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The Life Purpose Advisor Podcast asks spiritual leaders and difference makers the deep questions around living a life of purpose, meaning and joy. We discuss their life purpose, spirituality, personal growth, spiritual practice, aha moments and life lessons.

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53: Molly Morrissey: Leading Your Way with Astrology

In this episode, Molly Morrissey discusses her experiences as an architecture student in England, a boat captain on a ship, and an astrologer, and how following her curiosity has lead her to discover her purpose. "If you want to do it, you'll figure it out. You have to be willing to follow your curiosity. Hard work is not a bad thing. Messy work is not a deterrent. Be willing to slow down long enough to figure out where your curiosity is living.”– Molly Morrissey About Molly Morrissey Molly Morrissey is a traditional astrologer and resilience coach. She works with inquisitive, contemplative professionals who are ready to build more resilience so they can interact fully with their lives. Her work helps the client find a deeper sense of understanding about themselves and their life patterns by unearthing and connecting clues found in their birth chart, their family-and-cultures-of-origin, their emotions, beliefs, intuition, and thoughts. She helps them integrate a structured approach for engaging and responding to their lives with more accuracy and depth. With a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science in coaching and counseling from Bastyr University/LIOS and astrological training with master astrologer John Frawley, Molly also incorporates backgrounds in architecture and the marine industry into her unique offerings. Molly, her man and her cat split their time between Taos, New Mexico and San Diego, California. She loves walking, big storms, anything to do with the ocean, big cabs, dark chocolate, and spicy red chili – sometimes ALL at the same time. ....In this show….Molly Morrissey's Life Purpose "Resilience" and to help people get through without feeling like their settling.Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments For the first time in her life, Molly Morrissey, in her late 30's, did not know what she wanted to accomplish next in her life. After many adventures, she realized that she loved having conversations with people and had an idea to pursue communication. Molly saw a counselor and during her sessions, she knew she wanted to do something similar. She signed up for a program to receive her Masters of Art in Applied Behavioral Sciences to align her career with her purpose.Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose After returning to America from her architecture studies in England, Molly did not want to return to school because of a negative experience. Instead, she followed her curiosity and volunteered for a boat organization, which eventually led to receiving a captain's license. In the late 1990's, she started taking yoga classes where she learned about the chakra system. It was her first introduction to self awareness and knowing internal patterns. Molly took a job as a boat captain and first mate on a ship that sailed to Alaska, during which she constantly used her observation abilities through all of her senses. This time in pristine wilderness proved to her that she could go on big adventures. She learned that just because something is difficult, it does not mean there cannot be bliss or satisfaction. Learning about symbols in space through architecture and symbols on maps for boat navigation lead Molly to pursue astrology; symbols on paper that show patterns in the universe that can help people understand themselves better.Spiritual Belief She was raised in a Irish Catholic family, however, living in her town of Olympia, Washington gave her a variety of spiritual perspectives. Believes in a higher power that she refers to as God, but is open to the many names that other people may like to call "He, She, or It." "Faith is a daily practice of learning how to risk."Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice To remind herself daily of how life is gift.Molly Morrissey's Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth"If you want to do it, you'll figure it out. You have to be willing to follow your curiosity. Hard work is not a bad thing. Messy work is not a deterrent. Be willing to slow down long enough to figure out where your curiosity is living."Interview Links and Special Offers from this Episode Molly Morrissey's website First five listeners to contact Molly Morrissey and mention the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast will receive 20% off a birth chart consult. Subscribe to the Life Purpose Advisor PodcastTo subscribe and review the Life Purpose Advisor podcast on iTunes.  Click here.  (Your reviews keep us growing so you’ll hear more great stories from difference makers.)

