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Uncommonly Powerful Preaching - by Paul Washer & Other Faithful Preachers

Uncommonly Powerful Preaching is a podcast that aims to expose people to powerful & shocking sermons that were not preached by today's celebrity preachers with huge ministries, but by the hidden diamonds of God, faithful preachers that are unknown to the world. One of the preachers that will most frequently be on this podcast is Paul Washer from HeartCry Missionary Society.For those new to this podcast I recommend that you listen to its 1st episode (May 3, 2007), which is a sermon by Paul Washer delivered to 5,000 youth - which is the number 1 downloaded sermon of all time on SermonAudio.com with over 62,000 downloads.If you don't want to download the high quality MP3s, you may stream them (as well as find older episodes) at: www.upp.mypodcast.com

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Jesus Christ is Everything by Paul Washer (from www.illbehonest.com)

Check out the video that goes with the audio here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-9jXaR6KfU&feature=channelFor more great videos, check out:www.illbehonest.comFor more episodes go to:http://upp.mypodcast.com


15 Dec 2008

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Shocking Youth Message (6 Minute Compilation Version) by Paul Washer

Audio taken from:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICUod-GUDgwFor more episodes go to:http://upp.mypodcast.com


3 Nov 2008

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The Narrow Way of the Regenerate by Paul Washer (Compilation from www.illbehonest.com)

This sermon jam compilation was made by:www.illbehonest.comFor more episodes go to:http://upp.mypodcast.com


18 Dec 2008

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I Am My Brother's Keeper (song) by Jason Bellard

This is one of the 1st songs I heard by this brother, he played this song in my house when I met him and there was a true story behind this song as well... that is something I used to not understand about how songs were written, they typically come out of the song writer's life or experience.We will be posting all of this brother's songs (5 CD's worth) on www.illbehonest.com sometime after the holidays.For more episodes go to:http://upp.mypodcast.com


24 Dec 2008

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Jesus is the Greatest and Final Prophet (Part 1)

For more episodes go to:http://upp.mypodcast.com

1hr 24mins

4 Nov 2009

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The Few - Piper/Washer/Ravenhill/Conway/Leiter

To WATCH the VIDEO to this sermon jam, go to:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkLLOH7qXPgThis sermon jam was made by:http://www.illbehonest.comFor more episodes go to:http://upp.mypodcast.com


28 Jul 2009

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God is Love

This episode is from a Bible study focusing on the attributes of God, namely, the love of God.For more episodes go to:http://upp.mypodcast.com


25 Jun 2009

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Religious but Lost (The Example of Judas) by Matt Haney

This sermon is part 2 on John 12:1-8.For more episodes go to:http://upp.mypodcast.com


1 Mar 2009

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Hell is Necessary by Tim Conway (10 Minute Compilation from www.illbehonest.com)

To WATCH the VIDEO that goes to this compilation, go to:www.illbehonest.comFor more episodes go to:http://upp.mypodcast.com


5 Feb 2009

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For Him by Paul Washer (from www.illbehonest.com)

To WATCH the VIDEO that goes to the AUDIO, go to:www.illbehonest.comFor more episodes go to:http://upp.mypodcast.com


5 Feb 2009

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