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Interesting chats with intriguing people, brought to you by DJ and broadcaster Dan Welsh. Insightful, vulnerable, and hopefully humorous.

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#5 - Ashleigh Rose (Hot Girls Theory)

Ashleigh Rose is an Adelaide based podcaster, feminist, and self-described keen follower of popular culture. Her podcast Hot Girl's Theory, along with her co-host Indi, explores the world of society & culture from the theoretical perspective of two hot girls. Ash has a keen interest in media, and her takes on the way today's biggest stars influence our lives is refreshing and thoughtful, and her fierce adherence to honesty makes this an episode not to be missed. Check out HOT GIRL'S THEORY here: linktr.ee/hotgirlstheory

1hr 2mins

6 Apr 2022

Rank #1

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#4 - Jade Wright-Guy

Jade Wright-Guy is a mental health and sobriety advocate, and her story is one of rising above a remarkable series of challenges. Jade's vulnerability is admirable, and her advocacy and encouragement is centred around sharing her journey to as many people as possible, in the hope to create a safe and supportive space for others.  This is the first episode to be recorded in person in the history of this podcast, and Jade was the perfect guest for an in-depth, honest and personal conversation.


3 Dec 2021

Rank #2

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#3 - Indi Gage (Hot Girls Theory)

Indi Gage is a Melbourne-based podcaster, feminist, and aspiring sexologist. Her podcast Hot Girl's Theory, along with her co-host Ash, explores the world of society & culture from the theoretical perspective of two hot girls. Indi is a fascinating and outspoken person with a keen sense for sex, society and sociology, and it's always intriguing to hear her takes on her podcast, so it was apleasure to invite her to ramble on with me! Check out HOT GIRL'S THEORY here: linktr.ee/hotgirlstheory


17 Sep 2021

Rank #3

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#2 - Zak Roams (DJ/Producer)

Zak Roams is a fascinating guy, with a wealth of musical knowledge. His releases over the past few years have cemented him among the Melbourne dance music scene as a formidable force in Tech-House. We touch on everything from streaming services and music theory, to teenage music tastes and disappointing beaches.  Listen to Zak Roams HERE on Spotify! linktr.ee/danwelshsmidnightramble

1hr 4mins

27 Aug 2021

Rank #4

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#1 - Dylan HABER (DJ/Producer)

HABER is an out-and-out powehouse in Melbourne's house & techno scene, with a stellar DJ career, two great albums, and an exciting new party collective to his name, his story is fascinating, and was the catalyst for this whole podcast coming into being. So, for this first ever DWMR, enjoy HABER's story of smooth jazz, good people, and not understanding the early days of eBay.

1hr 7mins

13 Aug 2021

Rank #5