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Retail is constantly moving as consumer behaviour changes. This is a podcast dedicated to just this. Join us each week as we interview one of Australia's best retailers to understand how they are succeeding and then draw insights into the changing world of retail. RetailOasis is Australia's leading retail consultancy, and a registered B-Corporation. Season 2 is proudly sponsored by Afterpay.

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Ep. 42 - Ryan Edelmuth, General Manager at Stylerunner

In today’s episode we talk to Ryan Edelmuth, the General Manager at Stylerunner.Founded in 2012, Stylerunner was the first online retailer of its kind globally, and it helped pioneer the category of premium, luxe activewear that has become a worldwide sensation.Underpinned by a love of fashion and fitness, Stylerunner brings a curation of top tier sportswear from the world’s biggest brands, as well as the latest, most stylish emerging sportswear labels from around the globe.Whilst the brand was founded by sisters Julie and Sali Stevanja, Stylerunner was acquired by Accent Group in November of 2019, making it part of one of Australia’s largest and most awarded retail groups, dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience.After 8 years offering online only, Ryan and Julie have worked together to launch 3 bricks and mortar stores across Australia, with more than 11 in the pipeline!During our conversation with Ryan, we discuss:How the Stylerunner brand went from going into administration to turning things around so successfully in 3 years;The launch of their private label, named Stylerunner the label, and how their customers reacted;Their push into physical retail and plans to open 11 more stores across Australia and New Zealand;The importance of ‘stores as an experience’ to the Styelrunner brand and how their new stores embody this;How Stylerunner acquires new international and up-and-coming brands and the role of customer feedback;The significance of social media and influencers;New strategies COVID forced upon to the Styelrunner business and the success they saw through 2020 due to the rise in loungewear;And finally, what the future holds for the Stylerunner brand. A huge thank you to Ryan for joining us. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEIf you would like to learn more about Ryan and StylerunnerStylerunnerRyan Edelmuth (LinkedIn)Stylerunner (LinkedIn)  Stylerunner (Instagram)Stylerunner (Facebook)


9 Jun 2021

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Ep. 41 - Roman Jewell, CEO and Founder of Fix & Fogg

In today’s episode we talk to Roman Jewell, the CEO and Founder of Fix & Fogg.Fix & Fogg began around 7 years ago when Roman and his wife, Andrea, decided to swap the corporate lifestyle for a labour of love– creating and selling a product they had a real passion for – nut butter. They had the vision of creating something meaningful and sustainable, all while being seriously delicious! Fast forward to today where Fix & Fogg have 3 physical “retail windows” in Auckland, Welling and Houston (Texas), they’re stocked in America’s second largest natural grocer, Spouts Farmers Market, and this week, they’re launching in Australia’s very own Woolworths.During our conversation with Roman, we discuss:His motivation for creating the company and how it began;Their successful distribution deal with Sprouts Farmers Market and further plans for expansion into the US;Opening “retail windows” as a pose to full physical retail offerings and the purpose behind this move;Their latest distribution deal with Woolworths in Australia;Fix & Fogg’s journey to becoming NZ’s first certified food B Corp;And finally, what the future holds for his business. A huge thank you to Roman for joining us. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEIf you would like to learn more about Roman and Fix & Fogg:Fix & FoggRoman Jewell (LinkedIn)Fix & Fogg (LinkedIn)  Fix & Fogg (Instagram)Fix & Fogg (Facebook)Get your hands on some Fix & Fogg here or head in to your closest Woolworths store!


2 Jun 2021

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Ep. 40 - Adam Gam, CMO & VP at Perfect Corp.

In today’s episode we talk to Adam Gam, the Chief Marketing Officer and VP at Perfect Corp.Perfect Corp. is a technology business that aims to transform the beauty industry by marrying the highest level of augmented reality (“AR”) and artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology with the ultimate shopping experience, completely reinventing, and revolutionising the consumer beauty journey. Their cutting-edge makeup technology allows for virtual makeup trials, hair colour and accessory try-ons, and skincare diagnostics, with over 900 million downloads globally to date.Perfect Corp. work with huge names across multiple industries, such as Estée Lauder, Benefit, Nude by Nature, Bobby Brown, Mineral Fusion, Amazon’s Wholefoods, Snap Chat, Paramount Pictures, Shopify, L’Oréal and many more.During today’s episode with Adam, we discuss:The advanced technology Perfect Corp. created, how it works and who benefits from integrating this try on technology;Their partnership with Mineral Fusion inside Wholefoods;Their longstanding partnership with Paramount Pictures and how they collaborated on the launch of the new Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run;COVID as an accelerator to customers using their technology;His advice for start ups in the technology space;And, finally, what the future holds for Perfect Corp.A huge thank you to Adam for joining us. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEIf you would like to learn more about Adam and Perfect Corp.:Perfect Corp.Adam Gam (LinkedIn)Perfect Corp. (LinkedIn)  Beauty Tech: The Complete Guide 2021  