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2 Nov 2015

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52: J V Crum III: A Conscious Millionaire's Life Purpose

In this episode, J V Crum III discusses what it means to live in the flow and how doing so can bring financial and emotional abundance.  “The only way I know to live in the flow is to let go of control. You are not in control, but you are connecting with perfect timing all around you, which is a better experience once you learn to do it." – J V Crum III About J V Crum III J V Crum III, JD, MBA, became a self-made entrepreneur millionaire in his twenties. He is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, certified business coach, licensed attorney, serial entrepreneur, Huffington Post Columnist on conscious business, and is host of the #1 Ranked “Conscious Millionaire Podcast”, which is broadcast M-F. He is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC, a global entrepreneur business coaching, training, and wealth-product business. ....In this show….J V Crum III's Life Purpose To connect with people and make a positive impact. To help people find their potential, connect with it, and give them the tools to help them do something with it.Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments J V Crum lived in Central Florida where he saw his family and town struggle financially. At the age of 5, in a visionary way, he decided he was going to be a millionaire. J V felt he changed at a cellular level at that moment and never doubted he would, indeed, become a millionaire. After telling his parents his plan, his mom shook her finger at him and told him not to tell anyone. His mom's reaction made J V Crum realize that his parents' beliefs tied money with evil; this realization freed him from this idea and allowed money to flow in positively for the rest of his life.Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose When J V  was "cash-broke" in his 40's, he took time to meditate and thoroughly analyze society. There were many options J V Crum could have chosen to increase his cash flow, but he did not want to choose an option that contributed to a system that J V Crum felt needed to change. During this time, he was able to disconnect his level of happiness from his bank account level and make decisions based on his purpose. J V Crum sought to live at the Buddhist monastery to become the perfect meditator, only to learn that there is no perfect meditator. Instead, J V learned that mediation is a practice of being present, not being perfect, which he now applies to the rest of his life. J V bought a thousands of bottles of wine to collect, but owning so much wine made him rethink what he really needed. He has resold most of his wine and is continuing to do so now. During a getaway in nature, J V followed an intuition to build an enormous fire instead of following the plans he had set for his trip. In the flames, J V Crum saw visions of his purpose, which became his 3 programs to help others. J V Crum describes this experience as purifying and transformative. His dad's recent death led J V to emotionally eat and gain weight, which has been his escape from fear and loneliness many times in his life. After looking in the mirror, J V decided to do the deep healing that was underlying his weight gain.Spiritual Belief Believes in something beyond what is conceptual- whether it is called an infinite field, God, higher power, or anything else. We can only experience what is beyond concept, not describe it. The infiniteness that we experience is difficult to be explained or written down, because by doing so we are putting filters on it. We connect with the infinite energy when we are with the flow.Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice Journal Meditate and be consciousJ V Crum III's Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth"Live your truth."Interview Links and Special Offers from this Episode J V Crum III's website Don't miss J V's free ebook.  Click here to sign up today.    Subscribe to the Life Purpose Advisor PodcastTo subscribe and review the Life Purpose Advisor podcast on iTunes.  Click here.  (Your reviews keep us growing so you’ll hear more great stories from difference makers.)

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31 Oct 2015

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51: Mark Haffner: The Life Purpose of an Emmy-Award Winning Musician

In this episode, Mark Haffner plays several of the songs he has written as we discuss his life as an Emmy-Award winning composer, music producer and story teller, the power of believing in yourself, creativity, podcasting and the gift of fatherhood.  “If you're not doing it in a loving way, why aren't you?”– Mark HaffnerAbout Mark HaffnerMark Haffner is a storyteller and producer, an Emmy-Award winning composer, lyricist, and writer.  He is passionate about all things having to do with creativity and encouraging and nurturing self-expression in artists, writers, musicians, performers, and the everyday person. ....In this show….Mark Haffner's Life Purpose To help people see the potential he sees in them.Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments Success in music at age 15 gave Mark the belief that he could make a life with music. This began when his teenage rock band was featured on the radio and was offered record deals. Also, his successful motivational songs "A Dream In The Making" and "Sky's The Limit" were written during this early time.Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose Mark Haffner worked in the music industry creating messages for others and not for himself. Working for corporations and doing things he didn't really believe in led him to do self-exploration and go "down the rabbit hole." This search led him to discover the language to express himself, which he felt he was unable to do before. Because he wasn't happy with his kids' childhood experiences in LA, Mark moved to Florida and worked remotely. This allowed him to be present for his kids while still pursuing his career in music. In 2010, Mark Haffner went through a divorce. In this marriage, he let his wife make all the decisions. After spending time out of the relationship, Mark Haffner reclaimed responsibility of his own life and his children's. He discovered an ability to relay peacefulness while he watched his daughter's interaction with their family dog. This ability to communicate through touch brought him closer to his realization that love is the answer. Realizing at age 49, that he was living the happy life that he'd maybe been waiting for all his life.  Mark attributes starting to love again, helping others and diving into work he loves to this happiness.Spiritual Belief Believes that a higher power is something that connects us all, and we all need to be aware of that as one. The idea of one is important because of the connectivity of all living things.Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice Journal Find time to be with yourselfMark Haffner's Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth"Believe in yourself and you can do anything you want to do."Interview Links and Special Offers from this Episode Contact Mark Haffner: mark@markhaffner.com www.TheMarkHaffnerShow.com  (Coming Soon) Mark Haffner's YouTube Mark Haffner's Twitter: @MHprod Recommended Books: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle  Subscribe to the Life Purpose Advisor PodcastTo subscribe and review the Life Purpose Advisor podcast on iTunes.  Click here.  (Your reviews keep us growing so you’ll hear more great stories from difference makers.)

