90s with Shahar Kovetz

Shahar Kovetz is an Israeli-born martial arts and yoga prodigy who we are delighted to call our Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor at The Studieaux. He makes Tai Chi and discipline accessible in a way that only Shahar can by drawing parallels to favorite 90s movies and TV shows. We also hear from Brad Beatty of LiFE Media and his daughter, Lilly, 9 year old CEO of Saving Lillian Bay, as they weigh in about what Tai Chi has done to enrich their lives. 


24 Apr 2019

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Intro to Shamanism with Ashley Willis

Ashley Willis, The Studieaux's resident Shamanic Facilitator and amazing yoga teacher lays out an intro to the world of shamanism. Far more than just drumming and plant medicine, Ashley breaks down the world's most ancient spiritual practice in a way that is relatable and suggest practical ways to incorporate shamanism into your daily life. Emily and Taylor also share their personal experiences with shamanic work done with Ashley and how it has enriched their lives and helped with business decisions. 


22 Apr 2019

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(Grain Free Dairy Free) Eating With Amy and Coffee Chats

Emily and Taylor sit down with @yoga_with_amy and get real about their grain free dairy free, or paleo eating lifestyles. Amy shares some of her Life Hacks and Pro Tips for keeping your nutrition clean, even on the go and out to eat. Of course, we never take anything too seriously at The Studieaux, so you'll also get to listen in on our coffee chats about mukbangs, Game of Thrones, American Psycho, and some other goodies. Get The Studieaux's 30 Day Grain Free/Dairy Free Meal plan here.


1 May 2019

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Guardians of the Earth with Pam Woznicki of Earth Care Ministry

Pam Woznicki, energy worker and activist local to us in St. Petersburg, Florida, visited The Studieaux for a chat. We talk about the path to spiritual awakening, connecting with nature and with the self via meditation, and about Pam's work with Earth Care Ministry and First Unity Spiritual Center. We also discuss bridging the generational gap within environmental activism. If you'd like to learn more about Earth Care Ministry, email:1stunityearthcare@gmail.com


29 Apr 2019

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