26 May 2021

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Ep. 39 - Hannah Mellsop, CEO at Real Rad Food

In today’s episode we talk to Hannah Mellsop, the CEO at Real Rad Food (RRF) – a New Zealand made and operated health food company.As a passionate plant-based creative, Hannah began making healthy treats as a creative outlet, and after gaining popularity, she began sharing these treats to Instagram as a way to meet more like-minded people.The more Hannah shared, the more she realised she was becoming part of a greater movement, a movement towards real food and conscious consumption. These two values became the foundation for Real Rad Food, which Hannah made an official brand in 2017. Since then, Real Rad Food has grown from just Hannah selling her creations at local markets, to a team of 5 that provide for over 80 cafes and grocers around New Zealand, and an online store that delivers to the doors of Kiwis everyday. and more recently, Real Rad Food raw mixes are now sold in over 40 Supermarkets across New Zealand!During our conversation with Hannah, we discuss:The motivation behind creating RRF and what is like being a CEO at the ripe age of just 21;The role social plays within her business and just how important her online community is to the success and growth of her business;How RRF pivoted during NZ’s first level 4 lock down during 2020 and how she found opportunity in the chaos;Creating and formulating her own hormonal protein powder and the fantastic success stories she's had from her customers;RRF’s partnership with New World and how this opportunity came about;Brands she partners with personally, and how she chooses who to work with in line with her values;Her advice to start ups;And, finally, what the future holds for RRF and the importance of brand values. A huge thank you to Hannah for joining us. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEIf you would like to learn more about Hannah and Real Rad Food:Real Rad FoodReal Rad Food (Instagram)Hannah Mellsop (Instagram)Real Rad Food (Facebook)


19 May 2021

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Ep. 38 - Elliot Midalia & Shaun Greenblo, Co-Managing Directors at Boody

In today’s episode we talk to Elliot Midalia and Shaun Greenblo, the joint Managing Directors of Boody.Boody is an Australian owned and run business who design and sell soft and functional everyday essentials made from organic bamboo. They offer affordable and luxuriously soft basics, designed to stand the test of time and be worn often while treading as lightly as possible on the planet and its resources. Through popularity and customer inspiration, the brand has continued to expand its offering. Their collections have expanded to the entire wardrobe; including socks, underwear, tops, and leggings, and recently, they launched their own activewear and lounge collections: Boody Active and Boody Lounge. During our conversation today with Shaun and Elliot we discuss:The businesses creation and how the brand has grown with the customer and the changing of hands from the “Founder Father’s” to their sons;The importance and significance of using Bamboo as their material of choice, and the benefits this has on the planet;Their professional backgrounds and how past experience in business lead to their ongoing success at Boody;The challenges that Boody faced during 2020;Continued international expansion and the struggles in going global;And , finally, what The future holds for Boody.A huge thank you to Elliot and Shaun for joining us. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEIf you would like to learn more about Shaun & Elliot and Boody:BoodyBoody (Instagram)Elliot Midalia (LinkedIn)Shaun Greenblo  (LinkedIn)Boody (LinkedIn)


12 May 2021

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Ep. 37 - Matt Alexander, Co-Founder & CEO at Neighborhood Goods

In today’s episode we talk to Matt Alexander who is the Co-founder & CEO at Neighborhood Goods.Neighborhood Goods is a new type of department store, featuring an ever-changing landscape of thoughtful, exciting, and contemporary brands, stories, and events. More than that, Neighborhood Goods strives to be a place for community, bringing people together to shop, eat, discover, and learn across their growing number of stores throughout the country. They currently have 3 stores across the US – One in New York’s Chelsea Markets, one in Austin and one in Plano. Plus, they have big plans to continue their expansion across the US and internationally.Matt is also the co-founder of not-for-profit retail experiment, Unbranded, an advisor to a number of start-ups and accelerators, a member of SMU's Executive Board, and also co-hosts Bonanza! on Relay FM. During our conversation today we discuss:The motivation behind creating Neighborhood Goods;The unique relationship between brands and store and how these relationships come about;Upcoming brand partnerships and store openings;The strategies and plans Matt implemented during the height of the pandemic;Team culture and how this is maintained whilst working remotely And finally, what the future holds for Neighborhood Goods.A huge thank you to Matt for joining us. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEIf you would like to learn more about Matt and Neighborhood Goods:Neighborhood GoodsNeighborhood Goods (Instagram)Matt Alexander  (LinkedIn)Neighborhood Goods (LinkedIn)


5 May 2021

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Ep. 36 - Andrew Davies, CEO at B Lab Australia and New Zealand