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23 Oct 2015

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50: Angie Swartz: The Life Purpose of Seeing the Truth of Others

In celebration of 50 episodes in just nine months, Angie Swartz, the host of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast, jumps into the hotseat and answers the same deep questions she asks of her weekly guests. Friend and colleague Michael Neeley steps in as Guest Host. Angie discusses transitioning from a corporate job to a career that is aligned with her purpose, how hints at her purpose have always shown up and how her values and lifestyle have changed. "Sometimes you have to slow down to catch up and our lives move so quickly that that's indeed true.  It's hard to grow if there's no room for it.  It's hard to make change in your life if you don't make space for something new to come in." – Angie SwartzAbout Angie SwartzAngie Swartz is a coach and the host of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast.  You can read more about Angie in her full Bio here. ....In this show….Angie Swartz' Life Purpose To live a fully expressed life of joy and happiness, and to really see the truth of others and help them see that in themselves.Life Purpose Ah-Ha MomentsAngie discusses how several major Ah-Ha moments contributed to moving her along toward her life purpose: While working in a fast-paced, high pressure position in the telecommunications industry, Angie became pregnant then had a miscarriage.  This experience caused Angie to begin to evaluate her priorities and life goals. Angie surprisingly resigned from her job and took a 6 month sabbatical with plans to look for another similar corporate position. At the end of the sabbatical, Angie became pregnant again with her daughter who is now ten.Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose As a child, Angie found herself wanting to have deeper conversations with her friends about their parents, winning a speech contest, and being a writer. These events are a few of the natural happenings that hinted at Angie's life purpose at a young age. In college, Angie worked as a mentor for underprivileged youth, helping them to see bigger version and the possibilities of their lives. This was one of the first forms of coaching Angie experienced without realizing that she was, indeed, coaching. After working for 25 years with a MBA and a CPA license, Angie left her corporate job in 2003. She would work very hard to go on wonderful week long vacations around the world and "experience life", only to return to a job that she was not happy in. Instead of separating work and life, Angie now incorporates true living into every day, including when she works.Spiritual Belief Angie believes there is one God, regardless of religion. It is the same God manifesting on earth in a different form.  “Life is designed to get continually better throughout our lives. We're here to have a fantastic experience on earth and we're in charge of our lives. Whatever we choose to go after, whatever our goals are, those are the things that are going to show up.”– Angie SwartzRecommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice Meditation, prayer and energy work. Be mindful. Take the time to be present in each moment. Journal. Spend time in nature. YogaAngie Swartz's Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth"Life is to be lived and deeply experienced. We can be and do anything that we want. Happiness and deep joy are there just waiting for us if we commit to what it is that we want and do the work to get there, and invite the divine in to help us."Interview Links and Special Offers from this Episode Angie Swartz' website Visit the site for a free self-study, Four Essential Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose including 7 lessons sent to your email. It will not be free for long! Michael Neeley's Interview on The Life Purpose Advisor Podcast Angie Swartz Interview of The Consciously Speaking Podcast Recommended Sources Insight Timer App for Smart Phones The Seven Whispers by Christina Baldwin Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss A Sincere Thank You to Michael Neeley My deepest gratitude to Michael Neeley contributing as the guest host of this interview.  His talented interviewing style and conscious approach largely contributed to the success of the interview.  Thank you, Michael! Subscribe to the Life Purpose Advisor PodcastTo subscribe and review the Life Purpose Advisor podcast on iTunes.  Click here.  (Your reviews keep us growing so you’ll hear more great stories from difference makers.)


14 Oct 2015

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49: Christina Baldwin: The Life Purpose of a Spiritual Storyteller

Christina Baldwin discusses the power of storytelling, journaling and holding circle (The Circle Way Process); the story of how her influential book, The Seven Whispers, was birthed, and living the unconventional life.  “Let's be a community. Let's know one another. Let's tell one another enough true story about who we are that we break the pattern. We have a synergistic energy that makes us dynamic and powerful.”– Christina BaldwinAbout Christina BaldwinChristina Baldwin is a writer, wanderer, teacher on the trail of community and story; she is co-founder, with Ann Linnea, of PeerSpirit,Inc. and The Circle Way Process, bringing modern structure and application to the human heritage of circle. Christina is the author of 7 books, including (with Ann) The Circle Way, A Leader in Every Chair; Storycatcher; Life’s Companion; Calling the Circle; and The Seven Whispers, Spiritual Practice for Times Like These. She works cross-culturally and internationally instilling circle process wherever it can flourish and in the Art of Hosting network. ....In this show….Christina Baldwin's Life Purpose To share stories and help people realize that we can take action between the borders of our lives and the bigger story.Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments As a 10 year old in the 4th grade, Christina Baldwin read two stories in the paper about wheat surplus in America and starvation in India. She shared her idea about sending the surplus wheat to India to her father, who explains to her that "that's not how the world works". Christina Baldwin's heart broke when she was told that wheat was pushed into the sea, but then decided at this early age that she wanted a world where these kinds of events didn't happen anymore.Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose In high school, Christina Baldwin was moved by the diary of Anne Frank. She learned from Anne Frank's life that even if you don't survive, your story can. Because this was during the time of  the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and threats of WWIII, Christina Baldwin took her own diary, Anne Frank's diary, a couple of Life Magazines, Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Bible, and buried it in a bank box in the woods. This was a moment she linked her own life to the larger story.  She knew then that her life's work was going to be to save the story and to help everyone live their true story. In college, Christina Baldwin took a course called "Man And His World", which taught about peace activism and feminism. She then became a different kind of woman than how she had been raised and what she saw in the rest of the world. She carried her new sense of feminism into her literature course, in which her professor challenged her to relate each novel to feminism. This gave Christina Baldwin the ability to look at the world through a lens without being consumed by it. At the age of 30, Christina Baldwin went to a writers conference and was given a 15 minute time slot to talk about the importance of journaling. She offered to speak more about the subject after the prevention in a conference room, and forty women showed up. The organizer of the conference encouraged Christina Baldwin to write a book about journaling. This lead Christina to write her first book "One to One: Self-Understanding Through Journal Writing." This topic was so new, that the Library of Congress created a new category for it.Spiritual Belief "Yes"  (Listen for details) Raised in a liberal and loving aspect of Protestant Christianity and thinks of Jesus as a profound teacher and healer Considers herself to be "Episcopagan" We show up with aspects of the divine radiating out of ourselves over and over again. Defines God as "what happens in the space between. God is what is happening between the whirling atoms that create this whole universe. God is what is happening in the space between you and me when we are in heart space. God is when I really see creation and am moved to tears by beauty and courage."Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice Journal. Make time to wonder about yourself and reflect on why things are the way they are. Walk in nature.Christina Baldwin's Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth"There's a poem by William Stafford called 'The Way It Is' that begins,  'There’s a thread you follow. It goes amongthings that change. But it doesn’t change.People wonder about what you are pursuing.You have to explain about the thread.But it is hard for others to see.While you hold it you can’t get lost.' There is a thread, a narrative thread, that we're holding in ours lives. If we hold on to that thread, sometimes the story shatters, terrible things happen, surprises happen and we have to surrender to them. But as long as you hold to this thread, you're going to be okay."Interview Links and Special Offers from this Episode Christina Baldwin's website Find the "Resource" section for a Circle Guideline Christina Baldwin books mentioned in the podcast The Seven Whispers: A Spiritual Practice for Times Like These The Circle Way: A Leader In Every Chair Storycatcher: Making Sense of Our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story One to One: Self-Understanding through Journal Writing Life's Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest Calling The Circle: The First and Future Culture  Subscribe to the Life Purpose Advisor PodcastTo subscribe and review the Life Purpose Advisor podcast on iTunes.  Click here.  (Your reviews keep us growing so you’ll hear more great stories from difference makers.)