In today’s episode we talk to Andrew Davies.Andrew is the CEO at B Lab Australia and New Zealand, who's aim is to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. They are leaders in economic systems change, their global network creates standards, policies, and tools for business, and they certify companies—known as B Corps.During our conversation with Andrew, we discuss:What B Corps are and what the certification process looks like;How and why you would become one;The meeting of capitalism and sustainability (and how they are mutually beneficial);How accelerated consumer behaviour increase the number of businesses applying for certification;Interesting brands and business who recently joined, such The Body Shop, Aesop, Citizen Wolf and Good Day Girl;And what the future holds for B Lab.A huge thank you to Andrew for joining us once again. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEIf you would like to learn more about Andrew and B Lab:B CorporationB Corporation Australia & NZ (Instagram)B Lab (Instagram)Andrew Davies  (LinkedIn)B Lab Australia and New Zealand (LinkedIn)McKinsey Report - Purpose: Shifting from why to howTorrens University: Introduction to B CorpsAustralian Institute of Company Directors - "Directors must face the challenge of serving all stakeholders"


28 Apr 2021

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Ep. 35 - Laura Beres, Sr. Director, Strategic Portfolio Delivery at Ulta Beauty

In today’s episode we talk to Laura Beres.Laura is the Senior Director of Strategic Portfolio Delivery at Ulta Beauty. This is the second time Laura has been a guest on our podcast, but boy, have Ulta been busy in the 7th months since we last spoke. During our conversation with Laura, we discuss:Ulta Beauty latest partnership with TerraCycle called “Loop by Ulta Beauty” where customers can access beauty and person care products in returnable packing;The latest on their Conscious Beauty by Ulta Beauty Program, where the brand has pushed into clean beauty;Opening physical stores during a pandemic;Their exciting partnership with Target and how this is being rolled out across more than 100 stores during 2021;And lastly, we discuss what the future holds for Ulta Beauty.A huge thank you to Laura for joining us once again. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEIf you would like to learn more about Laura and Ulta Beauty:Ulta BeautyLoop by Ulta BeautyConscious Beauty by Ulta BeautyUlta Beauty (Instagram)Laura Beres  (LinkedIn)Ulta Beauty (LinkedIn)


21 Apr 2021

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Ep. 34 - Kristy Chong, Founder & CEO of Modibodi

In today’s episode we talk to Kristy Chong, the Founder and CEO of Modibodi.Modibodi began in late 2013 after almost 2 year of testing and fine-tuning the Modibodi product. Kristy consulted with over to 100 textile engineers and fibre companies both in the USA and Australia, and conducted close to 1,000 scientific tests. Plus, the company worked with leading Australian lingerie designers and manufacturers to create their patented finished product – good looking, sustainable, comfortable, leak-proof, period underwear! Modibodi has come a long way since then – they now make 8 different styles of underwear, with varying absorbencies, as well as sleepwear, maternity wear, activewear and now swimwear! During our conversation today we talk to Kristy about:Modibodi committing to ending Period Poverty through their “Give a Pair” campaign where they will be donating 100,000 pairs of period undies;Their launch of activewear and how their customers responded;New products they have in the works;Changing consumer behaviour due to COVID and how this drove sales;The challenges Modibodi faced whilst trading through a pandemic;Facebook banning their recent campaign “The New Way to Period” and how a topic that should be normalised has become forbidden – and how the affects future generations.And lastly, Kristy gives her advice to start-ups wanting to enter the retail game.A huge thank you to Kristy for joining us. We hope you enjoy this conversation…SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEIf you would like to learn more about Kirsty and Modibodi:ModibodiModibodi (Instagram)Kristy Chong  (LinkedIn)Modibodi (LinkedIn)


14 Apr 2021

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Ep. 33 - Erica Berchtold, CEO at THE ICONIC

In today’s episode we talk to Erica Berchtold.Erica is the CEO of Australian online marketplace, THE ICONIC.THE ICONIC was launched in 2011 and has quickly become the number one online destination for fashion and lifestyle purchases both here in Australia and New Zealand. They carry over 60,000 items from over 1000 well-known brands across such categories as Women’s, Men’s, Kids, Beauty, and more recently, toys.During our conversation with Erica, we discuss the challenges COVID brought to the business and what strategies were put in place to solve these problems. We also talk about COVID as an accelerator, the possibility of THE ICONIC moving into the rental market, and their recent crowing as Best Online Retailer of 2021. Erica also discusses their charity partnership with Thread Together, how launching beauty took off with their customers, their plans for a sustainable, diverse and inclusive future and, finally, her advice for businesses looking to enter the retail game.A huge thank you to Erica for joining us. We hope you enjoy this conversation!SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EPISODEIf you would like to learn more about Erica and THE ICONIC:THE ICONICTHE ICONIC (Instagram)THE ICONIC MEN (Instagram)THE ICONIC SPORT (Instagram)THE ICONIC KIDS (Instagram)THE ICONIC BEAUTY (Instagram)Erica Berchtold  (LinkedIn)THE ICONIC (LinkedIn)


7 Apr 2021

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