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5 Oct 2015

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48: Jeff Salz: Helping Others Live More Adventurous Lives

In this episode, Jeff Salz discusses global adventure travel, studying the culture and learning deeply from the locals, the similarities between religions, and how adventure transcends all aspects of our lives.  “We don't have to depend on circumstances to derive our happiness. Who we are and our love and appreciation for life comes from something other than our good or bad fortune.”– Jeff SalzAbout Jeff SalzDr Jeff Salz has been called "America’s leading anthropologist/adventurer".  A member of the prestigious National Speaker Association Hall of Fame, he is an author, actor, playwright and business guru who is equally at home sharing stories with gauchos around a campfire in Patagonia… leading C-Suite executives around a boardroom table in Silicon Valley … or coaching young speakers on a stage in his home town of Encinitas, California. ....In this show….Jeff Salz's Life Purpose Helping others live more adventurous, joyful lives on the planet, and helping the planet sustain these people for a longer period of time.Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments In his early teen years, Jeff Salz would travel from his home in New Jersey to explore New York City. During these adventures, he would come to find there was a much bigger world that existed- geographically, intellectually and spiritually. By 17, Jeff Salz began traveling the world to expose himself to new and unique cultures.Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose Being in cultural deprivation for the first 16 years of his life in New Jersey caused him to want to explore more. During the time when Jeff Salz was traveling for work making about half a million dollars a year, he was seduced by the fame and materialistic rewards rather than his wife and kids which eventually lead to a divorce, loss of their four story home, and his car. Jeff Salz spent 10 years in the Himalayas, during which, he trekked uncharted territory with friends, met Tibetan refugees, and was exposed to traditional Buddhism. Getting to meet people who had escaped genocide, along with living in minimalist conditions, Jeff learned that circumstances do not determine happiness and it is always possible to maintain joy.Spiritual Belief Between Jesus, Jahova and Buddha, he believes in "Allah" (All of) the above. All religions have a supreme power Jeff Salz takes from multiple religions to create a collective wisdom that he followsRecommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice Jeff Salz goes to the gym daily Practice compassion and spirituality Spend time in nature to get back to "who we really are".Jeff Salz's Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth"I'm discovering now, in this later part of my life, that adventure continues. It's essential to live a life of passion and purpose, and to insist that everything is adventurous. It involves risk and it opens our hearts and minds to new possibilities."Interview Links and Special Offers from this Episode Jeff Salz's website Jeff Salz's books The Way of Adventure Coming Soon: Into Thin Hair Recommended Read Into Thin Air  by Jon Krakauer  Subscribe to the Life Purpose Advisor PodcastTo subscribe and review the Life Purpose Advisor podcast on iTunes.  Click here.  (Your reviews keep us growing so you’ll hear more great stories from difference makers.)


23 Sep 2015

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47: Michael Neeley: Spreading the Conscious Message

In this episode, Michael Neeley discusses letting go of our stories, how cheating played a big role in his life, acting, his highly successful podcast, Consciously Speaking and his upcoming book, The Art of Forgetting.  “It's important to keep looking. It's important to keep searching for that thing that really fills your heart. You'll know it when you find it.”– Michael NeeleyAbout Michael NeeleyMichael is a former professional actor and medieval knight turned writer, motivational speaker, personal development coach, and author of the upcoming book, The Art of Forgetting. Of course, he also hosts this podcast, Consciously Speaking. He has appeared in feature films with Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner, performed off Broadway with Andre Braugher and Kathleen Chalfant, and had recurring roles in several popular soap operas. His studies in character development took place both on and off camera, and ultimately fueled his desire to pursue personal development and consciousness training as a profession. Michael is a student of Buddhism and sits on the Board of Directors at Insight Santa Cruz, a Buddhist meditation community. His contemplative practices form a great part of the foundation of his work, where he is a certified Dharma teacher and meditation guide. ....In this show….Michael Neeley's Life Purpose To get the word out about ways to live consciously, and to show that there are more important elements that we are here to experience than just the day-to-day.Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments Michael Neeley fell in love with acting during his participation in his fourth grade play. From that experience on, he knew he wanted to entertain and give people rest from the worries of their day.Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose After being in multiple relationships in which Michael Neeley was cheated on, he realized his own responsibility in attracting qualities in others. He applied this philosophy of attraction to his life altogether and began taking conscious control of his own actions. Michael Neeley and his wife moved out of Los Angeles when their son was born, causing him to end his acting career. He began working on his book and coaching, which eventually lead him to "find his voice" and to begin podcasting.Spiritual Belief Raised Catholic Believes in Buddhism not as a religion, but as a philosophy of living. Follows the Theravada Tradition of Buddhism.Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice Mindfulness- Being present with everyday actions. MeditationMichael Neeley's Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth"It's important to keep looking. It's important to keep searching for that thing that really fills your heart. You'll know it when you find it."Interview Links and Special Offers from this Episode Michael Neeley's website Michael Neely's book "The Art of Forgetting" will be released on November 6th Mentioned Books (Click link to read more about or purchase books from Amazon) "The Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida  Subscribe to the Life Purpose Advisor PodcastTo subscribe and review the Life Purpose Advisor podcast on iTunes.  Click here.  (Your reviews keep us growing so you’ll hear more great stories from difference makers.)


14 Sep 2015

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46: Tess Vigeland: Leap to the Life You Really Want

In this episode, Tess Vigeland discusses having her dream job and leaving it, being an anchor for NPR’s Marketplace and Marketplace Money, the importance of enjoying your job, when it's right time to leap and her new book, LEAP.  “You have one time on this earth. Making your career what it's 'supposed' to look like is a waste of time. You need to do what's best for you and what will bring you some element of joy in your life.”– Tess VigelandAbout Tess VigelandTess Vigeland is a veteran journalist, and a well-known voice to millions of American radio listeners. She is the CEO of Tess Vigeland Productions, a Los Angeles-based multi-media company. Tess spent 11 years as an anchor for public radio’s Marketplace, including six hosting the personal finance show Marketplace Money. Her first book, titled “Leap: Leaving a Job with No Plan B to Find the Career and Life You Really Want” is due out August 25, 2015, from Random House Harmony. When she’s not locked away writing, Tess can be heard as a backup anchor for NPR’s All Things Considered, as well as KCRW’s To The Point and KPCC’s Take Two in Los Angeles. She also serves as a professional emcee, speaker, panel moderator, and interviewer for conferences and other events. Tess also writes for The New York Times and The Guardian, among numerous other publications. ....In this show….Tess Vigeland's Life Purpose To shine light on issues and problems that are experienced by real people.Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments As a radio host, Tess Vigeland has voiced the experiences of underprivileged communities along with advising audiences about finance.Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose Leaving her job at Marketplace. Her experience of not feeling fully satisfied with the job is the basis of her new book, "Leap", in which she chronicles her journey post-hosting career. Tess traveled to Peru with her father and witnessed poverty like she has never seen. The trip inspired her to travel more and want to tell stories for people whose stories aren't being told.Spiritual Belief Does not believe in God or in the universe telling her to do things. However, Tess feels like she is being guided by something to her next steps.Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice Taking a daily walk Setting aside time that's just for youTess Vigeland's Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth"You don't have to live your life the way you think you should, the way you've been taught, the way you think others expect of you, the way you've expected of yourself. You can change it up and it will be okay. You will find a whole new world opening up for you."Interview Links and Special Offers from this Episode Tess Vigeland's website Her book "Leap: Leaving a Job with No Plan B to Find the Career and Life You Really Want" is available from every retailer. Tess Vigeland's Facebook Tess Vigeland's Twitter Tess Vigeland's Instagram Subscribe to the Life Purpose Advisor PodcastTo subscribe and review the Life Purpose Advisor podcast on iTunes.  Click here.  (Your reviews keep us growing so you’ll hear more great stories from difference makers.)

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7 Sep 2015

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44: Michelle Jones: Redefining Education with The Wayfinding Academy

In this episode, Michelle Jones discusses opening a new college, the Wayfinding Academy, and the related crowdfunding campaign plus how to find and follow your life purpose.  “It's hard to feel like you can explore in college anymore. Every time you're exploring or taking a class that's interesting to you, you feel like it's a waste of money that will add additional time or debt.”– Michelle JonesAbout Michelle JonesMichelle D. Jones, Ph.D. Organizational Psychology & Leadership, Claremont Graduate University is a former traditional model college professor who is starting her own college, The Wayfinding Academy. Her 15 years teaching leadership and organizational behavior courses at colleges and universities across the country has prepared her well to re-imagine what higher education can be with this new endeavor. She is also drawing on her experience organizing events and communities with TEDxMtHood and the World Domination Summit and founding non-profit organizations such as SuperThank. ....In this show….Michelle Jones' Life Purpose To make the world a better place by helping people find their way as early as possible in life.Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments Around the end of her undergraduate career, Michelle Jones realized she wanted to be a teacher. As soon as she got into her role at the age of 24, Michelle Jones realized the teaching system was not what she thought it would be, therefore she committed herself to changing the educational institution.Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose Meeting a mentor after finishing her undergraduate studies helped Michelle select the most efficient process of becoming a teacher. Being a professor at a traditional university allowed her to understand the institution and how she could build her own. Michelle Jones has collected people from her experiences working at the World Domination Summit, Ted Talks and more to build a community of minds that makes up the Wayfinding Academy.Spiritual Belief The energy of the Universe helps us accomplish what we are meant to be doing.Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice Walk Have a day with nothing scheduled at least once a weekMichelle Jones' Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth"Finding courage to make difficult decisions.  If  that means quitting something to follow your purpose, it is always worth it and it always works out."Interview Links and Special Offers from this Episode Wayfinding Academy website Visit this website to donate to the crowd funding campaign and to sign up for the email list Wayfinding Academy Facebook page Recommended Reads and Movies "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo 'The Way" directed by Emilio Estevez  Subscribe to the Life Purpose Advisor PodcastTo subscribe and review the Life Purpose Advisor podcast on iTunes.  Click here.  (Your reviews keep us growing so you’ll hear more great stories from difference makers.)

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24 Aug 2015

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43: Susan Piver: The Life Purpose of Modern Day Buddhist Teacher

In this episode, Susan Piver discusses her new book Start Here Now, vulnerability, the responsibility of being a Spiritual Teacher, advice on meditation, and The Open Heart Project, her mindfulness community.  Notice the wonderful birds singing in the background as we talk.  “Meditation is the practice of opening your heart. Eventually, some rawness and vulnerability of your own being that is there right now- that is being denied or is not seen- IS seen.”– Susan PiverAbout Susan PiverSusan Piver is a Buddhist teacher and the New York Times bestselling author of eight books, including The Hard Questions, the award-winning How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life, and The Wisdom of a Broken Heart. Her new book is Start Here Now: An Open-Hearted Guide to the Path and Practice of Meditation. Piver has been a student of Buddhism since 1995, graduated from a Buddhist seminary in 2004 and was authorized to teach meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage in 2005. She teaches workshops and speaks all over the world on meditation, spirituality, communication styles, relationships and creativity. She has been a frequent guest on network television, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Today, CNN, and The Tyra Banks Show. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, TIME, Parade, Money, and others. In 2011, Piver launched The Open Heart Project, an online meditation community which with nearly 15000 members who practice together and explore ways to bring spiritual values such as kindness, genuineness and fearlessness to everyday life. ....In this show….Susan Piver's Life Purpose To communicate through various forms. Explaining the dharma in ordinary words for everyone to understand.Life Purpose Ah-Ha Moments Making the decision to allow her future to come naturally. In her experience, planning and forcing her future has never worked.Major Life Events that Hinted at Your Life Purpose Susan Piver launched a book packaging company but it did not make her happy, leading her to find another path that fulfilled her. Being hit by a drunk driver left Susan Piver with injuries and health complications. Being so close to death reminded Susan Piver of the preciousness of her own life.Spiritual Belief Raised Jewish Now, a Buddhist Practitioner and Teacher. "Beliefs can be an obstacle to faith and to seeing what is actually happening right in front of you.  To walk in the world without a shield is the act of warriorship...." "Buddhists deny the existence of God but not the idea of God"Recommended Personal Growth Resource or Practice Mediation and MindfulnessSusan Piver's Wisdom on Igniting Life Purpose and Personal Growth"You never know what's coming. You never know how things will turn out. Just relax."Interview Links and Special Offers from this Episode Susan Piver's website Sign up for Susan Piver's free weekly mediation video Upcoming Events "Start Here Now: An Open Hearted Guide to the Path and Practice of Mediation" Book Release in September. Available now for presale on Amazon.  Click the link above to reserve your copy. See Susan Piver's Calendar for upcoming events  Subscribe to the Life Purpose Advisor PodcastTo subscribe and review the Life Purpose Advisor podcast on iTunes.  Click here.  (Your reviews keep us growing so you’ll hear more great stories from difference makers.)

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17 Aug 2015

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40: Michael Lennox: The Life Purpose of a Dream Interpreter Extraordinaire

Dr. Michael Lennox discusses the journey from his Hollywood Career to Dream Interpreter/Spiritual Teacher, the dark night of the soul, dancing with the shadow (Hollywood, Playboy, Fifty Shades of Grey), using gratitude and positive thought to make real transformation and much much more. “Your human idea of how things can go is so paltry compared to what the universe is prepared to give you.  It really behooves us to throw our ideas away and watch what your life wants to give you.”– Michael Lennox

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27 Jul 2015

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39: Brett Blair: From Autopilot to Authentic

Brett Blair discusses leaving his corporate job, divorce, goal setting, and what it takes to follow your passion.  “One of the keys to being happy, healthy, and successful is to stay balanced and to commit to life long growth. Grow physically, mentally, spiritually... Break out of the cultural lie of trading time for money in a job you don't like to one day retire and have fun.”– Brett Blair

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20 Jul 2015

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38: Ana Melikian: From Psychotherapist to Director of Education

 Ana Melikian discusses her move from Portugal to the United States to be with her new husband, her transition from psychotherapist to life coach, her role as Director of Education with Michael Port's Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training and her award winning podcast, Mindset Zone.  “What I have learned is to be open to opportunities. There will always be doors that will close, and it's painful, but it's part of life. Learn to ask, 'what can I do with this circumstance?' and be open.”– Ana Melikian


16 Jul 2015

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37: JJ Flizanes: Train Your Body, Train Your Mind, Train Your Soul

JJ Flizanes discusses why physical, emotional and spiritual aspects are all important in her personal training business, astrology, and manifestation.

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6 Jul 2015

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36: Gary Pisoni: A Custodian of The Best Pinot Noir Grapes

Gary Pisoni, discusses his life long love of pinot noir grapes, the importance of family, making wine, growing vegetables and astrology.


28 May 2015

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33: Parker J. Palmer on Enhancing the Human Possibility

Parker J. Palmer discusses the importance of understanding someone's deep story, how our life teachers see our truth, the rewards of  deep depression, how closing doors direct us as much as opening ones, healing our political system and so much more.

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4 May 2015

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32: Barry Heermann: Cracking Open and The Larger Meaning of Life

Barry Heerman discusses his life's work, Noble Purpose, the importance of "cracking open" in one's life and examining the deep inner life.


27 Apr 2015

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31: Bree Noble: How Following Your Passion Brings Authenticity, Fun and Prosperity

In this episode, Bree Noble talks about transitioning from a Corporate Finance Director to an Inspirational Musician, motherhood, authenticity and Women of Substance Radio.


21 Apr 2015

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30: Don Jose Ruiz: Claiming Responsibility for Our Own Happiness

In this episode, Don Jose Ruiz discusses how he came to claim responsibility for his own happiness, to respect the divine through his experiences with Toltec tradition, Don Miguel Ruiz' strict parenting, and temporary blindness.


6 Apr 2015

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28: Brendan Hufford: Transforming for a Greater Purpose

Brendan Hufford discusses his passion for entrepreneurship, getting sober, and his ever-growing relationship with God.


26 Mar 2015

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